The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

Ann Bailey

I love “infographics.”   It’s just a great way to learn information.   With the current economic challenges that the world faces, it’s important that we all  be conversant in and understand how family breakdown contributes to our economic problems.  Marriage and family  matter!

For the record, United Families International  didn’t put this together – we’re just sharing it.   Source

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  • Amy
    Posted at 15:02h, 25 August

    I find it interesting that the graphs you posted refer to a two parent household with BOTH parents as wage earners (especially considering the previous blog post “For the love of children”). I’m curious to know the stats for a 2 parent household with 1 wage earner. How stable can a marriage be with young children and both parents working? Are there any stats on that? Maybe viewing marriage/divorce from an economic standpoint is misleading when it comes to the “stability” aspect.

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