Susan G. Komen Foundation: No more funds for Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen Foundation: No more funds for Planned Parenthood

Melissa Anderson

About a year ago I almost bought one of those hilarious bumper stickers that say “Save the Ta-Tas”. I thought it’d look great slapped across the back of my minivan, right next to the CTR sticker.  I didn’t buy it, not because I’m not all about saving Ta-Tas (because, believe me, I’m very fond of my own) but because I knew that the Susan G. Komen Foundation passed along funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s, even the world’s, largest abortion peddler.

But guess what’s being slapped across my bumper as soon as possible? Yup.  Save the Ta-Tas. Because yesterday the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the leading charity for breast cancer research, announced that they will no longer partner with Planned Parenthood.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision comes after years of the Foundation affiliates providing financial support to Planned Parenthood. However, in the light of federal investigations of Planned Parenthood and a vigorous new Vice President, Komen has pulled funding.

If there were ever a time for people of all backgrounds to pull together in the cause of life, the time is now.

We respect and applaud the integrity of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We offer a standing ovation to the courage and the sacrifice to reach such a phenomenal decision. The cause of Life thanks you.

At this very moment, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is receiving thousands of angry emails from Pro-Abortionists mocking the decision to defund Planned Parenthood. They are receiving threats and hate filled messages. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is taking a heavy blow, but let’s show them that they do not have to stand alone.

Please take a stand with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  They have acted with bravery.  It is time for each of us to do the same.

What I am asking each and every one of my readers is a single email to [email protected] thanking the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their courageous step in the cause of Life.  It’ll take one minute, one sentence, to show our support for this courage amidst the turmoil.  It’ll take a single moment to let them know that they do not stand alone and they have gained an entire army of supporters proud to email and proud to paste Save the Ta-Ta’s to the back of their minivans.

Take a minute and send an email right now!

  • Carol Van de Wetering
    Posted at 22:29h, 01 February

    I am a BC survivor of 43 years, having radical surgery when I was 26 years old. Because of my young age and potential reoccurance, I was admonished to refrain from having more children. (I had two little girls age 4 yr and 20 months.) As difficult as the cancer experience was, this admonishment was even more devastating to me. As the years went by we adopted two baby boys five years apart. When our youngest little boy was 3 and I was 11 years post-op., I was blessed to give birth to a baby girl, rounding out our family to 5 beautiful children; ages new born to 15 years. Now nearly 32 years later, I continue to stand in awe of the gift of life, not only my own, but that of our wonderful children.

    I am grateful that the esteemed Susan G. Komen Foundation, whice I have supported for years, has enhanced their honor by taking this stance against abortion. I daily give gratitude to the mothers who chose to offer their babies to a home and life that they were unabe to provide. I’m grateful for the privilege of bearing a child, post cancer and the support I received from my doctors.

    Thank you Susan G. Komen Foundation for taking such a courageous and honrable stand.


    Carol Van de Wetering
    Santa Rosa, CA

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 02:48h, 02 February

    My email to Susan G. Komen will state I will never donate to them again. I stand for Planned Parenthood and all the good work they do, to include STD testing. You can’t save my Ta-Ta’s but take over my uterus!

  • Debra Estridge
    Posted at 17:37h, 02 February

    I would like to thank you for your brave stand against Planned Parenthood on this issue.
    Please stand strong for life! I understand this was not the politically correct way, but the
    right way to proceed. My thanks to your foundation once again. Debra Estridge

  • Diane Kunkel
    Posted at 21:03h, 02 February

    Thank you for your article. Immediately after reading it, I sent an email of thanks to the Komen foundation. Finally I can feel good about supporting the Komen cause knowing that they are no longer funding Planned Parenthood.

  • Meagan
    Posted at 19:33h, 03 February

    That decision just got reversed after three days, it’s too bad considering that women who do not have children/nurse them before 30 dramatically increase their chance of breast cancer, and it’s not like Planned Parenthood is actually helping women “plan” to be parents. It’s too bad that they were overwhelmed by criticism 🙁

    This is where I saw it on the news…

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