Defending Religious Freedom, the Two Main Battle Fronts

Defending Religious Freedom, the Two Main Battle Fronts

Religious freedom is one of the most essential rights that a human being could be granted. It is the right to believe in what you choose to, to see the world the way you want to, without imposing it upon or harming those around you.

All across the world, freedom of religion is under assault. Whether it’s in the “enlightened” West or the “barbaric” East, no nation is being spared; they just face a different opponent.

“Equality” in the West

The UK is facing the vote on a bill that could force religious communities to hire openly homosexual people, no matter the beliefs of the church. The so-called “equality bill” is removing religious freedom in the name of ‘equality.’

In Canada, religious institutions are routinely being silenced.

Since the legalization of same-sex marriage, many religious institutions have been sent to court. Litigation often comes because they deny their services to homosexual people on religious grounds. No matter who wins in court, these non-profit, religious institutions are often left bankrupt—burdened by astronomical law fees.

If these organizations do lose the litigation, the law silences them, and precedence is set for future cases, slowly eliminating religious freedom.

Religious Oppression in the East

Religious oppression in the East is not so uncommon.

In a small village in Laos, 48 Christians have recently been forced out of their homes at gunpoint. With no tools and skimpy supplies they have been relegated to an open field nearby.

The day of the exile the Christians had guns put to their heads with the demand to deny their faith.

They didn’t.

But now they’re homeless and helpless.

This isn’t the first time the village officials have pressed the Christians to renounce their faith. Previously all 80 of the Christians in the village were locked in a school compound without food until they signed written agreements to deny their faith. 10 of the 17 families eventually agreed to sign the papers, after suffering from extreme fatigue and hunger. The other seven families settled on an open field nearby where they survived on whatever food they could find.

Other Christians in the village have been killed; others have had their most prized possessions and food taken away.

Stories like this are all too common in similar parts of the world.

Religious Freedom is Something Worth Fighting For

No matter where you live, religious freedom is being assaulted nearby. UFI understands the threats and is fighting to give everyone the chance to think and peacefully act according to the dictates of their own conscience. Whether it is internationally or locally, UFI is in the trenches.

This March, UFI will defend religious rights at the UN conference in New York. Please, help us fight this crucial battle.

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 12:57h, 11 February

    Thank you for all you do UFI!

  • Scott L.
    Posted at 14:11h, 11 February

    It’s apalling how many Christians are being persecuted but this should come as no surprise to Faithful, Professing, Practicing Christians. Satan hates the one faith that can save God’s children from his intentions. While other faiths openly proselytize; Christianity is suppressed, repressed, and persecuted. This is perhaps one of the best evidences of the validity of the Christian faith. The Enemy hates us and not without good reason.

    Even so, we here in the United States tolerate other faiths as a shining example to the whole world. It is not at all unreasonable to demand that the rest of the world follow that example. Religious freedom should always be a condition of trade and aid with the United States of America. Most of the places that persecute or discriminate against Christianity need us more than we need them. Those to which that doesn’t apply we don’t need so badly that we couldn’t do without whatever that nation has to offer.

    The one exception would be oil, and I encourage everyone that considers themselves a Christian to demand that our government move us towards total energy independence as rapidly as possible.

    In the area of trade and aid, it’s past time that religious freedom became a condition for the same. It would seem biased to the rest of the world to single out Christianity as a faith that should be specifically permitted and I’m not suggesting that. I am confident however that in a climate of true religious freedom Christianity will flourish and triumph. Which is why it is the faith most often repressed.

    The same goes for nations that repress Christianity in the name of “enlightenment”. The path those who claim to be “enlightened” follow is a slippery slope that leads to repression. Granted, from a different vector but with the same result as the harshest anti-Christian regime. Nations like Canada and Great Britain are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam and other faiths while subtly taking away Christians right to act according to their conscience.

    This is one of the huge reasons why this type of thinking should be avoided and denied legitimization in the U.S. Our opponents are well aware that once legitimized in law all of the rest of this anti-Christian activism is likely to succeed. Make no mistake, these attacks WILL follow legitimization of “gay rights” and similar agendas through recognition by the law. The church that you give to and pay for will be forced to perform same sex marriages or face devastating legal actions. Your children will be taught in school that “it’s OK for little Johnny to have two daddy’s”. Speaking out like I’m doing right now will be branded as “hate speech” and penalized either civilly, criminally, or both. Anyone that believes otherwise is simply deluded. The freedom that you enjoy as a Christian is precarious and under full scale attack.

    Please don’t stand idly by and let this happen. Financially support whatever you can afford and if you can’t afford financial help then speak up and demand that your voice be heard. If you don’t oppose this kind of thing then you are supporting it, the opposition will take your silence as indifference or assent and rightly so.

    Lastly, bear in mind that the United States of America was founded on religious freedom and all of the other freedoms we enjoy flow from that fountain. Remember that the phrase “certain inalienable rights endowed by their Creator” is the foundation of our national identity. If that foundation is destroyed then so will follow all other freedoms. This is as much a fight for freedom as any other battle we’ve ever fought.

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