Increased Contraception = Increased Abortion: Who knew?

Increased Contraception = Increased Abortion: Who knew?

Ann Bailey

Increased use of contraceptives results in increased abortion…who knew!  Seems counter-intuitive, but it is true.  Recently, the media and the Obama spin masters have been all over a study that  supposedly shows that if you hand out free birth control (under Obamacare) you’ll have fewer abortions.  They’re hoping this type of research will convince the general public that forcing employers to pay for their employees’ contraception is a good idea.

The problem for the pro-contraception/pro-abortion team is that the research from countries like Spain, Sweden, England, and Wales tell a completely different story – when you increase contraceptive use you get higher pregnancy and higher abortion rates.  Not to mention that the new Obamacare-supporting study is full of some significant research flaws and invalid assumptions.

Research coming to us from The Guttmacher Institute (a Planned Parenthood affiliate and no friend of the pro-life movement) shows that increased used of contraceptive in the U.S., Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea also brought about an increased rate of abortion.

Despite an increase in the use of contraceptives in England and Wales, the number of abortions increased from 175,542 in 2009 to 189,574 in the year 2010.  Commenting on this increase in the abortion rates, Paula Franklin, director of Marie Stopes International, states:

“with improvements in contraception rates last year, these figures come as a surprise… Although the rise is small, these abortion figures send a warning for the government’s family planning strategy.”

Since Marie Stopes International is one of the largest abortion providers in the UK, it leaves one wondering just how concerned about that news they could actually be.

Why does increased contraception = increased abortion?   When contraceptives are flowing people will engage in more sex acts and in riskier sexual behavior – often outside of marriage which provides a stabilizing influence to human sexual behavior.   You get more pregnancies because contraception (even when consistently used) is far from 100 percent effective and contraception fails in predictable percentages.   By the way, the highest rate of abortion occurs in cohabiting relationships – a fact that this writer finds shocking and disturbing considering the massive increases in the cohabitation rates over the past few decades.

Now stop and think about the increase use of contraception accompanied by increased sexual activity and what that is going to do to the rate of sexually transmitted disease/infection.  With the exception of limited protections provided by barrier methods such as condoms, contraceptives provide zero protection from sexually transmitted diseases.  The Centers for Disease Control provide supporting data, but there should be no surprise to anyone that there’s a clear link between birth control and increases in STDs.

You don’t have to oppose contraception because of religious reasons to have serious misgivings about the efficacy and the wisdom of flooding the world with contraceptives.

  • Anastasia
    Posted at 05:24h, 03 November

    This is indeed a worrisome thing, but anyone who pays attention in a 9th-12th grade Health course can tell you *why* the availability increase of contraceptives frequently leads to increased STDs/abortions/unplanned pregnancies and the like. The answer is simply this; Lack of education. It’s the same exact reason that when those Virgin Til Marriage teens finally *do* have intercourse, they are woefully uninformed about how to delay pregnancy using contraceptives.
    The amount of false information out there is absolutely staggering. Whispers in gym lockerrooms are often louder than even the best teacher’s voice on this subject…the situation isn’t helped by some schools who (even now!)have a “abstinence only” program. So many men and women believe such falsehoods as these:
    -A woman can’t get pregnant during her period
    -A woman/man isn’t fertile the first time they have sex
    -The “pull out” method works
    -Some ingestible contraceptives prevent STDs if you take them in large doses
    -A condom is still very reliable even if it is over 6 months old/been in extreme heat/been in extreme cold
    -“Natural” or “lambskin” condoms protect against STDs
    -If a man spills his seed 24hrs prior to being with his partner, he won’t have to worry about getting her pregnant
    -You can tell by looking at someone that they are a carrier of HIV

    All of these misconceptions and more still linger in our schools and colleges…though why anyone wouldn’t pay attention in class where the REAL answers are, I’ll never know. I know that when the Planned Parenthood in my local city came and spoke, it was a very good and intellectual conversation and they made clear that they were Pro Choice, not Pro Abortion. But as the director pointed out, no one can ever make a good choice if they don’t have all the information…and the BEST way to prevent abortion is to not get pregnant in the first place!

  • Meagan
    Posted at 17:23h, 05 November

    Abstinence education has a good reason to debunk myths about sex too, what do they have to gain from ignorance? It’s true that not every person who practices abstinence will be welcoming of children once they are married. From what I saw when they got engaged those that weren’t interested in having children right away went to the student health center or doctor and got complete and accurate information on birth control, those that wanted children picked up prenatal vitamins and got a premarital exam. It’s not like if they missed out in high school, that’s it, they missed the boat, and will never get information–the exception to this is those that are very welcoming of children and don’t want birth control. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that those who wait for sex (either during their adult years or when they get married) would want more accurate information on sex and contraceptives during these more mature times of their life, than a young child who is forced to learn about safe sex for credit? In 9th grade all we really heard was that teenage sex was normal, even though the curriculum did go through all the contraceptive information, and made an effort to dispel myths, what bored teen wants to memorize all that? So why do they need to learn about this all so early, and not encourage waiting? Earlier doesn’t equal more attentive.

    I know you’ve got the impression that Planned Parenthood is all about choice, but people from the pro-life movement have begged to differ, here are four observations:
    1) They support China’s family planning program, with insincere distaste for forced abortion
    2) Their website presents the options of marriage, single parenthood, and adoption in a pessimistic light, and firmly believes in no negative outcomes for the choice of abortion
    3) They consistently portray the pro-life movement as being anti-choice and the lives of babies as some kind of coverup for hating freedom. Check out their propaganda cartoon:!
    4) They make it sound like the apocalypse of healthcare is coming if they get less money

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