More Couples saying “I don’t;” Cohabitation rate spikes 13% in one year

More Couples saying “I don’t;” Cohabitation rate spikes 13% in one year

The Census Bureau is reporting that marriage in the 24-34 age range is down and the number of couples who choose to “live together” has gone up 13 percent in one year (2009).  Experts point to the recession, joblessness, and general apprehension regarding the future.  But is living together (cohabiting) a good idea?  Does it give the couple a chance to successfully “test drive” a possible marriage?   Is it a good idea for women or for the children that these couples might bring into the world?  The answer is a resounding, “No.”

The research and empirical data is very clear that cohabiting relationships do not produce healthy outcomes for men and women, children, or for society as a whole.  Experts note that cohabitation is more a preparation for divorce than a way to strengthen the likelihood of marriage.  Women and children disproportionally bear the brunt of the negative outcomes associate with cohabitation.  As one social scientist put it:  “No positive contribution of cohabitation to marriage has ever been found.”  So why, then, are so many couples “shacking up” (forgive the nod to the past)?

Since the media and popular culture tell us all that cohabiting is the “natural and normal” thing to, we thought it would be important to let you know the rest of the story.  Click here (Part I, Part II) to go to “Cohabitation” from UFI’s Guide to Family Issues series.  You’ll see some rarely talked about details regarding the decision to “live together.”

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  • Harvey Rosieur
    Posted at 00:34h, 04 October

    It saddens me every time I hear of another young couple cohabiting, without the bond of marriage or even intention of true commitment. It was unthinkable for me and my now wife of 37 years, when we first started going ‘steady’ and later engaged. We respected and loved each other too much to treat each other in such a casual manner. Sure we did not know what lay ahead of us , but we learned together. The discoveries were one of the real joys of early marriage. I could not get over the fact that a young woman loved me so much that she was willing to make a life-time commitment to me, ‘forsaking all others, until death do us part’. What an awsome privilege she was bestowing on me.That kind of trust and respect deserved the same in return. Without that, surely there is an expectation right from the outset that the realationship will not last, but who cares? We did and it strengthens our relationship even more today to realise what we have been through together. What unthinkable treachery it would have been to break our mutual commitment to each other and what of the children? We could never have put them through such a hurtful exoerience as separation, breaking up the home and teaching them to live selfish lives without trust.

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