Legislature of the State of New York vs. truth: The activists can’t win

Legislature of the State of New York vs. truth: The activists can’t win

By Mike Duff

I have been asked many times over the last few weeks to explain the decision of New York’s State legislature and their surprising move to create homosexual marriage.  To say this was surprising may, in and of itself, surprise those that stereotype the citizens of the state.  The public opinion polls showed that a strong majority of New Yorkers oppose homosexual marriage.  Yet the radical homosexual activist industry persuaded lawmakers to destroy the meaning of marriage in their state and to usher in a culture that cannot succeed.

What drives the advocates of homosexual marriage to desire to so radically alter our culture and the institutions which helped it, and the people within, to succeed for centuries?  It cannot simply be, as homosexual advocates claim, that they seek equal opportunity to express and demonstrate a commitment they claim they feel.  There is something else occurring.  It is not about love, happiness, and commitment; it is about cultural change.  It is about turning culture on its head until everyone is forced to accept their alternate reality.

And, it is not enough that well meaning people grant them, via “tolerance,” the opportunity to be deviant in private.  They will not rest until their behavior is endorsed by churches, pushed by governments, promoted by celebrities, and taught in public school rooms.  The ultimate game is to try to create a society where homosexuality is deemed normal and good, simply another acceptable way to live one’s life.

And yet, truth is still unassailable despite the best efforts of homosexual advocates and their political puppets.  They can never ignore the reality that marriage always has been an institution designed to benefit a man and a woman and their children.

Physically, homosexuality forces the body to endure processes it was not designed to handle.  As a result, and as is usually the case when a body is abused by alcohol, drugs, poor diet, etc., bad health develops.  HIV/AIDS aside, homosexuals have, from purely a health standpoint, one of the riskiest life styles on the planet.

They cannot elude the truth regarding the ultimate purpose of sexual activity, reproduction.  Homosexuals cannot produce children.  This non-productivity will ultimately derail any society.

Advocates ignore the truth when pontificating that their potential emotional stability requires the same long-term commitment of marriage.  But the reality is that homosexual relationships are short.  A surprisingly small number ever marry, even when legally available.  Relationships centered on sex, whether homosexual or heterosexual in nature, are not emotionally satisfying.  In fact, social science indicates they are emotionally harmful.

No society can succeed when biology and thousands of years of an essential model of marriage is mocked.  No society can be productive and supportive of its members when the realities of human existence stand in the way of a poorly conceived, deviant cultural model.  No action by a misguided state legislature can ever change this truth.

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  • Meagan
    Posted at 20:36h, 11 August

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for continuing to stand up for what is right. Everywhere else, even in conservative opinion and religious blogs people have compromised, and become so tolerant that the deviant sex movement will certainly have the upper hand in public opinion in the future. I wasn’t alive at the time so I don’t know how much room I have to talk but wasn’t this what happened with music, and birth control, and every other downward cultural shift that happened in the 20s-80s? People and churches and community just gave up and said oh well, this is the new world we live in now?

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