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UFI-FINAL-LOGOWe just posted a copy of Jennifer Stinson’s outstanding speech to the first ever Smart Girl Summit on our website and we recommend everyone read it.

Jennifer Stinson is an advocate with UFI where she lobbies the United Nation and other governmental entities for policies and practices that strengthen families. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Chicago Law School and is the mother of three sons.

The speech provides a concise and very clear outline of UFIs work in the UN, why the UN is important and how you can get involved. For those of you who have wondered why UFI places such an emphasis on the UN, Stinson explains both the UNs history and its consequences in the US and abroad. She provides two examples of UN treaties that are currently posing a very real threat to not only the family, but also to every nation’s sovereignty:

“The CEDAW treaty is really an international version of the Equal Rights Amendment, but it goes further in its language that discounts marriage, motherhood, families and the unborn. CEDAW was the result of a very effective strategy by those feminists defeated in the Equal Rights battles. When they could not pass the laws they desired in the United States, they took their agenda to the United Nations and have successfully influenced the CEDAW working groups and the CEDAW Committee. This Committee plays an extremely powerful role through oversight and implementation of treaty provisions and the trends that we have seen are alarming. We have documented the CEDAW Committee wielding its great political, as well as financial, power to direct governments to change laws to allow abortion, legalize prostitution, and disallow religious influence in government decision-making. In fact, 37 pro-life governments have been instructed by the Committee to change their laws on abortion. This is why the UN is relevant to us. This is why we need to pay attention to what is happening. President Obama has indicated that he will try to get CEDAW ratified in the Senate and then we will also be subject to the provisions in the CEDAW document itself, as well as the judgments of the CEDAW Committee.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child has equally dangerous implications for us and our families. While outwardly masquerading as a document promoting human rights for children, the CRC actually circumvents parental rights by imbuing governments with the ultimate authority to determine “the best interests of the child.” If ratified, this treaty would override virtually all American laws affecting children and families. A committee of 18 experts from other nations sitting in Geneva would have the authority to issue official interpretations of the treaty that are entitled to binding weight in American courts and legislatures. Make no mistake, this reality is at our doorstep. This Administration and some current U.S. legislators have indicated their desire to see these treaties ratified soon.”

As Jennifer so clearly outlines, the threat from the UN is very real. But we need not despair. As Jennifer also illustrates in her speech, even one person can make a huge difference, even at the international level. Read the full speech to see how Richard Wilkins changed the hearts and minds of nations by firmly defending the marriage, family and the things we value most.

Like Wilkins, we all can make a difference; we just need to act. So how can you get involved? Here are a few suggestions from Jennifer

1. Be informed – watch the news, read books, read what is available on the internet in terms of news sources, blogs and other informational sites. Remember – Information is power!

2. Register to vote & then GO VOTE! Help other people in your neighborhood and community register to vote. Remind your neighbors and friends to vote on election day.

3. Actively address issues of concern – there may be issues of concern to you at a local school, at work, in your neighborhood, or city. Once you are informed, actively address your concerns by contacting those involved.  If you have a particular concern, there are probably many other people just like you. Raise your voice – make phone calls, send emails, blog, Twitter – let people hear from you, or they will never know there is a problem.

4. Join or volunteer for an organization in your community – You can volunteer, join, or financially contribute to groups that promote the things you believe in, at local levels as well as higher, more distant levels like the UN. We would love to have you join us at UFI! Let your talents and your interests guide you as you decide where to spend your time and energy.

5. Run for an elected position – school board, city council, state representative – we need good people in elected positions!

6. Teach your children and others around you to be civically minded – Through your example you will have a profound impact on your family, friends, neighbors and others. They will see your dedication and willingness to get out there and be involved, and many will feel inspired to participate also.

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