Quebec Announces Attack Against Homophobia

Quebec Announces Attack Against Homophobia

If anyone still doubts that the advancement of LGBT “rights” will always come in direct conflict with religious rights, they need only read Quebec’s new policy against homophobia to be fully convinced.

The new policy, released earlier this month, outlines a broad new policy and a series of measures designed to completely eradicate “homophobia” from Quebec. The policies leave absolutely no place for religious or conscious objection to homosexual behavior and amount to full-scale, government-enforced normalization, acceptance, and even promotion of the behavior in its multiple forms.

Jean Charest, Premier of Quebec, explains in his introduction to the new policy:

“The policy sets out the government’s goal of removing all the obstacles to full recognition of the social equality of the sexual minorities, at all levels of society. The message is clear: our society has everything to gain from accepting sexual diversity and fighting intolerance.”

This policy goes well beyond simply ensuring adults the freedom to do as they please in their own bedrooms, constituting an explicit push for complete societal approval of any form of sexual behavior or practice. The key phrase here is “accepting sexual diversity.” This means that society must accept and approve of any form of sexual deviance promoted under the guise of sexual diversity. This includes “full and complete recognition of the sexual minorities, institutional and community support for the sexual minorities, and improved knowledge about sexual diversity.”

There is absolutely no room for religious or moral opposition to deviant sexual behavior in any form in this policy. In fact, the new policy does not even allow for a positive affirmation of heterosexuality as a social norm—that would be “Heterosexism,” an alternative form of homophobia.

If you are wondering what heterosexism is, here is the policy’s definition:

“Affirmation of heterosexuality as a social norm or the highest form of sexual orientation; social practice that conceals the diversity of sexual orientations and identities in everyday representations, social relations and social institutions, in particular by taking for granted that all people are heterosexual.”

The policy also defines the broader issue of homophobia as “[a]ll negative attitudes leading to the rejection of and direct or indirect discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgenders.”

Top among these “negative attitudes” towards homosexuality to be eradicated is the belief that such behavior is morally wrong. The policy notes, for example, in a disapproving and disappointed tone, “it is still possible to hear people say that homosexuality is an illness, morally wrong or a form of deviant behaviour, and that people choose their sexual orientation. These beliefs, often instilled in the past, tend to marginalize sexual minority groups and prevent full recognition of their social equality.”

Therefore, when the title of the new policy proclaims “Moving together towards equality,” what it truly is saying is that Quebec is moving together towards sexual liberation and oppression of religion. Quebec is moving towards a society that elevates “sexual “rights” and “sexual diversity” above the right to morally oppose any sexual behavior.

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 22:05h, 23 December

    Hmmm, does this open-arms embrace of “sexual minorities” include acceptance of pedophilia? And just how do they plan on implementing this policy?

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 22:34h, 23 December

    OK, so it appears that “pedophilia” is not a protected sexual minority. Well, that’s a relief. However, I’m curious to know exactly what kind of discipline the government plans on doling out to religious institutions, or even private families, where it is still taught that homosexuality is immoral. So much for freedom of speech, or religion. But then, has Canada ever had anything like a Bill of Rights?

  • Chairm
    Posted at 02:06h, 24 December

    The following quotation mentions just one so-called sexual minority, “homosexuality”, but in the same breath talks of sexual minority groups in plural.

    Group identity politics is front and center in this policy. As is treating as fact that same-sex sexual behavior is not an illness, not immoral, and not a form of deviant behavior. Whether or not one chooses a “sexual orientation” is irrelevant, really, because there are more than 30 sexual orientations, most of which are deemed inappropriate to act on (i.e. these are deemed unhealthy, immoral, or deviant).

    Favoritism is in play in this governmental intervention. Indeed, it has the telltale signs of pro-gay bigotry.

    “it is still possible to hear people say that homosexuality is an illness, morally wrong or a form of deviant behaviour, and that people choose their sexual orientation. These beliefs, often instilled in the past, tend to marginalize sexual minority groups and prevent full recognition of their social equality.”

  • Linda
    Posted at 14:28h, 29 December

    Wow! I don’t even know what to say to this. Evil is considered good and Good is considered Evil. It is sad to see this come to pass. I am glad I don’t live in Canada anymore. I got my American Citizenship! I used to think , live and let live, when it came to the gay community, but now I see that is not what they want for me. They are not going to live and let live, they are going to force me to think their way. They are going to destroy the family unit. There is not one child in the world that doesn’t want a mother and a father. Unless they have been brainwashed by the gay community already. Biologically children need both mother and father. Oh what a sad ,sad day.

  • Jean
    Posted at 09:35h, 31 December

    The population of Quebec is 83% Roman Catholic. I wonder if the government is representing the population’s desires or their own liberal agenda (probably the agenda of gay lobbyists). One would hope to hear an uproar from the portion of this 83% who are active in their religion. I am born and raised in Quebec, then the subsequent 34 years in the States. It grieves me to hear stories like this from Canada. I guess they think they are being progressive. I think they are being duped.

  • Robert
    Posted at 10:18h, 02 January

    Where in history has legislation been successful in governing moralality or changing religious beliefs?

  • Nathalie
    Posted at 11:31h, 02 January

    Toute cette politique de lutte contre ladite homophobie est basée sur ce précepte: l’homosexualité et les autres comportements sexuels autres que l’hétérosexualité ne sont que différentes façon d’exprimer la sexualité humaine. Pourtant, la pyschanalyse et d’autres disciplines connexes ont d’ores et déjà décrit ces différents types de comportements : plus souvent qu’autrement, la personne serait aux prises avec un amalgame de noeuds inconscients qui tire leurs origines dans la petite enfance. La thérapie, la croissance personnelle et l’expérience religieuse ou spirituelle peuvent venir changer ces comportements. C’est ainsi que la personne devient réellement libre. En revendicant un “droit à la névrose”, on ne fait que refuser l’introspection et un cheminement vers la maturité. Il est surprenant de ne pas voir de sortie publique d’intervenants, psychologues et autres, exprimer leurs réserves notamment à l’endroit de la création de familles homoparentales. C’est abberrant !

  • Arlene
    Posted at 17:13h, 05 January

    Wow! I am astounded! I cannot believe with so many of the children in Canada so mixed up already without both parents because of easy divorce. Especially boys, are so in need of their fathers and now? Does our Government not see and understand this? Now they are going to ruin Canada even more and allow Homosexuality as a freedom of rights? What rights? That doesn’t give me any, as I believe this is an immoral act.

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