Enough said…

  • Logic
    Posted at 10:09h, 02 February

    Endangered. Endangered.
    Endangered. NOPE.

    Animals can’t prevent the demise of their own species at the hands of man. We have to do that for them. As we should, since we’re the reason they’re endangered to begin with.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 12:16h, 04 February

    I think you’ve missed the point. The piece isn’t arguing that some species, endangered or otherwise, are not worthy of protection or refuting that man may be responsible for their endangerment. It is asking the simple question of humans: Why aren’t vulnerable and unprotected human children given the same level of consideration?

  • Nicole
    Posted at 18:25h, 31 March

    Because humans are massively abundant and with more humans entering the world at an exponential rate, the Earth’s carrying capacity will be reached and a severe, catostrophic global event will occur to either 1) painfully and drastically cause the human population to plummet or 2) cause the extinction of humans. Frankly, if you want to add to the problem, go ahead. If so many humans are dumb enough to speed towards their demise in such a way, then survival of the fittest will efficiently weed out those unfit for future existence.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 20:42h, 16 April

    Sorry, Nicole, you are misinformed. Human beings are not “entering the world at an exponential rate.” In fact, when you look at fertility rates, the world is in population decline. Yes, we still have what is known as “population momentum” occurring – but that will not continue. Most of the developed world is in severe population decline and the developing world’s fertility rate has dropped to around 2.5 (which is barely above replacement level of 2.1) You seem convinced that some “catastrophic global event” is going to occur. That would seem that the folks who are willing to have children – the survival of the fittest – will be the ones to carry on the human race. So who is “unfit for future existence?” Those who have such a jaded view of humanity that they think that children are nothing but a plague upon the planet. They will be gone first.

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