What do You Want Your Child Taught: Sex before marriage or only after marriage?

What do You Want Your Child Taught: Sex before marriage or only after marriage?

Do you believe that individuals should wait until after they’re married before engaging in sex?   If you answered “yes” to that question, The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) believes you’re wrong.    They are working very hard to make that belief and mindset a thing of the past.  Ground zero for their effort is the public schools.

SIECUS recently released their “7th Annual State Profiles” a report that compares “comprehensive” sex education laws and policies in public schools to that of abstinence-only efforts.   The report applauded the fact that Obama administration is dedicated to ushering in a “new era of sex education” in the U.S.  They are pleased that Obama has eliminated two-thirds of federal funding for abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, but lament that any abstinence-only funding slipped into Obama’s new healthcare program.  Referring to that abstinence funding:

“How this program went from being left on the scrap heap to being included in the most ambitious and progressive social legislation in decades should baffle anyone who believes in putting science- and evidence-based decision making ahead of cheap political gimmicks. The Title V abstinence-only-until-marriage program was never about public health or even about pregnancy prevention—the creators of the program were clear, it ‘was intended to align Congress with the social tradition…that sex should be confined to married couples.’ As such, it had absolutely no place as part of legislation dedicated to improving the health of our nation.”

So there you have it.  Belief that sexual relations should be confined to marriage is nothing more than a “social tradition” and “has no place” in improving the health of our nation.  As for SEICUS’s claim that abstinence-only education is devoid of “science” we refer you to Miriam Grossman, author of “You’re Teaching My Child What?“. Dr. Grossman documents how sex educators only tell teens the “facts of life” that promote acceptance, sexual exploration, and experimentation.   So what do you want your children taught?

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  • Rong MeiShan
    Posted at 14:14h, 03 August

    I want them taught the truth. Moral laws protect you. Condoms do not. There are physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences for violating God’s law. Your choices and actions affect others in ways you will never grasp. Divorce, Abortion, AIDS, addiction, broken hearts, and the emotional pain and suffering that accompanies these things are some examples of the consequences of sexual immorality. Not to mention all the young men in prison who were raised without Fathers. Why don’t we focus on building healthy families which will have a positive impact on our society. Everyone is free to make their own choices, but let’s tell the truth. When my friends in college were getting std’s, abortions, and raped I saw the truth about sex. My husband and I were virgins when we got married. Here’s our story: http://rongmeishan.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/the-bachelorette-finale/


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