“House of Horrors?” Country of Horrors?

“House of Horrors?” Country of Horrors?

House of HorrorsMaddi Gillel

By now you’ve read about Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his Philadelphia abortion clinic also known as the “house of horrors.” It is exactly that.  I’ve heard bits and pieces of the case and don’t want to hear anymore; it’s too heartbreaking and disturbing.

Gosnell has committed extraordinary atrocities and hopefully will never be allowed to harm another woman or child.  But the bulk of abortion doctors are performing a legal ‘medical’ procedure. They are doing what the ‘mother’ asks and pays them to do, and what our society allows them to do! Nevertheless, where are their hearts/did they ever have one?

So, we’ve talked about the doctors. Number two on the list are the women who request this procedure. I have no sympathy or tolerance for women who do this.  Do they not know what causes pregnancy? With all the birth control so available in our society, there isn’t any excuse for abortion!  Do these women have no moral code in their heart/mind/life that tells them that pre-marital/extra-marital sex are wrong and that ending their unborn child’s life is not the way out of their predicament?  Last but not least – where are these women’s hearts?  How can they allow a tiny helpless baby to be killed – inside their uterus, OR outside!?  Where is their tenderness, sympathy, their motherly intuition? Can they feel any emotion at all?

Now, third on the list is our society.  I would venture to say that if we think nothing of killing the smallest and most helpless in our society – the sky is the limit.  Then we have no sympathy or tenderness for old people, the maimed, physically or mentally impaired, how about minority groups?  By the way, Planned Parenthood’s founder stated that the program’s purpose was to get rid of and prevent the birth of the undesirables in our society.  Planned Parenthood performs the most abortions per capita on women of minority groups with African Americans at the top of the list. You do the math and draw your own conclusions.

Remember Nazi Germany. They started out exterminating the Jews, the mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, and moved on to religious groups.  Evil usually begins small, and then, incrementally and insidiously, takes over: Nazi Germany and WWII.

The actress Ashley Judd and her batty views have been in the news lately. God is ambiguous to her and she believes it is abominable to “breed.”  She’s white and beautiful.  She would be the last in Nazi Germany to have been given any grief.

This is the state of many in our society today: heartless, Godless, narcissistic, unsympathetic, past feeling.

So, who should really be on trial in the above case?  The mother?  Probably. The Doctor? For sure.  Our society? Absolutely.

Shame on us.


  • jessie elizabeth
    Posted at 18:34h, 11 April

    Perfect title – as you stated, if these babies had been killed a few weeks earlier it would be termed a legal medical procedure! – can we not look at this intelligibly? There are too many blinded by the darkness and evil that surrounds them. Reproductive rights is a term that should have been aborted immediately in 1968 when it began to raise its ugly head.

  • Tina
    Posted at 21:38h, 11 April

    These women who don,t want to conceive or who abort the child they do conceive fail to see the irony in the fact that they themselves were allowed to be born, but they can’t seem to be bothered with a child.

    Do we know the meaning of sympathy, compassion, or pity?

  • Ann
    Posted at 20:11h, 13 April

    Dear Maddi, I am sincerely happy that you are such a virtuous woman. That may be a gift of God, a blessing from the way you were raised, and/or years of making good choices combined. Good for you!!! I am a 53 year old woman who STILL SUFFERS for two abortions I had before the age of 20. It would make too long of a post to describe to you all of the little things that led to those decisions. I feel betrayed both by society and by the voices in my life who encouraged those choices. The law of our land and many people say, “It is a woman’s choice”– implying that it is okay whichever way she chooses. Yet, if a woman makes the wrong choice, almost everyone concurs she is a horrible person (including herself). Something is terribly wrong here. Before most surgeries we are told the possible unintended consequences. No one told me I might be suicidal FOR YEARS. That I might suffer flashbacks and emotional suffering and remorse 33 years after the fact, diminished feelings of self worth, self respect and confidence. That I might hate myself and that my choices could invade my relationships with those I love. One statistic I saw said that 43% of the middle aged woman in America are post-abortive. Do you think that 43% of the middle aged women in America are evil? Women are the backbone of society. We are! And our backbone has been crippled something terribly by this. Go ahead and help vilify 43% of us if you think that is going to help. You may feel to thank God that you are not “one of us”, but remember the Pharisee in Luke 18:11-12. As for me, I hope I can help (with the help of our Savior) some of this 43% to heal and become whole again.

  • Meagan
    Posted at 08:54h, 15 April

    That’s a bit harsh to say you have no sympathy or tolerance for them–what they are doing is totally wrong, but many of them act out of serious misunderstanding. They were overloaded with propaganda from the media and the schools telling them that premarital sex is the most fantastic thing ever and that pregnancy is the real problem. And then with all the exaggerated horror stories people continue to tell about pregnancy and childbirth, and childraising–well no wonder they think it’s their right to sleep around and not get pregnant. The hot words right now are “forced pregnancy,”–they’re totally frightened of it. Herding them onto birth control hasn’t solved the abortion problem, it’s only compounded their sense of entitlement. It’s hard to make progress with people and help them change if one can’t tune into people’s way of thinking, identify the real problem, and not let their shortcomings drive one onto a pedestal. Imagine if we did that with children–they’d hate us for sure!

  • Delaine
    Posted at 08:40h, 18 April

    I must say that I am very troubled at your blanket attack on the women choosing abortion. As a steadfast and life-long advocate of unborn, one who stands in the gap for women, and as a woman who has spent time counselling crisis pregnancies, that paragraph angered me. We women need to be the solution, not add to the problem by causing a troubled woman to stay away from those who want to help her. All the women I’ve counselled would never have come to me in the first place if there was even a hint that I was so harsh in my judgement of them and most of the women we encountered were in a crisis situation – the decision of life or death hanging in the balance, afraid, confused, coerced, bullied and yes, selfish, and I would dare say that all of us have made poor choices when our world has turned upside down in one way or another. It is up to us to bring God’s hope, truth and light… and forgiveness – and keep our anger to THE enemy, the father of lies, Satan himself! and make sure men and women, like Kermit Gosnell, get the full justice of the law of the land!

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