The Danger and Hypocrisy of the EPA

The Danger and Hypocrisy of the EPA

natureMaddi Gillel

According to Heritage, our government is trying to regulate Americans’ livelihoods away. The EPA is pushing regulation of “greenhouse gases” – something even its own officials have admitted would have no noticeable impact on the climate. Research shows the devastating impact it would have on American manufacturing jobs. EPA regulation has been dubbed the “war on coal,” but casualties will extend well beyond the coal industry, hurting families and businesses and American manufacturing. There would be an average of more than 770 jobs losses per congressional district. (Jolevski and Loris)

Anything said about EPA and its  duplicity can also be said about OSHA. They can fine someone $80,000 or more for an accident that happened on the job site.  Do they care about employees?  No they also care only about sending money to the federal government – and destroying businesses.  How many businesses can take that kind of a hit?

A few years ago, in the San Joaquin Valley – which produces an abundance of fruits and vegetables – the EPA shut down the water to many of the farmers there, because there was an endangered worm, or snail, or frog, or some such.  In the last few months, it was reported that some windmills in Idaho were killing bald eagles and when it was reported to the powers-that-be, they said it was ok.  The message is, that “green energy” trumps just about everything.

There is a young Wyoming family who is being fined $75,000 per day if they do not drain a small pond that they created on their own rural land.  It was made from a stream flowing on their property and has become a habitat for ducks, geese and other wildlife. All this, according to the EPA, is a violation of Federal Law.

I’m sure you have heard about the EPA complex in Washington, D.C.  It has been found that when it rains, the sewers (raw excrement) from the building run into the Chesapeake Bay.  The buildings have an inadequate sewage and overflow disposal system. Charles Hurt, the author of the article, recommends that ‘all 5000 of the EPA employees pay a $75,000 fine every time they flush a toilet on a rainy day’. (Charles Hurt – Washington Times columnist)).

Hurt states that, “the EPA in all of its wisdom has absolutely no interest in the environment.”  They tell farmers what they think is right for the land. This is an outrage, because the farms’ livelihood depends on how they manage their farms, therefore, they don’t need somebody coming in from a government agency telling them what is best for their land. These people (EPA) are not fighting for the environment; they are fighting to soak up money for the federal government. Charles Hurt insists that he is a lover of the environment and wants nothing more than to have our forests protected and our air and water clean.  However, he does not think that is the main goal of the EPA.

The EPA is now a front for major Communist activity.  Communists and their ilk want to not only kill as many of a population as possible, but to destroy capitalism and the free enterprise system everywhere it exists and which has long made America the leader of the world in every positive area.

Third world countries rape and plunder the environment far more than any first world country – so why isn’t the EPA working on third world countries to clean up their environmental messes?  Because there is nothing to extort in third world countries.  In first world countries, they can tax, penalize, shut down, regulate to death, fine, take over and destroy as many businesses and other institutions as they please and who is going to take issue with these powerful men and women who ‘care so much about the environment?’ They care more about the environment than they do  men, women, children, families, bread-winners, inventions, new and better ideas for living, technology, transportation, homes,  oil and gas supplies, our wonderful health care system, etc. etc. etc.

Ronald Reagan once said that the most dangerous words ever uttered by man are: “WE”RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP.”


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