Where do you find Accurate Reporting?

Where do you find Accurate Reporting?

The 37th Annual March for Life in Washington D.C. counted record numbers of people – up to 400,000 marchers in D.C. and over 80,000 joined the Virtual March for Life – with no accurate national media coverage.

As for the national coverage that the March did receive, CNN’s Rick Sanchez wasn’t sure which side had more protesters. CNN’s footage shows a few pro-choice advocates then a huge group of pro-life protesters. It’s shocking that CNN wouldn’t admit to the overwhelming numbers of pro-life supporters in attendance and appeared to not understand the main purpose of this protest.

Jack Cashill, an independent video producer, was appalled. “Their performance in 2010 convinced us that the issue at hand is not ignorance or incompetence, not even bias, but outright fraud.”

Cashill produced a video which calls out the media for not representing the March in 2010 as well as in 2009. The video also shows interviews from March for Life attendees.

National news outlets have a responsibility to the people to show the news as unbiased and accurate. With so many disparities it is hard to know which news sources to trust. Previously mentioned on a UFI blog post regarding the Prop 8 trial, it is hard to find reliable news sources that tell all sides of the story.

Since unbiased news is essentially non-existent in today’s culture, where can we turn to for news? Both liberal and conservative news outlets can be informative but it’s important to realize that most entities do have an agenda.  The problem arises when these news outlets won’t acknowledge that they are writing news from a particular perspective—claiming to be neutral when they’re anything but.

Our suggestion:  Read both sides.  Choose a conservative website or two and a liberal website or two.  If you read both sides, you’ll have a basis to compare information and be more able to sift through until you find the truth.  You’ll certainly be more informed and better able to articulate your position.

What are your favorite sites to read the news? Leave them in a comment below to share with your fellow UFI blog readers.

  • David
    Posted at 16:41h, 11 February

    Fox News is the best (only) source for unbiased reporting. That is why their ratings are so high. The mainstream media are way too liberal and fraudulent in their reporting to make listening to them worthwhile.

  • Emmef Jota
    Posted at 11:04h, 12 February

    The mainstream media is a prostitute, for sale to the highest bidder. They sold out over 100 years ago to the same small crowd that owns and operates the privatized money system of the United States, i.e., the Federal Reserve System. Fox News is part of the mainstream, dangling bait before your eyes that contains pieces of truth to draw you in and steer you where they want you, but never giving you the whole picture. To get the whole picture, you have to reexamine some of the so-called “kooks,” such as Ron Paul, Gary Allen, and Eustace Mullins, whose stuff is legitimized by guys like Carroll Quigley, in his “Tragedy and Hope,” made into a short review by Cleon Skousen’s “The Naked Capitalist.” Once you understand the incorporation of the U.S. debt/money system (the Federal Reserve Bank), everything else is pretty plain, no matter where you get it from…all the corruption, fraud, murder, and intrigue. So many “honorable” men have sold their souls.

  • David
    Posted at 15:11h, 12 February

    Based on your selection of authors, speakers and leaders, one might surmise that you think it is all over. I do not agree. I am familiar with the works of these men. I believe that they too hold only part of the truth. I am sure God knows the whole truth, but I must seek the best and most trusted sources available and pray to God that he will protect the innocent from those who will do them evil. If we turn to Him in faith and do everything we can to presever our freedoms, I am sure that he will throw off our yokes. I am encouraged that there are many good, honest, God fearing men and women, who will yet stand up and fight for their freedoms.

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