Drop the candy or lose your family

Drop the candy or lose your family

By Danny Quinney

I like it when I can feel my creative juices flowing.   I can literally feel my creative juices oozing out of my ear right this inst – OHMIGOSH!!!  IT’S BLOOD…no wait…(whew)… It’s alright.  No one panic!  It was just jelly from the donut I had this morning.

I’m kind of torn with how to write today.  This story annoys me on SO many levels, I’m not sure where to start.  But there is a little itsy bitsy part of me that almost, but not entirely, can sorta see the point of view of the “nanny state.”

Recently in the Cleveland Heights, Ohio area an 8-year old boy was taken from his family and put into foster care after county case workers said his mother wasn’t doing enough to control his weight.  He tipped the scales at 218 lbs.  Apparently last year (2010) county officials became aware of the child after his mother took him to the hospital with breathing problems.  He was diagnosed with sleep apnea (which can be weight related), and given a machine to help monitor his breathing.  Other than the sleep apnea, and the fact the boy is over 200 pounds, he is a perfectly normal elementary student.  He is on the honor roll and participates in school activities.

Now, on the one hand, the boy is WAAAAY too fat.  I know it’s not politically correct to be blunt like that, but over 200 pounds, are you kidding me?  The average weight of an 8-year old is 60 pounds.  This boy is 218.  I’m sure the county case workers mean well, if the boy was malnourished or abused, I can see the state stepping in.  So you can almost see the justification on the state “helping”.  The big difference is, in the cases of malnutrition, or abuse, there is imminent danger (the phrase “imminent danger” is a fancy way of saying “Ohmigosh the boy might die!!!  CALL 911!”).  In this case the state stepped in because the health issues the boy MIGHT get (note the fancy use of italics on the word “might”).

Really?  The government feels it can intervene because of health issues that MIGHT happen?

I read two articles on this subject.  In the first one it quotes a Dr. Naim Alkhouri, who works with overweight children at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, as saying, “There’s no easy answer when it comes to determining who’s to blame in such obesity cases…It’s not only the parents or the child,” he said. “Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. As a society we’re all responsible.”

Is it just me, or did everybody just throw-up a little bit?

I live six states away from the large child.  How am I responsible?

Now, I’m not judging this mother, or her child.  In the second article it explains how the boy has a teenage brother who is tall and skinny.  Maybe he has a chemical imbalance, or another biological problem.  The boy is on the honor roll.  As a father I can tell you that the honor roll doesn’t just happen.  I would think the mother isn’t neglectful.  Still the state felt it necessary to rip the child out of his mother’s arms.  She is only allowed to see him once a week, for two hours.

Arthur Caplan, a professor of medical ethics said, “A 218-pound eight-year-old is a time bomb, but the government cannot raise these children. A third of kids are fat. We aren’t going to move them all to foster care. We can’t afford it, and I’m not sure there are enough foster parents to do it.”

The second article also said, “Others suggest there’s hypocrisy in a government that would advocate taking children away for being overweight while saying it’s OK to advertise unhealthy food and put toys in fast-food kids’ meals.”

There we go!!!  Problem solved.

We could either advocate personal and parental responsibility, or we could outlaw toys in fast-food meals.  I say we pry the toys from their fat little fingers.  After all, that would be soooo much easier then parenting.

The problem with government interference is where does it stop?  I’ve been told the first law Germany passed against the Jewish people before World War II was they weren’t allowed to swim in public pools with “Aryan” people.  Now before you get your panties in a wad, I am NOT comparing the Cuyahoga County workers with Nazi Germany.  I’m just saying it starts small.

Recently, San Francisco was considering banning circumcision.  They argued it is painful.  That may be true.  I know after my circumcision I couldn’t walk for almost two years (oh wait, I was a baby), but it was my parent’s decision.  It doesn’t matter if they did it for religious, health, or cosmetic reasons; the point is, it was their decision, their business, not anyone else’s and certainly not the governments’.  Would San Francisco take boys from their parents for following their religion?

I don’t mind the government encouraging healthy life choices, I don’t mind their coming out with cute little food pyramids, or letting us know important nutritional information.  I just feel the government shouldn’t impose on families.

I have the right to pursue happiness according to the dictates of my conscious.  If my fat little kids and I want jelly donuts for dinner every night that is our business.

The government should stay out of it.

  • Karen Hopkins
    Posted at 22:47h, 02 December

    Just ask Michelle. I am sure she advocates the jelly donut diet!

  • Teri
    Posted at 16:06h, 03 December

    I love your article. I love the fact that you are balanced on both sides of it. I have a couple of items to bring up in regards to this article:

    (1) – on the critical side: please correct the typos.

    (2) – I just came across an article the other day on the internet about extremely obese people – (and I cannot recall the link, but you can Google obese people I’m sure) – and it really helps one understand that for some people it is their genetic make up. I’m talking some people reached over 1,200 lbs! Here’s the kicker: they were all (except for one of them) HEALTHY people! It wasn’t until the “doctors” INTERFERED, through medications, operations, etc., that these people all (except for 2) developed “problems” and DIED.

    If the medical world can stay out of our business, and only treat us when we ask for it, as it should be, and then do it honestly (not because somewhere down the line they get bonuses, paid for it, or some other kind of “offer”), and if the GOVERNMENT can stay 100% OUT OF IT, then WE the people will be able to handle our own pursuit of happiness just fine!

    (3) – this is not about obesity. If there is no genetic/physical reason for that obesity, it has been my experience, in the psychological world, that there are EMOTIONAL and MENTAL reasons for it in the majority of cases. Now – what would cause that? There are many reasons, but when you “peel” back all the layers of those onions, we come to ONE common baseline: the lack of faith and morality/integrity in our world today.

    Yes. Believe it or not, that is what it boils down to. When people have faith in their lives (any kind of faith that believes in a Higher Power) they have, time after time, been proven to be much happier than those who do not. And with faith comes higher integrity and morality. Yes, with faith comes higher (and more) integrity and morality!

    A HUGE problem in today’s world is the lack of that faith and morality/integrity. That is the underlying cause of lyings, pornography, deceit (low places and high places and all places in between), and it is the cause of most problems with divorce, law suits, politics gone-a-wry, and so many other things in life that all have a basis in morality and integrity. When people of any age are lacking the love, the joy, the morality and faith that they not only seek but need (whether they are conscious of it or not) they WILL seek it elsewhere. We all have “holes” in our lives – mainly because no one is perfect, and not one of us has perfect parents, perfect friends, perfect siblings, etc., so we all, at some point, affect or hurt each other in negative ways, and that causes “holes” – and those “holes” need to be filled with something in order to keep moving forward. That “something” is where faith *should* step in, but rarely does. So we, as fallible humans, turn to drugs, sex, alcohol, food, porn, lying, killing, whatever it is that gives our own individual physiological self that rush of endorphins that we are seeking. For many, that is food.

    (4) – There is proof out there that “the great man behind the curtain” (the “super elite”) has purposely created a culture of not only fast food, but of what is IN fast food (and what is removed from fast food, such as Fiber) that causes DEPENDENCY in those who eat it. There are chemicals in most of our food today. Those chemicals harm and attack our system. We no longer live in a society where we eat raw, natural foods, like our ancestors did. Our food is packaged, pre-cooked, and made to be “fast”. This, in and of itself, causes people to gain weight. Add the addiction factor of so many of these chemicals, and the “hole” factor of the majority of our lives, and you have “the perfect storm” when it comes to gaining weight and becoming obese.

    So YES! I agree with you – keep the Government OUT. Because they have actually had a hand in helping to CAUSE obesity (by approving the chemicals, being aware of their addictive nature, and refusing to do away with such things).

    If you’ve never watched the movie “Demographic Winter”, I highly encourage you to do so. This is all part of that. Obesity was planned, and has been successfully carried out over the past 100 years. It will only end when We The People take control of our own pursuit of happiness, our own liberties, and our own God-given (sovereign) freedoms.

    Thanks for a great article! (and please forgive my own typos! 😉 )

  • Meagan
    Posted at 23:12h, 03 December

    She can only see him once a week? Do they think if she saw him more she’d slip him some fattening foods? There have been cases like this before, one was a three-year old girl who was eventually returned once they realized that no foster parent could fix her genetically pre-disposed disease (couldn’t they have determined this cause before whisking her away?). It’s at school screenings, and in-school medical check-ups where children are routinely viewed as suspects of abuse until proven innocent.

  • Heidi
    Posted at 23:19h, 05 December

    Child Protective Services is a government entity that is pure evil. Their purported reason for their existence is to ‘protect children,’ and yet they are seen by citizens in every state of the union overstepping their bounds and taking children without any proof of abuse or harm, while being called repeatedly to intervene in cases of clear abuse and neglect and failing to respond. Quite tragically, in juvenile court there is no due process – essentially, parents have no rights, and the system preys upon their ignorance and often their inability to hire a lawyer due to financial restrictions – and in fact hearsay is even admissible in at least two of the three court hearings held in the first three months of CPS’ involvement in a family’s life. CPS is not legally required to actually have proof of harm to seize your child.

    I can imagine what this mother is going through, what her son is going through, what his brother is going through: it’s truly horrific. As a parent, it’s terrifying. This child and his mother, previously cohabiting, can now see one another for TWO HOURS A WEEK. Parents, stop and think about that for a minute. Local government officials have stepped in, forcibly removed this child from his home, and there is literally NOTHING the mother can do until the next court hearing on her case to get it changed. Nothing. Can you imagine the panic you’d feel? The terror? The helpless anger? The injustice of this type of state intervention, the havoc and destruction CPS wreaks on families, is abhorrent.

    We already live in a police state; most of us are simply too complacent to want to see it. Be advised: CPS does not need to have even SEEN your child to file for emergency custody, claiming that your child is in immediate danger of harm. I’ve seen it happen to innocent parents and their children; it will happen to more. Tragic does not begin to describe the state we’re living in.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 13:17h, 07 December

    We would agree that parents need to be open with their children and teach them regarding things of a sexual nature and how that appropriately plays out in their lives. That is critical; it shouldn’t be left to the internet or to their peers. The disagreement comes from thinking that the school is the place for that to be taught. You seem to believe that the schools are going to teach basic “information” regarding sex in an unbiased and neutral manner. What is being taught is much more than simple “information.” There is a values set being taught and you need to be fully apprised of what that values set is. For example, comprehensive sexual education (as it is called) teaches acceptance of homosexual behavior, that marriage and becoming a parent are not related, promotes gender confusion, and trains students to be abortion activists. That’s just the tip of the iceberg You can see if for yourself here: http://www.unitedfamilies.dreamhosters.com/default.asp?contentID=461 Most parents are not interested in that type of “education” for their children. Children in schools are not getting basic sex education at schools they are getting indoctrination towards a particular world view. Don’t be deceived.

  • Bouwe Van Der Eems
    Posted at 02:37h, 23 December

    Something very similar has happened in Sweden. On 25 June 2009 armed police, at the behest of Swedish Social Services, boarded an airliner on its way to India from Sweden with the Johansson family and seized their 7 year-old boy, Domenic, for being (legally) homeschooled. There was no warrant, the Johanssons had broken no law. Since this date Domenic’s parents were only allowed short, 1 hour-long supervised visits once every five weeks, and Domenic still remains in state custody. Read more about this case at http://bit.ly/joXxko

  • BBS
    Posted at 10:06h, 23 December

    This is also the same government in which Congress recently decided that instead of giving more money toward school lunches so they can contain more fruits and vegetable, they would deem pizza to be a vegetable. Brilliant.

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