A week left to stop the legalization of assisted suicide in Canada

A week left to stop the legalization of assisted suicide in Canada

There is less than a week remaining to convince the Members of Parliament to vote against a bill to legalize assisted suicide in Canada. Bill C-384, which would allow doctors to cause the intentional death of a patient under defined circumstances, is currently scheduled for a second hour of debate on April 20, followed by a vote on April 21.

The same bill was scheduled for debate and vote in December of last year but was postponed by sponsors in order to garner more support. There is still a possibility that the vote may be delayed again, but we should be prepared to stop the bill right here and now. As Alex Schadenberg, the executive director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, told LifeSiteNews.com, “We must soundly defeat Bill C-384 to discourage other MP’s from also attempting to legalize euthanasia in Canada.”

We encourage all Canadians to contact their MP and push them to oppose this legislation in order to stop such legislation from proceeding any further.  You can find contact information for Members of Parliament here.

For more information on Bill C-384, visit the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for a complete breakdown of the legislation.

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