Please be my Mommy

Please be my Mommy

Reading the “comments” section of blogs and internet articles can be even more educational—and often more entertaining—than the article itself.  This was certainly the case with a “comment” that I copied and saved a while back.  I don’t remember the content of the article, but the “comment” is worth sharing.  To all of you moms out there who think that the simple and seemingly mundane things you do in life go unnoticed, please read below.  This woman’s counsel touched my heart and I hope it touches yours.

Fed up with Radical Feminism

Libs have difficulty passing along their radical policies, even to their own children. No wonder they are so interested in hijacking the minds of other people’s children.

If you are a child in a family that does not value children, you feel it. It is really hard to persuade your kids that you way of life is better, when they can look down the street and see a mom who loves and cares for her family.

Having been raised by increasingly leftist parents myself, I associate feminism with abandonment. In contrast, when I spent time at my girlfriend’s homes, I experienced mothers who spent time with their kids, simply chatting warmly over tea.

If a conservative woman wonders how she can change the world, I suggest that this is it: Be a great homemaker, and it is not lost on your neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to have that lost-looking teenager from the leftist family down the street over for dinner. Your life may be mundane to you, but love and security are very seductive to children who do not feel valued. I suggest that it is far more seductive than any rantings of a radical professor.

To this day, I see my girlfriends with their daughters and am tempted to ask them, “Please be my Mommy!”


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