Proposition 8: A Lesson for “The People”

Proposition 8: A Lesson for “The People”

Proposition 8 is not new. A similar proposition passed by the voice of “the people” of California back in 2000. That proposition was later ousted by the California Supreme Court. Proposition 8 was just an effort of “the people” to put a bandage over the wounds left after the courts made that decision. Now Prop. 8, like the last proposition, has been sent to the courts. Both instances prove one point in my mind:

The voice of the people isn’t enough.

At least not all at once.

In the talk show Voice of the Nation, the Arizona Speaker of the House, Kirk Adams, addressed this subject earlier this morning. Once laws or bills are taken to the courts, there’s little that “we the people” can do.

What it comes down to once the courts are involved, is how we voted years prior.

In this government, the voice of the people needs to be expressed more than once a decade, more than just when huge issues come along. The voice of the people needs to be expressed every time the polls are open.

If homosexual marriage was brought before the Supreme Court today, it would likely lose. But that’s only because of whose been elected recently. Election decisions are residual, the impact can last a lifetime—on the federal and state level.

Stand strong by the issues you’re passionate about, all the time. Not just when “the biggies” like Prop. 8 come around.

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We’re in this for the long haul, we hope you are too.

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