A Key to Preserving the Family: Get out and vote!

A Key to Preserving the Family: Get out and vote!

I have been involved in the trenches of popular electoral politics for my entire adult life.  Experiences gained in these years led me into involvement with United Families International. And while UFI is a non-partisan organization, I recognized that unless caring, concerned, and committed people involve themselves in the electoral political system of the nation they live in, the radical, anti-family agenda may prevail.  I acted by joining with UFI, I hope you will act also.

In nations where a semblance of democracy allows folks like you and me to express our preferences, it is our duty to ensure we vote for those that will stand for the sanctity of life and the preservation of the institution of the family.  Not every nation where UFI supporters live has open, fair elections.  But in those that do, unless our views are known by our elected leaders, and unless those elected leaders share our commitments to principle, it will remain difficult to protect the institutions we value so highly.

During October, a total of fourteen countries around the world held elections, six nations voted during the past week.  Tomorrow, the United States of America has important congressional midterm elections.  Four more nations are scheduled for elections before the end of 2010.

Active pro-family voter participation in national elections has made a major impact in the outcome of those elections.  In Brazil for example, the leading candidate for President made major concessions to protect the sanctity of life in the face of massive support from the populace after having been forced into a runoff.  If pro-life, pro-family forces can have such an impact in one of the world’s largest democracies, you and other supporters of the family can have a similar impact in your next elections.

Pro-family, pro-life voters in the U.S. can make a statement tomorrow regarding the most anti-family, pro-abortion administration America has ever known.  Yet, to make this statement, UFI supporters in America must make the effort to step forward and exercise their duty by voting.  While not every UFI supporter will agree on every issue across the board, signaling your support of those political leaders that will join UFI in the fight to preserve marriage and family can help to make course corrections that will impact, not just the U.S., but the entire world.

Those of us in the international pro-life, pro-family coalition have long recognized that when the internal policies of the United States are strongly in line with the principles that you and United Families International stand for, the international support for those positions increases.  This means that your vote will not just bring strength to the family in your area or nation alone, but to the entire world as well.

Please take the time to exercise your right and duty.  Be proactive and thoughtful in your vote for those leaders who will commit to preserving the natural family.  Those who disagree with you understand that when you stay home, they benefit. Bad politicians are elected and bad policy is implemented when good people don’t vote.  Make the commitment, encourage your neighbors, take action.  Get out and vote for those issues and candidates who will join with UFI in preserving a safe future for families.

Onward to a better tomorrow,

Michael Duff
President, United Families International

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