Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Obsolete

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Obsolete

Ahhh…the irony is rich.  James Thomson, the first scientist to isolate and culture human embryonic stem cells; the man who, back in 2005, told President Bush he was wrong about not allowing federal tax dollars to go towards embryonic stem cell research, the man who founded a biotech start-up called Cellular Dynamics International with the aim of taking cells from human embryos and turning them into human heart cells; has just purchased the first licensing agreement to use iPS cell technology.   Mr. Thomson and his company are moving away from human embryonic stem cell research.

That’s right; the man who insisted that human embryonic stem cells were the future –not adult stem cells—has come to understand what those in the pro-life world have insisted all along.  There is absolutely no reason to cannibalize human embryos when it is adult stem cells that have already been and still are producing positive results and cures.  Now with the iPS technology, no one can claim that there is any reason to destroy human embryos to “advance science.”   Go here if you’d like more details.

Actually, I’m a little surprised that the pro-embryonic stem cell world seems to becoming to its senses this quickly.   It was just three years ago that a scientist at Japan’s Kyoto University introduced the science of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells).  These remarkable iPS cells behave like embryonic stems cells, but do not require the destruction of new human life.  With iPS technology, you add new genes and protein factors to an ordinary cell (skin, bone marrow, etc.) and you duplicate the qualities of the so highly-revered embryonic stem cell.

Just last year, President Obama lifted former President Bush’s  ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research claiming it possessed “the most remarkable potential of any scientific discovery ever made with respect to human health.”  Did you catch that?  Obama was talking about embryonic stem cells.  Makes you wonder what Pres. Obama has to say now.  Somehow I doubt it will be “I was wrong.”

  • Susan and William Cohrs
    Posted at 18:08h, 18 May

    In Israel there are tremendous developments in stemcell therapies
    at one of the Jewish Hospitals and Research Centers. How does
    this decision impact that work, which is ongoing. Also, the
    Israeli work is developing mass production of stemcell therapies, which is touted to be starting human studies in one year or two!

  • mary jones
    Posted at 08:40h, 19 May

    Thank you for this article… absolutely dead on…
    we knew years ago that embryonic research, besides being immoral and unethical, as it involved killing the baby (aka embryo)..
    did not work.. the cells became tumours.. doctors knew it, scientists knew it.. why did so few speak up..
    this man has now switched colors…– as that is where the money is.. We need more christian doctors and those who believe in life, to take back medicine.. defend life… then we will see a new world…

  • Christian Simons
    Posted at 12:47h, 20 May

    I am pro-life.
    I do not condone the destruction of human life.
    I am an expert in the field of stem cell research.

    Here are additional facts that people need to know:
    1. Dr. Thomson and his group also pioneered iPS technology. They have their own iPS patents. The recent licensing mentioned in this article is actually the joining of both Dr. Thomson’s and Dr. Yamanaka’s patented iPS technology.
    2. Dr. Thomson’s company, as well as Dr. Yamanaka’s company, are still highly interested in embryonic stem cells and continue to work with them.
    3. The research done on embryonic stem cells made iPS cell technology possible.
    4. The pro-embryonic stem cell world is still thriving and even growing as laws restricting their use are being loosened.
    5. Stem cells made using iPS technology are not entirely identical to embryonic stem cells and in some respects lack the same potential.

    It’s important for conservatives to have an understanding of the facts as we argue for our side of the case.

  • Catholic Tide
    Posted at 20:11h, 29 June

    Court reinstates lawsuit challenging NIH embryonic stem cell guidelines…

    My blog readers will be interested in your post so added a trackback to it on CatholicTide…

  • Eve Johnston
    Posted at 00:39h, 17 January

    See a human’s own stem cells create new Knee cartillage in 6-12 months on Israel 21c
    We are fearfully & wonderfully made…Holy Bible.

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