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Executive Team

Tori Black 2017

Tori Black

Tori Black, President. As a child growing up in Southern California, Tori witnessed first hand the devastating change that washed over family and friends with the passage of no-fault divorce in 1970, and from an early age recognized the difference that intact families make in the lives of young people. An avid reader, Tori kept abreast of issues affecting the well being of families while raising and homeschooling her children. After seeing them successfully matriculated at university, Tori focused her energies on the study of marriage and family advocacy. Tori holds a Bachelors of Science in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham Young University – Idaho. When she isn’t working in support of the family, her favorite place to be is with her own, preferably on a beach…

Marcia Barlow

Marcia Barlow

Marcia Barlow, Vice President of Policy and Social Development, oversees “all things UN” for United Families International. She directs the development and updating of the UN Negotiating Guide and oversees research and policy analysis on domestic, as well as international issues. Some of Marcia’s favorite UFI projects are the Guide to Family Issues series and UFI’s new “Discussion Group” curriculum. She’s particularly interested in the Religious Freedom issue and you’ll often find her testifying at municipal and legislative hearings around the country. Marcia holds a Master’s Degree from Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government) where she specialized in public policy. She and her husband, Greg, have three children and six grandchildren and she’ll tell you that it doesn’t get better than being a grandma.

April Gallart photo

April Gallart

April H Gallart, Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) Coordinator and Director of Mission Relations. April attends CSW every year and coordinates UFI team member visits with delegations from around the world. April often serves as mission leader on many of these visits, during which UFI team members present materials which assist ambassadors and counselors in promoting the inclusion of family-friendly language in UN documents. April maintains and develops relations with missions and delegates through out the year. April is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish. She worked as a bilingual elementary school teacher for 2 years and frequently uses her  Spanish speaking ability during mission visits. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from CSU Long Beach and a California Teacher’s credential. Issues that she is passionate about include parental rights and religious freedom. She and her husband, Henry, have 4 children.

Teresa Hunsaker

Teresa Hunsaker

Teresa, Vice President of Organization Development, is responsible for the planning and development of the United Families organization. She also organizes and supervises the work of the student interns that accompany us at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Teresa has spent many years as a Family and Consumer Sciences Agent with the Extension Service and has extensive experience volunteering with many organizations, including: the women’s success program at Utah Valley University, rape recovery groups at Orem Crisis Center, several community boards, as well as orphanages in Romania. Teresa is fluent in American Sign Language, shares her musical talent as an organist in many venues. Teresa’s greatest accomplishment, however, is her role as a mother. She loves everything that has to do with home and family.

Susan Roylance picture

Susan Roylance

Susan Roylance, Director of International Policy and Social Development, is the author/compiler of several books on international family policy, including the UN Negotiating Guide, The Family and the MDGsUsing Family Capital to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals and Family Capital and the SDGs – Implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Susan participated in many international conferences – and traveled to forty-four countries – visiting orphanages and street children programs, and helping develop family-based care for orphans. Susan is a founder of United Families International (1978), and has been actively involved in many pro-family organizations. She was the CEO/Manager of Roylance Publishing. Susan was a candidate for the U.S. Congress from Washington State, and chaired several initiatives and referendums in Washington and Oregon. She authored a blog for the Deseret News, a Utah daily newspaper, titled: “Families around the World.” Susan and Robert are the parents of seven children, thirty-four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Esme Crop

Esme Weathers

Esme Weathers, Director of Finance,  is in charge of UFI’s administration affairs and oversees the organization’s finances. She graduated from Brigham Young University Hawaii with a B.S. in Accounting and minor in Organizational Behavior. Esme has been with UFI ever since she was an accounting intern. She was able to join the team in action for CSW 2012 in United Nations and knows how important UFI’s work is. She is from Malaysia and is fluent in 4 languages. Esme enjoys diversity and loves learning about different cultures and traditions. Her belief and personal background has lead her to have a great passion for protecting and strengthening the family. Esme and Matt, her husband are enjoying and learning the ropes of parenthood with their little ones.

Kristen Hackett

Kristen Hackett

Kristen Hackett, Executive Team Assistant and Intern Coordinator, became involved with United Families International while studying at BYU-Idaho. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Marriage and Family, and completing an internship with UFI, Kristen wanted to stay involved. The 5-Point Mission of UFI: family, marriage, life, parents, and religious liberty are passions for Kristen which she feels strongly need defending and strengthening. Most important to Kristen is her own family. She and her husband, Ryan, have 5 children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and will soon welcome their first grandson. Kristen loves doing anything with her family, but especially vacationing. She loves visiting new places and being exposed to new cultures. One of her favorite pastimes is reading. Most summer days you will find her sitting by her swimming pool, watching kids play and reading a good book!

Jessie Keller Intern Spring 2019

Jessie Keller

Jessie Keller, Social Media Coordinator, grew up on Colorado’s Western Slope where she played softball, rode horses, and learned life skills from the strong women in her family. Later she moved to Utah where she started her family, ran her own business, and immersed herself in volunteer and advocacy work for East Millcreek community and Granite School District. As a transplant to Dallas, Texas in 2012, she quickly found a perfect fit volunteering in the Plano Independent School District. Jessie has over 15 years of experience as a volunteer and advocate for children. Jessie is set to graduate from Brigham Young University, Idaho in the spring of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in marriage and family studies. She celebrated her twentieth wedding anniversary in July of 2018 and has three children. Outside of her important work, Jessie enjoys photography, good food, and the baseball games.

Meriam Merrill

Miriam Merrill

Miriam Merrill, Lead Policy Analyst, Human Rights Council Projects feels passionately about advocating for the family on a daily basis in small, yet significant, ways. Some of her more notable recent efforts including working with The Sutherland Institute as a Policy Intern, interning with Family Policy Resource as a Legislative Intern, and attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women with United Families International. She has a Bachelor of Science with an Emphasis in Family Advocacy and Policy and is currently working on her Masters of Public Administration, where she is studying the ins and outs of non-profit management and local government involvement. When she isn’t writing or researching, you can find her performing, singing, and making happy memories with her husband, Sam, and puppy, Jimmy Stewart.

World Family News Contributors

Lauren Bone Intern

Lauren Bone

Lauren Bone is a student at Brigham Young University of Idaho majoring in marriage and family studies. She is currently an intern with United Families International. Lauren is passionate about the family, freedom of religion, and helping others. Lauren has been married to her husband for 8 years, and they currently have four young children. In the future she hopes to be a marriage and family therapist or a clinical mental health specialist.

Yalaina Linford (2)

Yalaina Linford 

Yalaina Linford graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies. She is passionate about helping and strengthening individuals and families. Yalaina is the second oldest of seven girls and loves spending time with her family and friends. Some of her other interests include horseback riding, hiking, cooking, baking, dancing, logic problems, and Sudoku. She currently works as a nanny and is pursuing a career in life coaching.

Chalea Marker

Chalea Marker

Chalea Marker is a volunteer with United Families International. She began with United Families International as an intern, and wrote for the International Voice for Youth website. She has continued volunteering with United Families International by helping on the World Family News website. Chalea received her Bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family studies from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She and her husband love spending time together and it is through building her own family relationships that Chalea finds inspiration to help others to protect and strengthen families.

Laura Morrin

Laura Morrin

Laura Morrin is. wife and mother. Her greatest joy is her family. She earned a BS degree in Human Development with a Minor in Business from Brigham Young University. She has spent more than two decades applying those studies. Along with her family, she has lived in multiple states enjoying each one. She currently resides in Southeastern Idaho. She enjoys; time spent with family, hiking, reading, pulling weeds, and anytime she can spend time helping with her children’s activities.

Homefront Project Contributors

Sarah Sabin Intern Spring 2019

Sarah Sabin

Sarah Sabin, is a Senior Marriage and Families Studies Major at Brigham Young University Idaho and will be graduating spring of 2019. She has been married for 6 years and has four little boys ranging in age from 5 years to 11 months. As a mother of four little children, Sarah has learned about how it takes effort and hard work to live up the responsibility to care for her children. She has also found that there is joy to be had in teaching those little ones to work and become more responsible each day. Sarah can be found working hard on different projects with the help of her children.


Sharon Pratt

Sharon Pratt

Sharon Pratt has been married for 26 years having in that timeframe the beautiful opportunity to be a mother of four sons and a daughter who graced their life for a moment leaving all the family tender hearted for the sanctity of life. In the last couple years her family has been blessed to add two daughter-in-laws which are such joys. Her and her husband look forward to the day of the grandchildren coming into their life. She is graduating from Brigham Young University-Idaho in December of 2019 in Family and Marriage Studies. Having taken an advocacy class within the degree this really stirred Sharon to want to give back and support others in respecting family and religious freedom. So, as an intern for UFI Sharon is excited to assist in this great work.

Eleah Boyd

Eleah Boyd

Eleah Boyd is in the final semester of her Marriage and Family Studies degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She has been married to her husband, Robert, for over 26 years and they have 5 children.  As a little girl, Eleah dreamed of a large family, but the death of their first child- and subsequent infertility and health problems- made her dreams feel impossible. In time, the Boyd family grew through the miracle of 3 adoptions, and 2 medically fragile pregnancies. Those early experiences of desperately wanting a family have driven home the essential role that the family plays in the individual, the community, and the world. Eleah is always on the lookout for ways to support and encourage healthy family connections.