I Made a Difference – and So Can You!

I Made a Difference – and So Can You!

By Grace Sailor

You might remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog titled, “Why Am I Watching Pornography at My Favorite Restaurant?” I detailed my disappointing experience of going into my favorite local restaurant to find a new video playing in the restaurant that showed girls in G-string bikinis, and even went as far as to zoom up on the ‘buttocks’ area for close up shots. I was mortified and shocked that this was being shown at a restaurant that is mostly frequented by adult women and families. I was maddened not only at the restaurant – but at the world for invading what I considered a safe place for my family. Are there not any safe places anymore to take our families without seeing inappropriate material?

I drove right home from the restaurant that day and fired off an email to the main corporation not only expressing my disappointment in regards to the situation, but warned that if the video was not changed out that I would feel obligated to publish blogs and reports alerting families about the footage and petition patrons to not eat at the restaurant.

Within a couple of days, I received an email from the corporation stating that they were as shocked about the video as I was and that what was being shown at this particular franchise was not corporate approved. The corporate office mandated that the franchise switch out the footage immediately for a corporate approved ‘family friendly’ video. Since then, I have received another email confirming that the video was switched along with a thank you note and a coupon for a free meal!

I could have chosen to keep my frustration to myself and just choose not to eat at the restaurant anymore – but by taking a stand, it made a difference. Now, individuals and families can eat at the restaurant without being exposed to pornography as they wait for their food. I feel like in general we are losing the battle against pornography – but this battle we won!

If I can make a difference – so can you! We just need to be willing to speak up and say “I have had enough”!

  • Daughter of Eve
    Posted at 11:38h, 21 September

    Way to go! That is good news.

  • Matt Carmack
    Posted at 15:18h, 23 September

    So often sleazy people “test the waters” by introducing something that pushes the envelope of decency, and if no one speaks up, they have succeeded in opening society’s door to filth another inch. We must push back whenever we can, or the door will keep opening further and further until all decency and morality are lost from our society. Thanks for your example of standing up.

  • Melanie
    Posted at 15:29h, 23 September

    That is a great story! Good for you! Thanks for standing up for our families and kids.

  • michele
    Posted at 16:04h, 23 September

    Great! Now we all need to put our pens where our mouths are…

  • Nathan000000
    Posted at 23:27h, 24 September

    OK, thank you for motivating me. I had a similar experience at a bowling alley two weeks ago, and I was tempted to just “keep my frustration to myself and just choose not to [bowl there] anymore.” But after reading this article, you’ve convinced me to make my frustrations known to the owners of the bowling alley. (If anything comes of it, I’ll try to remember to post it here.)

  • Debra McCracken
    Posted at 16:25h, 26 September

    A great example of what just one person can do. I may not ever know if that was also my restaurant, but now it is one less worry for me and my family!

  • Elise
    Posted at 12:25h, 21 October

    While at a locla walmart I seen a unappropriate “health” magazine picturing a nude woman on the cover, with just her breast and genital areas covered by her position. I was outraged and complained (in a nice tone) in writing at the customer service desk. . The next day I recieved a phone call that the magazine had been pulled from the shelves!!

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