Union is Strength

Union is Strength

by Erin Weist

A fable written by the famous Greek storyteller Aesop tells of a group of three bulls.  The bulls invariably pastured together, feeding and resting as a group, while a lion lay in wait.  Because of their strength the lion was afraid to attack them together.  Taking time to beguile each one individually with his silver tongued-conversation, they were convinced to separate.  And, because he was no longer outmanned or intimidated, he could feast on them one at a time, at his leisure.  The moral of the story: Union is Strength.

America is a prime example for the world right now as to the danger of friction and extreme dissent among a group of people.  The election of a new president has deeply divided a country pledged to be “indivisible” as parties and groups fight against one another and posit the other as an enemy.  Disagreement is part of any healthy society but extreme rioting, verbal attacks and casting aspersions towards groups of people without truly knowing their hearts is not only damaging as a whole but dangerous to the safety of a people.  The bulls in Aesop’s story might not be best friends or even agree with one another, but their solidarity kept them safe.  When they allowed themselves to become separated they were vulnerable to attack.  Likewise, a people not united, a people separated by extreme dogma, will find themselves vulnerable to enemies.

All people can learn from Aesop’s fable and remember that Union is Strength.

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