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Hubert Huh is the Director of the United Families South Korea chapter. Mr. Huh has always been involved in the community, contributing many volunteer hours in community organizations.  He founded the first “Good Neighbor Program” in the Republic of Korea, a successful program where U.S. Army soldiers teach English to Korean students. He also founded the Seoul English Studies Association (SESA), an organization dedicated to using English as a means of improving communication between all members of society.  Mr. Huh also serves as a Corporate Member of the Adjutant General’s Regimental Association (AGCRA), a forum for US Army soldiers engaged in the Human Resources field. In addition, he supports a number of US organizations in United States Forces Korea, to help promote a mutual understanding of the rich and diverse cultures of Korea and the U.S.
Mr. Huh has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from the Excelsior College in the USA, and a Master of Science in Journalism from Yonsei University of Korea.  He is married to Soonhee Cho. They have three children, Joonyoung, Joonho and Yeonjae.

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Hubert Huh