You Asked For It: How to stop harmful sex education

You Asked For It: How to stop harmful sex education

United Families International received a large response and many questions regarding our last email communication telling you about the new sex education curriculum entitled “It’s All One: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender HIV, and Human Rights Education.” You can review that email alert here.

The number one question we received:   “What do I do to stop this from getting into my child’s school?” Today we devote this alert to answering that question.  The short answer is:  Become aware of what is being taught.   

Here’s What You Can Do

1.     Contact your school district and ask to review the districts sex education curriculum.  It is often advisable to set up an actual appointment time.  You can contact your child’s specific school, but you will get a better overview of what’s out there by going to the district level.

2.    Ask to see the program that will be presented at all grade levels.  Ask where the curriculum came from.  What was the process for its development?  Who wrote it?  Does it come from the state education department or is it developed within district?   If possible, ask for a copy or to borrow it.

3.    Also ask to review all “tolerance and diversity” programs and curriculum as well.  They are often a companion to the implementation of sex education programs and can be equally dangerous and anti-family.

4.    Inquire about the district’s “opt in” and “opt out” policies.  Parents need to understand their options.

5.    Explain your desire to be on a parental review committee for sex education materials and curriculum.  Follow through to ensure that you are placed on the committee and then contacted at the appropriate time.

6.    Go home and read the curriculum – all of it – keeping in mind the worldview and anti-family perspective that that they could be promoting.  Go here to see some specific excerpts and page numbers pulled from the “It’s All One Curriculum.”

7.    Go here and read through your states laws and statutes regarding education and curriculum (click on “education” link).  Knowing what the law says is a great asset.

8.    Share the information with extended family and friends.  Warn your neighbor and help them to get involved.

9.    If offending material(s) is found, gather like-minded parents and go directly to your school board members and request a meeting.  Meet and explain the unacceptable nature of the curriculum being used.  Ask the Board Members what their plan of action is to remove it from the classroom.  Then be persistent.

10.    Be kind, respectful, and articulate.  Have your facts.  Trust yourself.  As a parent, you have a legal right to become involved in curriculum decisions, monitor what your child is taught, and to use your influence to have it removed or changed.

The most effective way to prevent this type of material from reaching your child is to be involved in the beginning – during the curriculum selection and decision-making process.  Get involved!   It sounds trite, but this is one area where one person really can make a difference. Never forget that public schools belong to you and to your community.

Additional things to be aware of:

1.     Do not trust the National Education Association (NEA) to be an ally in this effort or for them to provide assistance to you.  In fact, the NEA will probably be the first ones promoting this new curriculum in your school.  We direct you to a report on the position of the National Education Association.  United Families International representatives were in the room during the UN event in February where this occurred and can vouch for its accuracy.

2.     Please be aware that most national and state Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) are openly and actively supporting the homosexual agenda – this trickles down to the local groups.   (Please do not confuse the PTA with the locally formed and operated parent/teacher groups that do amazing and important work in our schools.)

3.    Some districts have or are attempting to implement what they refer to as “maturation programs.”  This curriculum is directed at students in the elementary grades and should be closely reviewed for its content.   Those who push radical “comprehensive” sex education are usually behind the writing and promotion of these programs as well.   Don’t let them sneak them into your schools.  

FOLLOW the suggestions above;  FORWARD this email on; UNITE local and state efforts to secure that the values and morals which lift and build society.  Keep us informed as to what you are doing and let us help you.

Walt Disney is credited with saying that “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”  By being involved in the curriculum our children are being taught, we help preserve and protect that resource.  Parental rights in education are imperative.  Never be hesitant to promote and secure yours.


Carol Soelberg
United Families International

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