What’s New at your Kid’s School?

What’s New at your Kid’s School?

You're teaching my child what?by Rebecca Mallory

Remember back in the olden days when you were punished for doing something wrong in school? Remember when the really bad guys were suspended for fighting, stealing or cheating? Remember when you could opt out of Sex Ed if you felt uncomfortable? Well, times have changed. Many school policies have loosened standards to the point that your child may not be safe at school. So as you’re enjoying your summer on the beach, in the mountains, or in your own backyard, consider these examples before you send your kids back to school for another year.

I have a friend who’s kids go to a public school in Virginia. Her daughter came home one day and handed her mom a paper from the school informing parents of upcoming sex education content. The gist of it was that “since children before the age of 13 can’t really identify with a particular gender, we encourage all children to explore and experiment”. Really? And who gave you permission to do that? The Fairfax County school district will include “gender identity” into the mandatory curriculum which will include homosexuality and transgenderism. Parents may not opt out of these programs which have been moved from the Family Life Education curriculum to health classes which are mandatory. Convenient, huh? There will be no “girls” or “boys” bathrooms either. Students can use either that they feel they identity with.

In Lafayette, California some high school kids are taught by employees of Planned Parenthood. After taking these courses, students reported to their parents that they felt pressured to have sex. These “instructors” advised and encouraged students to experiment with oral sex, condom use, contraception, intercourse, etc.  Abstinence? No way. Planned Parenthood is allotted more government goodies the more promiscuous kids are. Why would they encourage abstinence when that would put them out of business?

Sex education is not the only questionable content area you should be aware of. Common Core math standards actually allow 5 as the answer to 2+2 as long as the student can “show” their work. Common Core math is so confusing that parents have a difficult time helping their kids do homework. Classical literature is a thing of the past being replaced with books like Nineteen Minutes“Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Piccoult. Unbeknownst to parents, this book contains graphic language of two teens engaging in rough sex. (The Blaze May 6, 2014).  And now with the recent Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in every state of the Union, you can bet further explicit content will be forced upon our children to make them conform to this liberal agenda.

Liberal policies have largely snuffed out encouraging students to think for themselves. In the past, standard literary curriculum included classics such as “Moby Dick”, Wuthering Heights”, and “To Kill a Mockingbird”. These pieces teach the reader critical thinking, how to analyze literature which contributes to the human experience. These classical standard works have now been replaced with non-fiction governmental handbooks that supposedly “prepare the student to go to college” but do not allow student to think for themselves. Critics have called it nothing but indoctrination. Unfortunately, these are not the most frightening changes.

Many schools in New York have adopted a new “progressive” discipline program where students caught stealing, cheating, doing drugs or even attacking someone will not be suspended. Now they will be sent to a “talking circle” where they can discuss their feelings.  “Convinced traditional discipline is racist because blacks are suspended at higher rates than whites, New York City’s Department of Education has in all but the most serious and dangerous offenses replaced out-of-school suspensions with a touchy-feely alternative punishment called “restorative justice,” which is not punishment at all- it’s therapy. The only problem…they backfire everywhere they’re used because they make schools less safe. (New York Post,  March 3, 2014) Children should be allowed to have school choice and go where the best teachers are. But liberals fight school choice all around. Why? Because of unions and where the money flows. The poor are the ones who suffer most from these liberal policies.

These are only a snippet of what is happening to our public school system. I strongly encourage you to find out what’s going on in your school. Curriculum and policy seem to change with each new administration. But what happens to those  children who were subjected to those now failed policies? It comes down to taking responsibility for our own kids. No longer can we sit idly by and merely hope for their success or that they will be safe each day. School will start again before you know it America. Take notice!

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