Myth Buster Monday: Is a “social father” adequate in the upbringing of a child?

Myth Buster Monday: Is a “social father” adequate in the upbringing of a child?

“Social father” is a relatively new term circulating in the social science circles.  Here’s the definition of a “social father:”

When a man takes de facto responsibility for a child, an unrelated male, (a step-father, a live-in boyfriend, an involved neighbor). 

One of the goals of the liberal social science community is to convince society that all of the alternative family arrangements – gay and lesbian parenting, single moms, couples who live together, divorced and remarried households – are equal arrangements and can be adequate for the rearing of children.

As one prominent UN expert insisted:  “In child rearing, four hands are better than two and it doesn’t matter who the four hands are attached to.”  But is the presence of a “social father” in the life of a child the same as the child’s real father?  These expert’s are certainly working hard to align themselves with what is politically correct, but they fall far short of common sense and the empirical data.

Here’s a link to just a sampling of studies that are available on the crucial nature of intact families and the important role of a father.  Take a minute to familiarize yourself with some of them.  We do agree that “social fathers” can play an important role in a child’s life, but they can in no way replace a child’s real father.  Don’t fall for the “any guy will do” rhetoric.


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