The U.S. Promotes Homosexuality Abroad

The U.S. Promotes Homosexuality Abroad

The 2nd annual Prague Gay Pride Parade will be held on August 18  and the U.S. State Department (via the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic) stands proudly in support of the event.  U.S. Ambassador Norman L. Eisen was a signatory to a 2011 letter to the Czech President Vaclav Klaus which began:  “We express our solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in the Czech Republic…”

Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, did not appreciate other countries – the U.S. State Department included – meddling in the affairs of his country.  Klaus said that he considered this action by international diplomats based in Prague to be an “unprecedented step.” The Czech president said that he could not imagine that any Czech ambassador would dare use a petition to influence a political discussion in any democratic country.

We at UFI agree with Pres. Klaus and this year we have signed on to a joint statement with pro-family leaders to protest the involvement of the U.S. Embassy in promoting same-sex behavior in another country.  Here are some points made in the letter:

  • At the directive of the president of the United States, Washington is aggressively promoting the “gay’’ agenda internationally, including same-sex “marriage” and the stigmatization and marginalization of any who object to the same.
  • The Obama’s administration’s embrace of “same-sex marriage” has been overwhelmingly rejected by the American people. There have been 32 state referenda on marriage. In every one of them, voters endorsed the natural definition of marriage (a man and a woman). The North Carolina vote, on May 8, was 61% in favor of natural marriage.
  • The United Nations has never affirmed homosexual “marriage” or rights.
  • Regarding “gay rights,” those caught up in this lifestyle have the same rights as other citizens. This does not include the “right” to force others to validate a lifestyle they find objectionable, for religious or other reasons. It also does not include the right of men to marry men and women to marry women.
  • We can not imagine a worse form of cultural imperialism than Washington trying to force approval of the “gay” agenda on societies with traditional values.

United Families International reiterates that “we cannot imagine a worse form of cultural imperialism…” and this cultural imperialism is all wrapped up in a facade of promoting tolerance.   That much touted “tolerance,” of course, only runs one direction.

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