American Medical Association Promotes LGBT Agenda

American Medical Association Promotes LGBT Agenda

amaOn November 10, the American Medical Association (AMA) voted to oppose both the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy and same-sex marriage bans in the U.S., asserting they were harmful to the physical health of LGBT individuals.

According to the AMA, DADT harms homosexuals in the military by forcing them to lie to their physicians in order to keep their job. Dr. David Fassler, a psychiatry professor at the University of Vermont, explained the decision, “A law which makes people lie to their physicians is a bad law.” We will refrain from commenting on the broader implications of such a ridiculous statement.

The AMA also asserted that same-sex marriage bans endanger the health of homosexuals by denying same-sex families the same benefits given married couples—benefits such as health insurance, social security and retirement benefits. The absence of such benefits, according to the AMA, could put the health of homosexual individuals and their partners at risk.

It is yet to be seen how the AMA’s new position will impact President Obama’s efforts to overturn DADT, but pro-family lobbyists are rightly concerned. The AMA’s recent endorsement of the new health care legislation was seen by most as a huge boost to the efforts to overhaul healthcare. However, the connection between military policy and homosexual health, or marriage law and homosexual health for that matter, seems a bit less tangible (and less credible), which might diminish the political sway of the association’s edict.

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 10:54h, 13 November

    Did they also happen to mention the AIDS epidemic, domestic violence, and the risks of an inherently promiscuous lifestyle? Seems their agenda is political, and not based on true health concerns. Shame.

  • American Medical Association
    Posted at 11:59h, 13 November

    The AMA does not have a position on gay marriage. That is a political issue and we focus on health care issues. An AMA report examined health disparities in same-sex households and passed policy that recognizes that exclusion from civil marriage contributes to health care disparities, encourages reducing health care disparities among members of same-sex households including minor children and supports measures to provide all households with the same access to health care, health insurance and survivor benefits.

  • garry
    Posted at 20:17h, 03 June

    Marriage is between a man and a woman..there is no requirement to provide any care for someone and their dog living alone..they dont have any medical either.? There is no difference, marriage is only one definition, two women cant be married, and two men cant be married. Try as they may they will never be married as mariage was not instituted by government, government has no jurisdiction on the actual function of marriage.
    Homosexuals are doing the same to every institution on the planet. The grand plan is: infiltrate,educate,subjucate,dominate,suffocate!

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