Gary and Tony Have a Baby: CNN’s New Propaganda Piece

Gary and Tony Have a Baby: CNN’s New Propaganda Piece

It takes a lot of money for two homosexual men to buy…oh excuse me…have a baby–$160,000 to be exact according to a CNN hour-long “documentary” piece that aired last week.   First you have to purchase a human egg from a donor (14 eggs actually), then you have to use sperm from one of men, then you have to pay for in vitro fertilization, then you have to “rent” some woman’s womb, and finally pay for all of the expenses of delivery.  Plunk $160K on the table, please.  Following Mother Nature’s rules is much simpler and costs a fraction.

CNN is most interested in promoting the homosexual lifestyle and agenda, however.  With host Soledad O’Brien lobbing softball questions and never questioning the ethics of deliberately stripping the child of a mother or challenging the gay couple when they expressed fear that a heterosexual might harm the baby because of homophobia.  Much of the program was devoted to talking about the “feel good” nonsense that all children need is love—in an attempt to downplay many decade’s worth of empirical data that show the critical importance of both a father and a mother in the life of a child.

CNN is so vested in pushing forward the homosexual agenda that they even produced a Parent/Teacher Discussion Guide.  Yes, let’s make sure that children are indoctrinated at school too.

The CNN trailer calls Gary and Tony Have a Baby a “Story of America.”  It seems to us that two men “having a baby” more resembles a fairytale.

Go here to see the trailer:

  • Aaron
    Posted at 15:52h, 28 June

    Who is going to breast feed the baby? Oh yeah, I forgot that nursing is not really all that beneficial in this part is the world. I believe the child’s right to a mother is being undermined.

  • garry
    Posted at 12:39h, 08 July

    I never saw the crappy thing…and just the sound of it makes me shudder. What a couple of losers. The poor baby|!No one thinks about the child..the child has the right to have a normal (non perverted) mother and father. What an awful way to grow up.
    The other thing cnn promotes lies and gossip, they colour everything with their own lies and slant on things. CNN is nothing but the national enquirer. Rick is the biggest buffoon, lier on cnn.

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