Every Vote Counts

Every Vote Counts

By now you know that Scott Brown, a Republican, won the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts last week. In one of the most Democratic states in the Union (less then 10% of voters are registered as Republican) the people made their voices heard.

Brown was elected by the little grassroots campaign that could. Despite Obama flying to Massachusetts to support Attorney General Martha Coakley just two days before the election, Brown won. Why?

Brown is a guy you want to be friends with. He’s an attractive older guy (Cosmopolitan Magazine: America’s Sexiest Man 1982) who drives a pick up (area GMC dealers are reporting a spike in sales of trucks) and like any dad, embarrasses his daughters in public (His daughter is single, if you were wondering). Brown is a lot easier to relate to then Coakley and he made sure the people of Massachusetts knew he was willing to represent them with their best interests at heart.

Moderate and Independent voters made this election. With such a small Republican contingent in Massachusetts, Moderates, Independents and unhappy Democrat voters were vital to the success of Brown’s campaign. These voters educated themselves and were able to vote not blindly by political party but by candidate and policies. The rest of the country needs to look to the voters of Massachusetts as an example of what you should do. Educate yourself. On the politician, their policies and their history to make an educated decision for who will best represent you and your family.

Most importantly, every vote counts. No matter where you live and how set in its ways a state may appear, you have to get out and vote. Brown would have never won the election if the people of Massachusetts hadn’t actually gone to the polls to vote. Passion is what drives people to the polls to vote, not political affiliation. Be passionate about making sure the correct people are elected to stand for your beliefs.  There is no point in complaining about elected officials  if you haven’t even made the effort to vote.

There are elections later this year. Be pro-active and be smart. And vote!

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