Sex Indoctrination and Loss of Childhood Innocence

Sex Indoctrination and Loss of Childhood Innocence

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If there is anyone living on this planet that isn’t aware of the chaos, confusion and even madness that is encroaching nearer and nearer to our homes and families, I would love to know where they are living and how they are keeping it all at bay.

Where is the wholesome value-based environment that I grew up in?  It’s certainly not in the commercials being aired on morning television.  This morning a benign ad for weight loss touted, “And the sex life is great!” Really?  The first thing I thought was, ‘innocent children all over the United States just got a dose of sexual indoctrination.’  Hearing and seeing it repeatedly just might program our children to believe that life is all about sex and self-gratification.  Great values!  That’s just what I want my children and grandchildren to think about every time they are self-disciplined enough to pass on that second donut…’the sex will be great!’

I know many young mothers who wisely won’t allow television programs and their often unforeseen and degenerate commercials to be turned on in their homes.  Instead, they choose wholesome movies to entertain and teach values that are uplifting and positive.  Problem solved? Not if your children attend a progressive public school.

Our openly gay, former member of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) and President Obama’s appointed “Safe-School Czar,” Kevin Jennings, has an agenda…And it’s not reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. He is making sure that sexual indoctrination is taking place away from parent’s attentive supervision…in our schools! Our children aren’t just being taught about the ‘birds and the bees.’  They are being taught about expressions of “love” and affection toward the same-gender, and as early as 1st grade!  (See my post 1-9-14) If you are “open-minded” enough to agree with that agenda, you may want to educate yourself to the consequences of such confusing indoctrination.

Fast forward a few years…Studies show that teens of a homosexual orientation are more prone to commit suicide.  Many in the gay world would have us believe that it is solely a result of harassment.  Dr. Gary Remafedi of the University of Minnesota, suggests a different reason. He has discovered that there is an inherent danger in children self-identifying as homosexual too early.

According to Remafedi, there are several contributing factors that lead to suicide among homosexual teens, two of which are gender non-conformity and early childhood sexual experience.  He concludes by saying that “teens that are turned on to homosexuality at an early age end up with the belief that they are born that way and it becomes increasingly difficult to change their behavior.” According to Remafadi the internal conflicts these teens face as they explore homosexuality without being ready to explore sexuality at all are the real reason why gay teens commit suicide.

There is enough chaos and confusion in the world without introducing our innocent children to sexual propaganda.  Parents, be aware of what your children are hearing and seeing…in the media and in their school’s curriculum.  Also, be aware of after-school GLBST (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Straight, Transsexual) programs.  These are often advertised as programs to teach non-discrimination.  A segment may touch on tolerance, but attending yourself will open your eyes to what your children are being exposed to…a world that is taking away their innocence much too early.

  • Victoria
    Posted at 16:02h, 23 January

    I am one of those Moms. There is no TV in my house, but tons if books, games, toys, and the great outdoors. My kids are homeschooled, and being raised on a farm with animals and responsibility/empathy being taught at a young age. My husband and I take traditional roles. He protects and provides, I stay at home and homeschool and clean house. I love my life.

  • Brian
    Posted at 17:27h, 23 January

    I remember when same gender attraction people were angry at the Catholic Church (and other churches) when they refused to admit them into the Priesthood. Now we hear of the destruction caused by the ones who came in under the radar. Million$$$$ in lawsuits; thousands of innocent lives damaged.

    Same gender attraction people and their allies are still attacking the Boy Scouts for refusing them access to little boys. Now we hear of the destruction caused by the ones who came in under the radar. Million$$$$ in lawsuits; thousands of innocent lives damaged.

    This is Madness Folks.

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