“Celebrate Motherhood” Banned: The Photos

“Celebrate Motherhood” Banned: The Photos

Last week we told you about the “Women Deliver” conference held in Washington D.C. where a typical conference bag (the kind of bag that is handed out for free at conferences all over the world) was confiscated by conference organizers.  What was written on the bag that was so offensive that it was banned?  Nothing more than the simple phrase “Celebrate Motherhood.”  May we say again:  The supposed “pro-choice” movement is about anything but choice.

On the last day, the National Right to Life Federation (NRTLF) stood outside the convention center handing out bags emblazoned with the slogan “Celebrate Motherhood” to conference-goers. The bags contained fetal models and information on proven maternal mortality reduction strategies. Desperate to shut out any pro-life messages, security guards and conference staffers barred the front entrance, demanded to look inside conference-goers parcels and confiscated the offending bags right out of the hands of individuals, despite objections. Stunned by the actions of the conference staff, one NRTLF volunteer rhetorically asked “Isn’t this supposed to be a conference to help mothers?” (reported by Samantha Singson)

We thought you might be interested in seeing some photos, courtesy of our friends at National Right to Life.

A conference official blocking the path of individual carrying “Celebrate Motherhood” bag.

Photo of “threatening” bag.

Officials confiscating the bags.

Content of bags:  brochure, DVD, “Celebrate Motherhood” candy bar, and replica of pre-born baby.

  • charles
    Posted at 15:07h, 15 June

    We shouldn’t have to put up with this. Motherhood is the most important role in society!

  • Carey Conway
    Posted at 03:23h, 16 June

    To support life, is to celebrate motherhood.

    To celebrate motherhood, is to support life.

    How wrong!!? How insensitive!!? How abhorent!!?

    – Carey

  • D Blake
    Posted at 09:08h, 16 June

    Why do the pro-abortionists think we don’t have a right to express our deep feelings about life and motherhood? Their rights to express themselves END where our rights begin and they have no right to take our rights away!!!!

  • J Raul
    Posted at 17:23h, 16 June

    America used to have a 1st amendment? Since when did a ‘Pro-choicer’ have the right to remove that right for others? This is still America, right? Americans can still celebrate mother’s day, right? If it wasn’t for mothers none of us, whether pro-life or pro-choice would be here–None of us! So what are the ‘Anti-mother-Pro-choice folks afraid of? – Their mothers or the truth that they are not for choice? Give us the names of the organizers so we can vent our rights to freedom of speech!

  • United Families International
    Posted at 12:27h, 19 June

    For those who would like to express your opinion and contact the organizers of the “Women Deliver” conference, here is contact information:

    Women Deliver, 588 Broadway Suite 503, New York, NY 10012, (646) 695-9100

    Women Deliver, 401 Ninth Way NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20004-2141 (202) 715-0385

    [email protected] Website: http://www.womendeliver.org/

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