Families are Struggling–Symptoms are Worldwide

Families are Struggling–Symptoms are Worldwide

families around the worldThe following is taken from the UFI Alert dated April 6, 2016.


The following questions were asked a German couple who are well acquainted with what is happening to family values in Germany/Austria and Switzerland. Reading their responses to the following questions, it is apparent that families throughout the world are facing the same struggles.  Because these issues are so prevalent in our culture have we become numb to them?   What can we be doing to help our spouses, children and grandchildren to stand strong against the forces that would destroy our families.

Q – What are some of the biggest problems families are facing in Switzerland?
•    The politically-correct view of our society on divorce as something that is a pretty normal part of life in relationships;
•    Occupational and financial prosperity as key success indicators;
•    The rapid, even dramatic loss of religious interest and faith in God in our society in the past couple of years/decades.
Technology.jpg•    The biggest problems deal with the consequences of digital media usage (focus/distraction/addiction; anytime/anyplace availability, pornography everywhere, easy access, gaming habits/time consumption, continuing interaction with former friends/partners; media usage by children/youth and unprepared, overwhelmed parents). 


Perception of people and relationships as well as rhythms in life change dramatically (e.g., last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning is a cooperative computer game and not the spouse, children, etc.).

Q – Are parents having fewer children?
•    In the past 5 years the birth rate has been rather stable with on the average 1.5 children, with 20% of those stemming from unwed mothers (Switzerland). It has to be added that this considers the childbirth rate of foreigners as well, which is often higher than the one of Swiss couples. For many young couples the goal is two children at most.

Q – Do many couples live together without getting married?
•    Here, marriage definitely is not the standard “framework” for intimate relationships; cohabitation is mostly not even a topic anymore. It increasingly becomes the generally accepted and expected norm, with couples choosing marriage some time later in life or not at all (with less and less legal/fiscal reasons for marriage, if at all; in Switzerland it is fiscally more attractive to cohabit). The average marriage age is 30 – 31 in Switzerland.

Q – Is pornography impacting families?
•    Yes, young couples as well as older relationships. Although pornography is mostly not viewed as a “bad thing” in the Swiss public, people are slowly but surely starting to see that it can still be (and often is) destructive for people and in relationships. But many still live in denial and judge pornography “politically correct” as something that just has to be dealt with wisely, as is the case with legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco (publicly widely accepted vices here in our area).

We appreciate the Gappmaiers for teaming up with United Families International, and we look forward to continuing to work together to strengthen families.

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  • James C. MacLean
    Posted at 15:32h, 15 April

    There are many ways one can be touched by God and have ones life changed. Truely, it takes a spiritual experience to motivate people to want to change their life and live in harmony with the laws of the creation, and the Creator of the universe.

    Faith in God has been under attack by psudo scientific rationalizing, and putting the burden of proof on the believer… depending on the situation.

    Ultimately though, as the prophecies of scripture become fullfilled, the Book of Mormon and restored Gospel is what everyone in every family will need eventually if they want the fullest happiness possible. It is for our time!

    Fresh, current and immediately applicable revelation can be delicious to the soul. Old revelations are good as well, but in times like these, the younger people are tired of the old diluted ways of foggily informed religionists. The first religion and faith in Jesus Christ shall also be the last one when all is said and done.

    May we go forth in faith to tell the world of Jesus Christ our Lord, and bear witness He is Gods own Son. Proclaim His wonderous word! A Terrestrial and Celestial hope will be what is required to entice the people to strive forth for a greater light and Knowledge. The Church’s proclamation of The Family is so essential! Here is the relief that families all will eventually need!

    Heavens blessings on us; everyone!

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