Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

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Family-friendly Corporate Culture – A Win for All

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black If you watched the 2019 Oscars, maybe you saw the inspiring Nike ad, “Dream Crazier,” which was part of its “Just Do It” campaign highlighting female... Read more →

No, Religious Women are Not Brainwashed

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Jenet Erickson When findings from the World Family Map exploring links between religion and family well-being were published in The New York Times last week, a strong reaction ensued. The... Read more →

Dad – A Girl’s First and Most Influential Love

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Dr. Timothy Rarick Last September, on a Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were walking through “Speakers Corner” in Hyde Park, London. I was amazed by the number... Read more →

SPLC: Blacklisting Pro-family Groups and Peddling Hate

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black For the United Nations, May 15 marked 25 years of observing the International Day of Families.  This day was created in 1995 to celebrate the importance... Read more →

We Need Children Even More than They Need Us: Part 2

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Jenet Erickson The first article in this series focused on how societies benefit from an orientation toward nurturing children within families. As that article discussed, not only are... Read more →

Is Instagram Ruining Your Marriage?

By Miriam Merrill Your Instagram account may be ruining your marriage. With the number of active monthly users reaching 1 billion, Instagram is more popular than ever. While there are millions of users in every age category, approximately 64% of users are unsurprisingly between 18-34.... Read more →

We Need Children Even More than They Need Us

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Jenet Erickson When renowned Harvard sociologist Carle Zimmerman published his sweeping analysis of the rise and fall of great civilizations, he made a striking conclusion: The defining feature of civilizations... Read more →

The Countercultural Institution of the Family

United Families International: Dedicated to informing you about the issues and forces impacting the family. Contributed by Tori Black In 1975, Tippi Hedren, the actress best known for her role in the Alfred Hitchcock horror film The Birds, visited a Vietnamese refugee camp in Sacramento,... Read more →

Employment and the Family

By Marci Nelson I grew up in a large family. My parents had four sons and four daughters, and we lived a very happy childhood where my siblings and I felt immense love and safety. For as long as I can remember, my dad has... Read more →

Proper Care

By Tonya Cox My husband and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We sent our son, the last child still living at home, to visit his grandparents while we snuck away for a week just the two of us. It felt amazing to leave... Read more →

Where Have All the Fathers Gone?

by Courtney Aintablian Fatherless-ness: it is an epidemic. We see it in our schools, work places, churches – you cannot miss it. It has become the “norm” to see a mother raising her children on her own.. What has happened in our society? Have men... Read more →

Together at the Table

By McKayla Skinner When it comes to good health many Pediatricians will include family meals as part of their triage. This is not solely in honor of the maxim “Families who eat together, stay together,” rather it is built upon research findings that suggests that... Read more →

The Solution to Gun Violence No One is Talking About

By Miriam Merrill Regardless of which side of the gun control dichotomy you fall on, I think we can all agree on one thing: lives are precious. As the nation tries to make sense of these recent tragic events, several alleged social and political culprits... Read more →

Love that Lasts

By McKayla Skinner Valentine’s Day is an extra opportunity for us to show our loved ones just how much we care about them. Yet once the chocolates are gone, the dinner is eaten, and the flowers wilt, what helps love last? In considering this question,... Read more →

Your Role in Defending the Family

By Marci Nelson I get it. You want to help, but you don’t think you can make much of a difference. You’re a college student, a mother, a father, a grandparent. You don’t have the money, the resources, or the time to get involved. We... Read more →


By Miriam Merrill The new year brings a chance to start fresh. A clean slate provides the opportunity to try new things, overcome old habits, and better ourselves. Finances, health, and education are all common Google search topics this time of year. But have you... Read more →

Dear Friends and Family

Merry Christmas! As we celebrate this season of giving, I’m writing to let you know your support this past year was instrumental in providing many of the resources needed for 2017 to be a record-breaking year for UFI. We cannot thank you enough! Miracles are happening... Read more →

Traditional Marriage : Our Duty to Defend

By McKayla Skinner Recently, Australia became the 26th country to legalize same-sex marriage, doing so by means of ballot and parliamentary action. Let us briefly review the context of the change, as well as three lessons that family advocates can learn from it. Since the... Read more →

Added Bit of Magic

By Tonya Cox My son and his wife just had their first baby and he is thrilled with this new role. It is a privilege and responsibility he has looked forward to and he takes it seriously. In America there are a reported 72 million... Read more →

Love and Fidelity

By Tonya Cox “The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life.” ~ Sigmund Freud “It is an unprecedented time in the United States in the history of sexuality” claims... Read more →

We Need a Few Good Men

By Erin Weist News in the United States was recently inundated with scandals involving sexual assault. These subjects range through Hollywood celebrities, movie directors, politicians, high-profile doctors, and more. Most consist of women accusing men of assault, although there are a fair number of men... Read more →

How Can Life Be More Beautiful?

By Erin Weist I first heard about United Families International several years ago and the message they were promoting immediately resonated with me in my role as a wife and mother. I feel privileged to write for UFI, offering my own perspective on social and... Read more →

Consider the Children

  By Elise Ellsworth On a trip to the Massachusetts, US, shore my husband and I found ourselves in a heated disagreement. The topic has of course escaped my memory, but a family trip had definitely gone sour. As the words of anger flew back... Read more →

Definition of the Family

By Breaunna Stone It seems that from the beginning of time, the family has been described as a mother, a father, and their children. In most cases, many remember the father as being named the breadwinner while the mother reared her children in the home.... Read more →

The Balancing Act

by Erin Weist I recently read a book written in 1955 by a woman who visited a quiet beach for a vacation alone for several weeks. She observed the world around her and recorded her thoughts as they related to her life, subsequently publishing them... Read more →

All About Love?

by Erin Weist Sometimes the question comes up among traditional marriage supporters about how to defend marriage in the face of those who invoke statements such as, “love wins,” or “people can’t help who they love,” or “it’s all about love.”  Indeed, that would be... Read more →

Off the Grid

by Alannah Hurley Recently, I did what some would call unfathomable, what some wish they could do, and what some have already done – I quit social media. At first it was hard not having that constant entertainment at my fingertips, but it also felt... Read more →

Worth the Wait

by Alannah Hurley “I made a decision to choose abstinence for my life and I stayed true to that commitment. When I was 15 years old, I made a decision that I wanted to save sex for one man only and that was my future husband.... Read more →

Creating a Family Culture

by Alannah Hurley The birth of my daughter was the most beautiful thing I could have ever experienced. My little gift from heaven took her first breath on that day and now it is, and forever will be, one of my favorite occasions to celebrate.... Read more →

The Attack on Monogamy

by McKayla Skinner CNN recently published an article entitled Rethinking Monogamy Today, challenging the centuries long pattern of monogamy in marriage. Instead of couples choosing to “break up, cheat or just ‘settle” when they have sexual differences, the article suggests an alternative that encourages couples... Read more →

Love or Career: Does It Have to Be Either-Or?

by Ashley Corbaley Recently I saw a movie in which a man and a woman who were hopelessly in love with each other decided to break up because they chose to pursue their careers instead of their relationship. They tried to follow their dreams while... Read more →

The “Busyness” Problem

by Christie Masters If you are too busy, you may, like me, look longingly at your garden as you drive away, again, wishing for more time at home. The weeds in that badly neglected garden seem to mock our desire for rest and peace as... Read more →

If You Want to Help Children, Then Help Marriage

by Dr. Jenet Jacob Erickson If there is anything the last four decades have taught us, it is that marriage matters in the lives of children. In 1960, five percent of children were born to an unmarried mother. By 2014, that rate had increased to... Read more →

A Promise is a Promise

by Elise Ellsworth What is marriage like when you reach eighteen years? My husband and I reached that milestone this past week. Eighteen years of fun dates, moonlight, romance, hand holding and batting our eyes…? Well, not quite. We have had our share of romance... Read more →

A Unique Relationship

by Tashica Jacobson I’ve recently found a station on the radio that plays that old country music that I grew up on. One song that they play frequently is If You’ve Got Love by John Michael Montgomery. One verse in particular stands out to me... Read more →

Oh, No You Don’t!

by Cathi Bond In a 2016 survey, 72% of teenagers reported feeling an urgency to check and immediately respond to text messages and social media notifications from their friends. They found it almost impossible to resist the impulse to check the pings or to post;... Read more →

A Healing Choice

by Cathi Bond No one is perfect. We all make mistakes…therefore, we all need forgiveness. It’s our nature to help others, but sometimes we intentionally or carelessly disappoint and hurt too. Forgiveness is a process, not an event, which can be challenging when our hurt... Read more →

What They Really Want

by Diane Robertson The organizers for the Women’s March, held in January, have organized another event for March 8th—“A Day Without a Woman”. The organizers are suggesting that women around the world “take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor, avoid shopping for one... Read more →

Understanding Stepfamilies

by Jennifer Johnson Try to put yourself in the following situation, paying particular attention to how you would feel: You are in a classroom and the teacher says that you are going to have a competition, with a bag of mini Snickers candy bars on... Read more →


Tashica Jacobson The other morning I was holding my sleeping son, who currently is getting over a bad case of baby acne, and found myself fixated on one of the particularly large bump on his face. I was resisting the urge to scratch it off... Read more →

Parents and the Community: A Sex Ed Collaboration

Guest post by Tiffany Anderson and Audrey Edwards When was the last time the birds and bees got together to talk? Our personal sexuality is a big part of our individual identity. Our bodies were made for the amazing purpose of creation. This wonderful power... Read more →

It Starts With Two

by Tashica Jacobson “All this because two people fell in love” is the quote on my grandparents photo wall. While I have heard this saying multiple times, the full impact of it never settled in until I saw their wall with photos of each of... Read more →

Equal Protection Under the Law?

by Diane Robertson Telescope Media group is a small couple owned business in Minnesota that makes small promotional films or commercials for local events. The company is Christian based and Christian in purpose. Their website advertises the purpose of the company as follows: “Telescope is... Read more →


by Tashica Jacobson January first: It’s that time of year again. The start of a new year, the start of a new beginning. And with it comes reflection on the previous twelve months and resolutions for the next twelve. While these goals are good and... Read more →

Avoiding Jerks

by Jennifer Johnson As a little girl, my favorite movie was Father of the Bride. This movie, starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Martin Short, and others, tells the story of a father accepting the idea of planning, and carrying out a wedding. I would come... Read more →

Vulnerability Hangovers

by Jennifer Johnson A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to attend a shame and vulnerability workshop. While there, a woman a couple rows behind me put into words a concept that I think we have all experienced but do not have a... Read more →

It Takes Two

by Tashica Jacobson It’s been nine long months and I am ready for this baby to come. Throughout these months, though, I have learned many different things; some lessons probably relate to the majority of pregnancies, but some are unique to myself, and some probably... Read more →

A Happier Way to Live

by Jackie Bowles In light of the upcoming Thanksgiving season, I have been thinking about the power of gratitude. I have seen so many blessings happen in my own life for being grateful. Frequent displays of gratitude seem to bring more goodness into our lives.... Read more →

Is Marriage a Right?

by Erin Weist Following a petition and protest by thousands of Mexican citizens standing against redefining marriage in Mexican law, a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage was shut down last week as the Commission on Constitutional Matters voted against the measure 19-8.   The National... Read more →

Looking Back, Planning Ahead

by Diane Robertson I started keeping a personal blog in the early days when blogging was still popular in 2007. I was a young mother with 5 small children and they were and are the topic of that blog. Those 5 young children aren’t so... Read more →

Train up a Child

by Erin Weist Earlier this week I had the experience of being mocked on social media.  If you’ve spent any time online this is not a revelation, the internet can be a brutal place to experience the full attack of opinions clashing with one’s own.... Read more →

Date Night

by Tashica Jacobson Life tends to get hectic from time to time for pretty much everyone; and when it does, it is easy to put some of the things that appear unnecessary on the back burner to deal with when life slows down again. Date... Read more →

The Same-Sex Marriage Debate is Far From Over

by Erin Weist Same-sex marriage has been in global news this week and it appears that many throughout the world are still unsettled regarding the growing acceptance of this new trend.   Grenada is currently seeking to revise its constitution, introducing several bills through referendum,... Read more →

Living the Debt Free Life

by Mekelle Tenney Last year the “American Household Credit Card Debt Study” showed that the average American household credit card debt is $15,762. They also found that the average household auto loans average out to $27,141. Currently only 20% of Americans are debt free. Many... Read more →

The Marriage Sacrifice

by Ashley Corbaley “When you make the sacrifice in marriage, you’re sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship” –Joseph Campbell It is probably not a secret to most people that marriage requires sacrifice. Most things that are good in this life... Read more →

Fanning the Flames

by Laura Friend A few weeks back I sat in my sister-in-law’s living room enjoying the company of extended family. My nephew and his wife sat close together, holding hands, and radiating that, “young couple in love” feel, which brought a smile to my face.... Read more →

How Do We Strengthen the Family on a Global Scale?

by Erin Weist Men and women from around the world are visiting Quito, Ecuador this week for a United Nations conference called ‘Habitat III’ which brings global groups together to create plans for future urban development.  The document being prepared will ultimately guide planning in... Read more →

Ambiguous Loss

by Jennifer Johnson When a family member or friend passes away, there are societal and/or religious rituals that we go through to mourn the loss of this person. These rituals are accompanied by an outpouring of love and support for those closest to the deceased.... Read more →

Making Marriage Work

by Ashley Corbaley My wedding day was the best day of my life so far. Since that day there have been many good days and bad days and in-between days. There have been tears and laughter, joy and sadness. Some days have been sunny and... Read more →

Family Traditions

by Whitney Ireland It’s almost October and ads for Halloween costumes and decorations seem to be popping up everywhere. Soon children will be running from house to house dressed up as ghosts, ninjas, princesses, pirates and more as they fill their pillow cases with candy.... Read more →

Pornography’s Slippery Slope

by Kindsey D. Smith Suzie looks down, fighting back the tears as her mind processes what her husband George (names have been changed) had just said. “I’m done being a father and I’m done being a husband” is something that Suzie never thought she would... Read more →

Replacing the Irreplaceable

By Ashley Corbaley When I was younger I accidentally broke a very special family heirloom. After several failed attempts to fix the precious heirloom, I decided to replace it. The replacement, however splendid or similar to the original, did not and could not replace the... Read more →

Lagging Behind

by Whitney Ireland It seems that we are constantly hearing about how far the U.S. lags behind other industrialized nations in education. After testing more than 510,000 students in 65 countries and economies on maths, reading and science, the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment... Read more →

You Got a Friend in Me

by Ashley Corbaley What is a friend? It’s someone who knows you, cares about you, and supports you. A friend is someone you trust and who will never leave your side – a person who knows all of your weaknesses but loves you anyway. Friendships... Read more →

Family Bonds

by Tashica Jacobson Family members have a responsibility to each other; and as each member fulfills his role the whole family benefits. There are many benefits that come from having a close relationship among spouses, and between parents and children. When children have a good... Read more →

Does Praise of Another Diminish You?

by Erin Weist   I was listening to a speech recently about the merits of fathers in a society.  The speaker started by saying he didn’t want to marginalize the work and importance of women & mothers, but he wanted to focus at this time... Read more →

Couple Connections

Studies show that simple things, such as sharing a TV show with your spouse, improves your marriage. By Jackie Bowles Recently, I had the privilege of participating in a graduation ceremony and accepting my very own diploma. This proved the end of a challenging time... Read more →

Olympic-Sized Faith

  by Christie Masters Whether expressing their faith by giving honor to God, declaring their identity to be in Christ, or in sacrificing their chances of winning to do what is compassionate and honorable, we can find a much needed inspiration in many of the... Read more →


by Peggy Sturgill We were very good at keeping the family secret when I was growing up. To the outside world, we looked like a normal, happy family, much like the Cleaver family in “Leave It to Beaver.” No one suspected there was a monster... Read more →

We Are Ruled by the Family, Not By the U.N.

by Erin Weist Once again a non-legislative bill introduced by the UN has worked its way into a country, not by the voice of the people but through unelected, unaffiliated bureaucrats with no sense of ownership or investment in the outcome.  Panama, however, is showing... Read more →

Invest in What You Love

by Mekelle Tenney We’ve all heard the cliché “the family that plays together stays together”. Normally I don’t buy into cliché’s. But I make an exception for this one, because it’s true. I believe that families have specific needs in order to create life long... Read more →

“It’s not the Destination, it’s the journey”

by Cinthia Jahnson “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” Missy Franklin, three-time medalist Olympian. In 1992, at the Barcelona Olympic games Derek Redmond tore his hamstring during the 400m race in the Olympics. He was a promising athlete and many thought he would medal... Read more →

Patchwork Families – Loving by Choice

by Laura Friend Family Life Educators, Claudia and David Arp, describe blended families as “patchwork” families. The analogy is apropos. My husband’s grandmother, Anna Laura Tuttle Friend, lived to be 101 years old. Amidst the challenges of raising a large family during the depression and... Read more →

Boy or Girl? Is there really such a big difference?

by Tashica Jacobson The past 5 months has given us additional stressors, anxiety, sweet moments, and tons of excitement. While these could be the emotions of any typical month, ours are amplified because we are expecting a baby, and have started to share the exciting... Read more →

Loved by two

By Lizzy Sabin When we’re young we’re encouraged to find our niche in life. Our personal form of self-expression to help us process hard moments and emotions, which everyone faces. When my teenage mind could no longer handle the things I was experiencing I chose... Read more →

Independence Day for Pioneers

by Erin Weist The month of July is an important one for the United States in remembering freedom from tyranny: Independence Day remembers our separation from the monarchy of Great Britain.  But people in my state also celebrate a similar date in July.  Utah celebrates... Read more →

Goodbye Old House

By Shanci Christensen The door slammed shut as if it were shouting, “Goodbye old house!”  I locked the door behind him and then stood in the kitchen with my hands shaking and my heart pounding.  “Did I do the right thing?”  I heard a noise... Read more →

Calamity for Parental Rights in Scotland

By: Diane Robertson Parents who do you think is best qualified to listen to, advise, and help your children? Would you name a doctor, a teacher, or a social worker, or do you believe that listening to, advising, and helping your children is your primary... Read more →

Waste Not. Want Not.

Food waste in America By Cinthia Jahnsen Ok.  Here’s the deal. I think we all love going to an all you can eat buffet.  What can be better than endless amounts of delicious food with as many helpings as you wish, plus amazing mountains of... Read more →

Let the Pokémon GO Craze Strengthen Your Family

By Candice LeSueur GET UP, GET OUT, AND EXPLORE! This is the message the new Pokémon GO app is promoting, emphasizing that you “get on your feet and step outside to…explore cities and towns where you live–and even around the globe” in order to catch... Read more →

A Key to Happiness

By Candice LeSueur   It has been said that if you want to see where our society currently stands on the social spectrum, look to the popular TV shows that are being aired. I haven’t watched very much television at all the past few years,... Read more →

Bring Back Family Devotional

by Diane Robertson    A nation can never be better than its families. For much of the history of the United States beginning with the founding of the colonies, families devoted their lives to God. They did not all have the same religious beliefs, but... Read more →

The Marriage Incentive

by Tashica Jacobson There are many benefits that come from marriage. The couple, the children and even society is influenced by marriage. In a study of unhappily married couples, those who stayed together were happily married five years later. (Waite, 2002). While there may be... Read more →

3 Things to Remember When Teaching Children About Sex

By Candice LeSueur I once heard a story about a girl who became pregnant and could not understand why. When she discussed her situation with her therapist, she said, “I didn’t even kiss him. So how could this have happened to me?” It was learned... Read more →

Thank you, Dad

by Annalise Jarman Father’s Day is Sunday, and I’d like to take this opportunity to write about my own father. My dad is quiet, studious, and detail-oriented. He can come across as pretty serious and stern. He likes things a certain way. So he might... Read more →

The Importance of Fathers

by Diane Robertson When I was a child, I wanted to be just like my dad. If he asked for mustard on his sandwich, I asked for mustard on mine. If he liked watching Star Trek, then so did I. It really didn’t matter what... Read more →

Paying for Free Stuff with Our Freedom

by Rebecca Mallory “Everyone should be required to take economics and civics!” If I had a dime for every time my dad said that to one of his 9 children, I’d be rich. My dad was an economics and math major in college which unfortunately,... Read more →

Loving Our LGBT Children

By Candice LeSueur It is common for heterosexual parents to feel disappointment, anger, shock, or guilt when their child “comes out.” All other family members may initially have feelings of disbelief or denial as they come to terms with a new reality that becomes a... Read more →

The Yes to Sex App and the Problems of Promiscuity

by Diane Robertson Every now and then I think of my grandparents and great grandparents and what society must have been like for them. Things were different back then. People married younger and the divorce rate was under 15%. Babies born to unwed mothers was... Read more →

Good Begets Good

by Erin Weist There is a saying that my husband and I use regularly in our home that we’ve learned from having kids: sleep begets sleep.   As naive parents we thought that if our baby or toddler missed a nap it would make him extra... Read more →

Working with Unreasonable People?

by Annalise Jarman You have probably heard that every family has at least one crazy person, and if you don’t think your family has one, it’s probably you, right? The saying makes me laugh, but it’s kind of true. At the very least, we will... Read more →

Give me that Old Time Religion

by Mekelle Tenney The other day my mom and I came across an old applique pattern from 1905. The pattern was for dish clothes and there was a girl performing a different chore for each day of the week. One day was washing, one was... Read more →

Watch Therefore…

by Erin Weist This morning my husband made an interesting observation.  We were busy in the bustle of trying to get ready to leave the house to go to church (someday I’m sure I’ll understand why this is such a Herculean effort that takes an... Read more →

Do You Have on Your Perspectacles?

by Erin Weist I have 5 young children and my life revolves around them.  It is a beautiful, wonderful life that I never even imagined and I am continually struck by these blessings in my life.  But sometimes, it’s hard.  Sometimes, it’s stressful.  Sometimes (ok,... Read more →

Privacy and Safety for my daughter? You better believe I care!

by Diane Robertson When Target decided to allow men into women’s restrooms, favoring the comfort of the LGBT community, something unusual happened. People were upset. And despite being called bigots and hateful and homophobic, they stood their ground. Why? Well, unlike gay marriage, this has hit people... Read more →

SEX sells– are YOU buying?

by Mekelle Tenney What happened to your standards America? What happened to your morality? I am both amazed and disgusted at our entertainment today. Amazed that we can’t find anything other than sex to write and joke about and disgusted that we are entertained by... Read more →

Don’t Want Family? Fine. Just Deal With Loneliness Instead.

by Elise Ellsworth Family life can be a burden. A proliferation of more articles have been written about those who forego marriage in favor of unconnected lifestyles: “I Just Don’t Want a Child.” “The Child-free Life.” “10 Reasons You Don’t Have to Get Married.” “Why... Read more →

Families are Struggling–Symptoms are Worldwide

The following is taken from the UFI Alert dated April 6, 2016. The following questions were asked a German couple who are well acquainted with what is happening to family values in Germany/Austria and Switzerland. Reading their responses to the following questions, it is apparent that families... Read more →

Importance of Rituals

by Keely Tanner Is there a birthday, an anniversary or a meaningful day coming up between you and your significant other? Some of us look forward to these celebrations.  But if the truth were made know, we would realize that there are many who dread... Read more →

A Book Review: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

by Annalise Jarman I recently finished listening to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey on audiobook. It is a well-known self-help book on how to have healthy interpersonal relationships. The basic concept is that in order to have healthy relationships with... Read more →

The Most Masculine of Roles: Husband & Father

by Erin Weist I listened to a talk today by an apostle of my church about “the highest of masculine roles: husband and father.”  In a world that constantly pushes the normality of immorality, adultery and other purely selfish forms of living, it was highly... Read more →

Be Where You Are

by Tashica Jacobson A favorite Buddha quote states “be where you are; otherwise you miss your life.” This can apply to many different things in our lives, but for now let’s look at it through the lens of technology and electronic devices. The advancements in... Read more →

Three Keys to Better Relationships

by Keely Tanner Have you ever wondered how you could make your relationships better? Are there things that we, as individuals, can be doing to make our relationships stronger? One thing that we should consider is “What changes can I make?” Too often we think... Read more →

Money: The root of all marriage problems?

By Tori Perez Numerous studies have told us that the number one cited cause of divorce is finances.   But why? Of all things in marriage to argue about, why is money the game changer? 1) It isn’t. Money isn’t actually the game changer. What’s really... Read more →

Are “Sexual Rights” Legitimate?

by Christie Masters I had thirty seconds to tell a room full of delegates at our recent County convention why they should vote for me to be a delegate to the State Convention. Standing in line, nervously awaiting my turn, I had listened to those... Read more →

Only 48% of Generation Z Report being Heterosexual

by Diane Robertson The Innovation Group released survey results that compared responses of Generation Z (ages 13 to 20) to those of the Millennial generation (21-34) about gender and sexuality. The results suggest that fears parents and others have had about comprehensive sexuality education, sexually... Read more →

The dangers of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

by Jackie Bowles It may sound good at first, but do the research to really understand all facets.   We’ve all had to endure “Sex Ed” at one point in our lives with its embarrassing movies and uncomfortable topics. Back in the day, while there... Read more →

Is Chastity About Controlling Women?

by Teralynn Nordgren I’ve come across this idea – that chastity is about controlling women – a few times in the past year. The first was last summer when ESPN’s Bomani Jones said that chastity was stupid on the popular TV channel, and then on... Read more →

The Power of Date nights

by Jackie Bowles Being a mother of young children, I know how hard it is to squeeze in that weekly date night. I definitely could use one every week, but the logistics of actually putting the plan into action is hard. It can be difficult... Read more →

How important is Forgiveness? And where do you begin?

by Tashica Jacobson “Now what do you say…” was a common phrase heard in my home growing up. With eight children somedays I’m sure my mom felt like she was always breaking up a fight or encouraging someone to apologize. It wasn’t just that my... Read more →

Parental Vigilance, Not Political Activism

by Erin Weist Citizens in Australia have been dealing with a politically-motivated scheme trying to force its way into their schools.  The program, entitled “Safe Schools Coalition,” seems useful at first glance.  Its focus is on teaching anti-bullying messages.  However, as parents read more detail... Read more →

Link to the Past to Strengthen the Now

by Ally Fife When I was pregnant with my third child, my in-laws sent me a 500 page, hardbound journal written by my husband’s great great grandmother. Her name was Hannah Jane, and I became obsessed with her over the course of my pregnancy. She... Read more →

Everything Worthwhile Requires Sacrifice

by Tori Perez It’s been a tough couple of weeks as a mother. When one person gets sick then everyone gets sick and when mom is sick it feels like everything gets thrown off. Or maybe I’m just thrown off because I’m sick. At any... Read more →

In Memory of Antonin Scalia

by Diane Robertson Here at UFI, we are very saddened at the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He was a champion of both the U.S. Constitution and the family. As a husband to Maureen, father of 9, and grandfather to 28, Justice... Read more →

Are You Giving the LOVE your Companion NEEDS?

by Keely Tanner Everyone is different in their expressions of love. You might express your love and feel it in a different way than your significant other or others in your family. This is okay because everyone is different, even in expressing and feeling love... Read more →

After the Wedding, #marriageadvice

by Erin Weist I attended the wedding reception of my cousin’s daughter over the weekend.  She was a glowing bride, he was an ecstatic groom, everything was perfect.  It was about a dozen years ago when I enjoyed my wedding day.  Since then my husband... Read more →

What Are the Great Moral Issues of Our Time?

by Christie Masters Senator Bernie Sanders has undergirded his presidential campaign with the declaration that “Income inequality is the great moral issue of our time…” Other political leaders also push free health care, free education and gender equality as the utmost in moral importance. But... Read more →

Tech-Tethered–Held captive by technology?

by Jackie Bowles A few weeks ago I attended a family reunion. Getting everyone together is very hard to accomplish. As the week progressed, it was interesting to see the interactions between various family members or should I say a lack of interaction. Most were... Read more →

Where’s the Bonus Coming From

by Tashica Jacobson A common phrase heard over and over during my schooling was “married individuals are happier, healthier, and make more money.” This can seem hard to believe as my husband and I experience the struggle to pay bills and survive the tension of... Read more →

Life Isn’t Fair

by Rebecca Mallory All of us, at one time or another, are brought to our knees because of unexpected events. Trials and tribulation hit each of us whether we’re rich, poor, short or tall, young or old. We all have them. These moments often jolt... Read more →

Understanding Filters in Communication

by Keely Tanner Good communication is an important aspect in our everyday lives. Developing good communication skills can be a pain. Communication for some just comes naturally. And then there are some who struggle with it all their lives.  Is it a skill that should... Read more →

What is the Most Effective Form of STD Prevention?

by Erin Weist *The opinions expressed in this article are mine alone.  Each individual reserves the right to live and choose as they best see fit. I have seen a few articles recently touting the need for greater national exposure to the HPV vaccine, a... Read more →

From Freedom to Tyranny–Are we there yet?

by Diane Robertson In the name of equality and fairness for LGBT people, the government of the United States is removing the long-standing freedom and rights to speech, religion, conscience, and control of personal property and private businesses. A New York appellate court ruled that... Read more →

The Needs of Women Verse Men in a Marriage

by Keely Tanner Have you ever wondered “what is it that my husband really needs?” Or “What can I do to understand my wife?” These are questions that committed wives and husbands ask themselves all the time. Now we may not know all  the answers... Read more →

Can You Help Society With a Family Night?

by Erin Weist Last week Dr. Daniel Mark, an Orthodox Jew and visiting fellow of the Department of Politics at Princeton University, spoke at a private Christian university emphasizing the need for “a family ethic in society.”  Dr. Mark is also a faculty member at... Read more →

Strong Families will end Poverty

by Diane Robertson During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Obama, and Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam chided Christian religious organizations for focusing too heavily on “divisive issues” such as abortion and gay marriage. The New York Times reported that President Obama, “chided religious... Read more →

One More Resolution

by Tashica Jacobson If the end of the holiday season wasn’t enough to remind me that the year had ended, then the endless talk of improvement, health goals, and ads for exercise equipment would alert me to the fact that a new year had just... Read more →

Religious Neutrality is Not a Solution

by Erin Weist Over the weekend, a member of the Supreme Court of the United States drew fire for comments regarding religious freedom in the U.S.  Justice Scalia, whose dissent over the court’s majority rule in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges which essentially legalized... Read more →

Should Emotional Suffering Trump the First Amendment?

by Diane Robertson Apparently in Oregon, hurt feelings have become a matter of politics and law. Or rather, the hurt feelings of people who have sexual relationships with other people of their same gender. If you’re just a regular person with regular hurt feelings and... Read more →

What Can You Do to Change the World? These People Are…

by Erin Weist A few months ago we wrote about the World Congress of Families that convened in Salt Lake City, Utah and focused on issues that affect families and family relationships.  I was fortunate enough to attend several of the lectures and am thrilled... Read more →

Just Wait Twenty Years

by Tashica Jacobson My biggest shock when telling people of my recent marriage is the negativity that comes in response to this life event. They want to know if I am happy, and when I respond in the affirmative they respond with “just wait…” Just... Read more →

Scrooges past, “Scrooges” present

by Mekelle Tenney My daughter is five months old today! This will be her first Christmas. Yesterday I took her with me to do some Christmas shopping at the mall. As we walked in and out of the different shops and boutiques I was observing... Read more →

Why Abstinence Works and How to Make It Work for You

by Elise Ellsworth Would you want to participate in an activity which made it more likely you would be depressed? Commit suicide? Live in poverty? Fail in school? Have an unhappy marriage? Contract uncomfortable diseases? These are some of the outcomes that have been linked... Read more →

It Could Never Happen Here’

by Ally Fife Nazi’s didn’t start out by killing Jews. But eventually they killed millions and the average German had allowed themselves to be drawn into the lie. Somehow, the hope of a stronger Germany helped them believe in Hitler. He convinced them they needed... Read more →

Millennials’ Thoughts on World Congress of Families

By Deborah Wene The Ninth annual World Congress of Families was packed with people from all over the world who came together to talk about the importance of families, the threats that families are facing, and how to go about addressing those threats. In my opinion,... Read more →

Trying to Replace the Basic Unit

Tashica Jacobson Basic, while typically thought of as simple or easy, it is the most crucial to an outcome. For example basic math, which is elementary material is what makes up our ability to solve calculous and trigonometry problems. Replacing that basic understanding with something... Read more →

War or Peace?-Resolving Family Conflict on the Front Lines

by Christie Masters There is something serendipitous about the household being in a bit of turmoil when writing an article on conflict resolution. Peacemaking is constantly being discussed. When I asked my twelve year-old what she thought was the best way to resolve an argument,... Read more →

How To Tell If YOU Are Cheating

By Patrick Williams In his book Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage, H. Wallace Goddard presents a list of things to look for in your interactions with others.  He suggests that there is a progression of infidelity rather than things just happening out of the blue. The following... Read more →

LGBT non-discrimination laws: What am I really protecting?

by Melissa Hinkson After more than a year of battling what has been dubbed the “bathroom bill” Houstonians showed their overwhelming opposition to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) bill Tuesday night in the polls. This was a major win for those who are concerned... Read more →

Hope for the family amid anti-family hate

by Mekelle Tenney Last week my husband and I attended the World Congress of Families in Salt Lake City Utah. It was the 9th Congress held since the organizations founding in 1997. With over 3300 in attendance the Congress is the largest pro-family gathering in... Read more →

Feeling small? Getting involved Can have a BIG impact!

by Erin Weist The World Congress of Families was held in Salt Lake City last week.  Amid mild protests from pro-LGBT groups, over 3,000 attendees from around the world gathered to support pro-family speech and activism.  Rather than being “anti-LGBT” the conference focused on what... Read more →

Give me Life

by Brittany Stohlton Our day-to-day actions are preceded by choices, and those choice-based actions are always followed by consequences. Each day in the news there are reports of child abuse, abandonment and death. When the life of a child is at stake, parents, doctors and... Read more →

Are Children “Scary”?

With World Congress of families in full swing this week, this is a subject that was researched two years ago.  Things have not changed…unfortunately. Attempting to scare people is part and parcel of the Halloween season, but the “zero-population growth” folks have really kicked it... Read more →

Are You Available?

By Patrick Williams Are we overly-available to the rest of the world?  Think for a moment.  How hard is it for someone to get a hold of you?  How quick are you to drop everything to respond to a text or check on an update... Read more →

The Home–building competence and character

by Tashica Jacobson Studies, opinions, social science, commonly known facts, and psychology have all shown and continue to show that the single most influential factor in an individual’s life is the family structure that they grew up in. It affects their behavior, education, career choices,... Read more →

Contention Begins With Me

by Rachel Mallory Remember that sweet song most of us learned when we were young that stated “Kindness Begins with Me”? Well, through lots of personal experience, I’ve learned that the opposite is also true. Contention also begins with me, even when it doesn’t. Realizing this... Read more →

A Call to Action for Women

by Erin Weist Recently, a leader for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints spoke out in plea to women everywhere to stand strong in their faith and their calling as women.  President Russell M. Nelson spoke in Salt Lake City, Utah in a... Read more →

The Job of the Working Mom

by Mekelle Tenney I recently became an official stay at home mom. My husband and I had our first child three months ago. About three weeks before our daughter was born I clocked out for my last day of work…well my last day of work... Read more →

“Because I Was Raised That Way”

By Deborah Wene Have you ever looked at a couple and wanted to be them because they seem to have the perfect marriage? Many teens experience this. Growing up, I had this perfect marriage in mind and hoped that I would someday find the right... Read more →

Cohabitation and Children’s Well-Being

By: Deborah Wene Families and cultures around the world have different views on cohabitation and there are some who do not see anything wrong with it. A couple of years ago, my older sister decided to cohabitate with her then boyfriend of 2 years. Prior to... Read more →

One Simple Way to “Be One” with Your Spouse

by Erin Weist I read some wonderful advice a few weeks ago regarding marriage relationships.  (I wish I could find the reference but you know how fast information moves online…a few weeks ago might as well be decades, so good luck finding the link.)  But... Read more →

This Most Important Election, Character Matters

by Rebecca Mallory We hear it every four years. “This is the most important election of our lifetime!” I contend that that somewhat trite statement will never prove more true than in 2016. Never before has the very fabric of America been shredded and torn apart... Read more →

Parenting is Love and Love is Service

  by Erin Weist Parenting is hard.  Anyone who disagrees has probably never been a parent.  But it is beautiful and worthwhile and honorable and gut-wrenchingly fulfilling at the same time.  Let me explain with an example.  This has been a tough week in our... Read more →

Relationship Misconceptions

By Jessica Westfall Dr. John Van Epp puts an interesting twist on a well beloved and known fairy tale. Ellie was an orphan who was ignored and unloved by her step mother and sisters. She meets and marries a man in a very short time.... Read more →

Boundaries Between Society and Government

by Annalise Jarman The other night I finished reading the book “Boundaries: When to Say Yes and How to Say No” by Doctors Henry Cloud and John Townsend. The book is about how to stand on your own, how to be separate and know what... Read more →

Rethinking the Sexual Revolution

by Tashica Jacobson The term, sexual revolution, can bring about many different positions, feelings, and arguments, but what can readily be agreed upon is that it has drastically changed society. With any dramatic change of norms it is easy for individuals to get swept away... Read more →

Wading Through the Mud Towards Happily Ever After

By Tamara Jones It will be fun! Marriages and wedding anniversaries are a time of celebration. They are fun and exciting! My 18th wedding anniversary was spent in a way that I had never envisioned as I participated in a Spartan race with my husband.... Read more →

Private Behavior has Public Consequences

Alyssa Samuelson & Jessika Tweedy Technology is such a powerful tool. We’re able to communicate with someone clear across the globe, send texts instantly, provide a means for understanding what is happening worldwide, and learn new information with just a click of a button.  It has... Read more →

Speak Up for Family and Life

by Diane Robertson There’s this infamous company in Canada, Ashley Madison, which hosts a purportedly secret online dating service for people who are married or in a committed relationship. The company’s slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” Customers pay Ashley Madison to help... Read more →

Pornography: Do you still have a choice?

By Rachel Soderquist Jim had been married for five years. He and his wife had two little girls. They were happy. In the last year, their relationship had spun way off course. It started quietly, almost unknowingly. Jim spent more time at work; he was... Read more →

Focus on the Next Generation

by Erin Weist I have four boys. Four wonderful, mischievous, wrestling, tumbling, occasionally smelly little boys. Someday they will be young men. Then they will go on to become men. I burst with pride at this thought, hoping with all my heart they become valiant,... Read more →

Married To Your Phone

The addicting power of Facebook, togetherness not tech-etherness, and putting up safeguards for your marriage By Jackie Bowles Social media helps people stay connected with family and friends all over the world. It also helps in spreading the word of current events such as the... Read more →

No Room Left For Religion

by Diane Robertson I remember quite distinctly the day in 2004 when my husband told me that Massachusetts legalized gay marriage. I said, “Why should I care? They should be able to live their lives however they want.” And I meant it. I had some... Read more →

Increase Your Family Circle

by Erin Weist A few weeks ago, Caitlin from this blog posted a great article on putting our families first in our lives (see her article here: Five Great Ways to Make Family the Priority). It started me thinking about the ways we can expand... Read more →

For the Love of Children

by Jodi Walker According to the website, over half of America’s children are being raised in daycares. The first time I ever thought about a “daycare child” was before I had children of my own. I was with my friend at a park and a huge... Read more →

A Letter to my Children: Please Choose Marriage

by Erin Weist Someday I hope my children make it a priority to get married. I know it will only get harder to keep the traditions of family-building alive, rampant as societies are with self-serving choices. I wanted to write a letter in hopes of... Read more →

Do Parents Matter?

by Mekelle Tenney Do children need both mom and dad? This has become a very controversial question. Do children do best in a home where both the mom and dad are actively involved in their child’s life? This question has been brought up several times... Read more →

Carrot cake and a dash of divorce at my wedding reception

By Jimmy Bridges Toward the close of our wedding reception, my wife and I said our goodbyes to family and friends. One particular guest, age 21, parted with the following words, “congratulations you two, I hope it lasts.” There was a strange casual, uneasiness in... Read more →

More than two Parents: Not so New and Not so Enlightened

by Diane Robertson In 2013 California made it legally possible for children to have more than two parents. More states will surely follow suit. The diversity-in-family-structure-loving-liberals think this is enlightened. They’re working hard to bring society out of the dark ages of Married mother and father families... Read more →

Marriage: The Anti-Poverty Weapon

by Carol Soelberg It was all over the news last week: “U.S. poverty heads toward highest level in 50 years.” Other countries around the world, notably Greece and Spain, continue to struggle with insolvency and surging rates of poverty. Economists and other experts point to all sorts of... Read more →

Some Thoughts About Honey and Vinegar

by Rebecca Mallory       ” You can catch a fly with honey a lot easier than with vinegar” is no truer than with a happy marriage. We’ve all heard and read countless derogatory comments about marriage lately. “It’s old-fashioned”, “women don’t need men”,  “marriage... Read more →

“Dear God, Some of us still care”

be Fae Emily Love I have not wanted to address the Supreme Court ruling lately for a number of reasons. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have no backbone to stand up for my beliefs when they are under attack. I... Read more →

Conversation killers

by Ally Fife Is it possible to have a rational discussion about same sex marriage? Each side, pulling further and further apart, throw words of bigotry and hate that seem to stop all conversation before it even starts. So much of our back and forth... Read more →

“Legislation in the Home: My Fear for the Future”

by Erin Weist The media stories that have been overwhelming my news feeds lately have dealt with the transition of the traditional family. They have covered the current dogma of the fluidity of gender, the worldly view of traditional parental roles that are seen as archaic,... Read more →

Never Cease and Desist

by Diane Robertson If ever there was a time in U.S. History for Americans to rise up and stand together the time would be now. People may celebrate the Obergefell ruling legalizing gay marriage, but what many need to realize is that with this single... Read more →

Five Great Ways to make Family the Priority

by Caitlin Woolbert I know the summer is part way over, but I have a great idea for you! Make family time a priority. Seems simple enough? Wrong! Everyday life is busy. Summer life is even busier. This summer is a great time to start... Read more →

Shredding Our Constitution

by Diane Robertson The United States of America has officially entered the realm of the ridiculous and impossible. Five justices on the Supreme Court decided that the Constitution apparently protects the dignity of adults, and since heterosexual marriage bestowed dignity upon those couples, then according... Read more →

Pandora’s Box Wide Open

by Rebecca Mallory  Well America, here we are, front row seat witnesses of what happens to a society that throws all morals and righteousness out the window. These past few weeks have proven to the world that words and laws mean absolutely nothing to America’s... Read more →

You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don’t Need

by Tashica Jacobsen “You can never get enough of what you don’t need, because what you don’t need can’t satisfy you.” I first heard this statement in my family relations class as we discussed satisfying our children’s developmental needs. I knew that this idea applied... Read more →

Is Redefining Marriage Removing Children from Society?

By Trishia Van Orden A young mother walks into a room and where her two children are watching television. As the mother sits down on her couch she pulls out a book. After a few minutes, her children notice their mother reading. Immediately they turn... Read more →

Waiting on the Supreme Court

by Diane Robertson Before this month is over, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on marriage laws for all 50 states. The questions the Supreme Court must answer are: Does the Fourteenth Amendment require a state to license a marriage between two people of the... Read more →

Who is Affected in the Fight?

by Emily Black When people hear that I am an advocate for traditional marriage, the first question that bursts forth is always, “Well, do you actually know anyone who is gay?” as if my not knowing anyone would be reason to condemn my stance on... Read more →

My Dad will always be King

by Caitlin Woolbert My Dad is a great example to me. One of the greatest lessons I learned from my Dad is the importance of telling your children how much you love them. Children don’t just know they are loved. They need to be told.... Read more →

The Degradation of Moral Goodness

by Fae Emily Love What do you and I have in common with a celebrity like Marilyn Monroe? Probably more than you think. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes, and we all live lives that everyone has opinions about. How do we... Read more →

What Father’s Need to Know

by Diane Robertson We need fathers. The politically correct modern notion that as long as a child seems loved and cared for, then it won’t matter who raises the child is just wrong. Children need fathers. Society needs fathers. Mothers need fathers. For years fathers... Read more →

Confusion Conclusion

by Marlene Hinton Robert Ludlum begins his book, The Bourne Identity with Jason Bourne as an amnesiac looking for clues as to who he is.  His first tip is when a gun is tossed to him and he is told to take it apart and reassemble it,... Read more →

Forests and Families

by Tom Christensen When driving through the arid national pine forests of Montana, Colorado, Utah and Arizona, one cannot help but notice large numbers of dead trees.   Mountain pine beetles about the size of a grain of rice bore into, lay their eggs, feed on... Read more →

Gay Lifestyle, Gay Choice

by Tori Perez Much of the evidence in support of gay marriage is anecdotal. Stories of happily married families with two mothers or two fathers, successful LGBT men and women being treated unjustly, and glorified sex changes. While there are some anecdotes in favor of... Read more →

Shameless Effrontery Against the First Amendment

by Gary Boyd Esau Jardon moved from Mexico to Canada, in search of greater freedom of religion and freedom of speech. He probably has enjoyed greater freedom of expression in Canada than he would have had in Mexico, until recently when he blew it, and... Read more →

Stand for Something

by Mekelle Tenney In a speech delivered in 1788 James Madison stated, “Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks no form of government can render us secure. To suppose that any form of... Read more →

Strong Families Will End Poverty

by Diane Robertson During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Obama, and Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam chided Christian religious organizations for focusing too heavily on “divisive issues” such as abortion and gay marriage. The New York Times reported that President Obama, “chided... Read more →

Yes! Family Love is Possible!

by Nathalie Bowman I write what’s in my heart. I don’t study statistics or research papers. I write what I know to be true. As this is my last blog post for United Families International, I want to share some thoughts from my heart about... Read more →

Adult children Need Support Too!!!

Rachel Allison It has been over nine years since my father passed away. Over the past couple of days I have been thinking of him a lot. My Dad was a man of few words, but life’s lessons had given him a wisdom that enriched each... Read more →

Marriage, the Kitchen, and the Bedroom

Tashica Jacobson Laura Bunker’s recent UFI alert struck a cord with me, and I haven’t been able to get her message out of my mind. Not only did it bring up this year’s trip to the UN, which brought up wonderful memories for me, she... Read more →

Millennials and Marriage: Don’t Count Us Out Just Yet

Kelsi Marie Shipley 18 – 35 year old Millennials are constantly a topic of conversation with older generations. We are too liberal. We have more opportunities than any other generation before us. We don’t have the respect that we should. Today, let’s discuss my personal... Read more →

Is It the Economy Again?

Gary Boyd Seth Freed Wessler, writing for, charges the economy with the low percentages of married young people and the rapidly diminishing institution of the American middle-class family. As industrial and professional jobs for men that paid a living wage 50 years ago have... Read more →

What You Say Matters

Kelsi Shipley Recently I had a conversation with an adorable five-year-old boy. At one point he confided in me that he thinks his mom is a negative person. Knowing this boy’s mother, I was surprised by the accusation, and assured him she wasn’t. We talked... Read more →

Marriage Anybody’s Way

Gary Boyd Proponents of same-sex marriage have won ground over their opposition during the last two decades. In a rather scary, yet perfectly logical article, Joseph Farah gives us an idea of what may be coming next. This past Valentine’s Day, Thailand saw a three-way... Read more →

Appreciating Your Siblings

Tashica Jacobson My Nutrition and Foods teacher, in high school, was a fun talkative lady. She cared about each of her students and had unique way of getting us to look at the world. One day she told us that both of her parents were... Read more →

Do we Really Need Dads?

Erika Walker In the realm of family studies the role of mothers is often researched and discussed. After all, between the two parents mothers typically spend the most time with their children, and are therefore responsible for the majority of the teaching, comforting, disciplining, and... Read more →

Is This Not Tyranny?

Diane Robertson Tyranny is defined as cruel and oppressive government or rule, or cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. Countries that embrace religious freedom are typically free from tyranny, while those nations who insist on certain beliefs lean toward tyranny. Nations with... Read more →

Progress Not Perfection

Nathalie Bowman The Quest for Perfection is all consuming. Many women have an ideal of the perfect life, and beat themselves up for not being able to attain it, or they put on a mask and pretend they’re perfect even though they know they’re not.... Read more →

Rights vs. Laws

 Rebecca Mallory        No doubt you have witnessed in the past few weeks, months, or years, people from different groups wielding signs declaring their RIGHTS! They have a right to a living wage, they have a right to a job, they have a right to... Read more →

A Word on Marriage

Gary Boyd A Fox News article titled Judge defies Texas law to wed same-sex couple under one-time order discusses a case out of Texas, where a judge ruled in favor of a same-sex couple receiving a marriage license. The ruling was made due to health... Read more →

No, Mama, Money Can’t Buy My Love

Elise Ellsworth Christian preacher and theologian Peter Marshall once counseled a couple whose family was being ripped apart by excessive materialism – “What good is a beautiful house,” he asked, “filled with expensive furniture, if there isn’t any love between those who live inside the... Read more →

Who Should Provide the Care?

Diane Robertson Last December the Supreme Court heard arguments about the workplace and pregnancy. A pregnant employee wanted UPS to accommodate her pregnancy by switching her to a job where she would not have to lift heavy packages. UPS refused, so the woman took unpaid... Read more →

Stress with Families

Tashica Jacobson Many joys come from family life. It allows us to be in a situation where we can give and receive love, feel fulfillment, and accomplish goals. But that does not mean that it is without its challenges. Having a family and even dealing... Read more →

What About the Children?

Name withheld I recently came across a letter written by a woman who was raised by lesbian parents. In this letter, her thoughts are directed to a Supreme Court justice, and she goes onto explain to him that redefining marriage in society will ultimately fail... Read more →

Who cares more: Government or Parents?

Diane Robertson Parental rights come naturally from the conceiving, birthing and rearing of children. It’s not just a natural right, but a biological right. Children are tied to their parents through care and through genetics. Parents not only have the right to their children because... Read more →

Make Your Man Your Hero

Ladies, are you paying attention? Nathalie Bowman There is “one thing your husband needs, and it’s not what you think”, says Dino Watt of Dino is a relationship expert who coaches entrepreneurs in improving their marriage as well as their business. I’ve learned some... Read more →

Childproofing your marriage

What to do to keep that marital spark alive and well… Erika Walker Most people believe that after marriage, the next natural step in a couple’s life is parenthood, but after I got married, the thought of becoming a parent terrified me. Not because I... Read more →

The Future of Marriage

Valentine’s Day… Love or lust?  Mekelle Tenney On February 14th we will celebrate Valentines, a day known traditionally as a time to express love for significant others. The day is marked by school children passing out Valentine cards with their favorite Disney princess or super... Read more →

Achieving the American Dream

Submitted by Rebecca Mallory My name is Dzung Tran. (John Tran Myers) I was born in 1965. Family of seven; Mom, Dad, three boys, and two girls. I am the second child in the family. Before 1975 life in Vietnam was fairly good. We live... Read more →

The Benefits of Adoption

700,000 teen pregnancies each year: Decisions made have lasting impact. Kristen Jan Cannon According to, approximately 3 in 10 teenage girls will get pregnant in the U.S. each year. That equates to 700,000 teen pregnancies annually! For such cases, adoption is a phenomenal route... Read more →

The American Dream

Marriage is the American dream. That dream is displayed through the million dollar weddings that are plastered and posted on every magazine.   By Lisa Stewart This infatuation is  also exhibited through the breaking news stories of same-sex marriage activists trying to achieve the dream... Read more →

A Happy Spouse Even Makes Work Better

Gary Boyd Rachel Feintzeig, writing for the Wall Street Journal, discusses the influence of marital harmony on productivity in the workplace, and what some companies are doing support their employees and employees’ spouses. Each marriage, of course, comes with assorted dynamics and challenges. The exclusive... Read more →

No Big Deal

Kristen Jan Cannon There seems to be a major cultural shift surrounding our society in regards to tolerating, accepting, and even embracing pornography. Some people argue that it’s a healthy way to explore and understand your sexuality. A lot of couples claim that it actually... Read more →

The “Supreme” Decision

Diane Robertson Three times the controversy over same sex marriage has come before the Supreme Court. This is what has been happening. In 2012, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that California must legalize gay marriage because they had in the past. The narrow ruling only... Read more →

Same Sex Attraction

Nathalie Bowman Let me be frank. Those of us who don’t experience same-sex attraction don’t understand it. Not only do we not understand it, but many times we judge it and reject it. By judging and rejecting “it”, we judge and reject another human soul... Read more →

America’s Need for Family

Mekelle Tenney The Center for Disease Control and Prevention published a study conducted in 2013 that stated the following: 20% of high school students reported having had five or more alcoholic drinks in a row 18% of high school students reported having had a drink... Read more →

Protect our Religious Freedoms

Diane Robertson The beginning of the New Year also means the beginning of legislative sessions in the 50 states. Now is the time to check up on your state representatives and senators and see what they are up to. This map will tell you when... Read more →

What all Girls Should Know before Having Sex

Rachel Allison Dr. Miriam Grossman, M.D. worked at a campus counseling center for more than 10 years.  The young women who came to her were in crisis. They were “working hard to fulfill their dreams:  a college education, maybe grad school, a great career, and—at... Read more →

Attack on Marriage from the US Census Bureau

Nathalie Bowman I received an email this morning that caught my attention. It was from Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute, which works to defend and heal the natural family.  The email explained that the United States Census Bureau “is in the process... Read more →

My Dicken’s Christmases

Written by Beth Whitaker as told to Rebecca Mallory Last weekend my family held the big annual family Christmas party in Utah. I unfortunately came down with a cold and couldn’t go. I was feeling very sorry for myself until my darling sister sent me what she... Read more →

How Porn Makes Her Feel

Kristen Jan Cannon It’s not exactly news that porn is bad for your brain. Thanks to research on the matter, people are starting to realize the effects pornography has on your relationships and how you view others. But how does porn impact the way you... Read more →

America Needs Strong Families

Diane Robertson If you have been watching the news, listening to the radio, following twitter, or even just browsing your Facebook feed, it would have been impossible to miss the unrest occurring in the streets around the nation. Maybe you’ve had conversations with your friends... Read more →

Family Traditions

Nathalie Bowman As I sat on my rocking chair unwrapping ornaments for our Christmas tree, our children gleefully hung the ornaments. Somehow, it has become a family tradition to decorate the tree this way. I sit with several shoe boxes and gift bags full of... Read more →


Maddie Gillel Our family was flying a kite a few years ago, having a great time watching the kite fly higher and higher. One of the grandchildren asked what would happen if we cut the string? She thought it would surely continue climbing higher and... Read more →

Consciences are Important

Diane Robertson In the fourth grade while a couple of boys sat crying outside the classroom, my teacher sat the rest of the class down and explained that these boys were crying because their conscience hurt. They had been involved in a fist fight during... Read more →

Boys Will Be Boys

By: Kristen Jan Cannon The Media and Pornography Pornography is a way for individuals to become sexually satisfied. It is an outlet, for men and women alike, to relieve stress, relax, and brainlessly fantasize. At least that is the trend the media-and much of society-conveys.... Read more →

A Return to Stability

Tashica Jacobson Embarrassingly I admit that four years ago many of my attitudes were anti-family. Now don’t jump to conclusions I wasn’t an extremist. However I was at the point that I had given up on the ideal of marriage. I had seen so many... Read more →

No, You Move!

Mekelle Tenney What constants exist in society today? I would like to think that we have principles, values, and ideals that do not change. Family, freedom, justice, and morality are constants that society should be able to depend on. Yet society, with the help of... Read more →

Historic Interfaith Conference

Diane Robertson With marriage and natural family relationships in decline, Pope Francis invited leaders from different faiths around the world to gather at the Vatican this week. This historical interfaith conference titled, The Complementarity of Man and Woman brought religious leaders from 23 nations, and... Read more →


Maddi Gillel Beverly was six or seven when her parents divorced. She had a brother just 2-3 years older and 2 sisters older than that. Her mother, of course, had to go to work, and just as important, find a new man in her life.... Read more →

Mom Shame

    Rebecca Mallory We thought there was pressure raising our four girls during the 80’s. All four girls are now very busy wives and mothers but believe me, my life was cake compared to theirs.  In the 80’s my diaper bag said “Safeway” on... Read more →

Only Men Can Father

Diane Robertson New Research being conducted on the differences between mothering and fathering has found that children need to the complimentary parenting styles from both genders. Jenet Erickson, research sociologist and author for the Deseret News, presented research that is being conducted, and not yet... Read more →

A Universal Threat

What happens to a marriage when a spouse finds out their partner is involved in pornography? By Brianna Hawke Experts tells us that “…upon discovering their partner uses pornography, many women question whether their partner loves them or is still committed to them and the... Read more →

Make the Choice

Mekelle Tenney Over the last 50 years the fertility rate among Americans has dropped from 3.65 to 1.89. The rate of households with one child or more under the age of 18 has also made a significant drop from 48.8% to 32.3%. In 2010 only... Read more →

So what are You doing to be Happy?

by Samantha Shelley Happiness researcher, Kate Bratskeir lists 10 things that are proven (BY SCIENCE, GUYS!) to make us happier: 1. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people. Joy is contagious. People are four times more likely to be happy in the future with... Read more →

Only Women Can Mother

Diane Robertson New Research being conducted on the differences between mothering and fathering has found that children need to the complimentary parenting styles from both genders. Jenet Erickson, research sociologist and author for the Deseret News, presented research that is being conducted, and not yet... Read more →

Are Mothers “Full and Equal Participants in the Economy”?

Nathalie Bowman Over the past few days, there has been an uproar among conservative Americans surrounding President Obama’s speech on October 31 at Rhode Island College. After he opened with a few jokes, mentioned going trick-or-treating with Michelle because his girls “are too old” and... Read more →

5 Tips for Mothers

Diane Robertson This is part one of a three part series on parenting. I have been reading through some new and very interesting research that is being conducted on mothering and fathering. I am going to start from a personal view as a mother of... Read more →

Women as Breeders?

Nathalie Bowman As same-sex marriage becomes legal across the country, same sex parenting is entering the picture now more than ever. What is the long term effect on children raised in the LGBT world? What of the women who are used to grow babies and... Read more →

The Fight Against Love

Mekelle Tenney Contained within the First Amendment are two religion clauses, the establishment clause and the exercise clause. The establishment clause ensures that Congress will not establish a federal religion and that Congress will not enact legislation that effects just one sect of religion. The... Read more →

The Wheately Conference: The Supreme Court Decided, Now What?

Diane Robertson Yesterday I had the unique opportunity of attending a 4 hour long conference hosted by the Wheately Institute and titled: Family is Crucial: Views from Law and Social Science. Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson, Mark Regnerus, and Jenet Erickson spoke. These speakers have... Read more →

Have You Ever Considered Divorce – Even for a Second?

By Teresa Kearl It isn’t uncommon to see a headline at the local grocery store magazine rack encouraging readers to question how satisfied they are in their marriage, or to watch a TV show that glamorizes one “finding themselves” only to quickly abandon a relationship... Read more →

39: It’s Time to Reflect

Diane Robertson I turned 39 today! Yup, that’s right. Today is my 39th birthday. Next year, I will be the big 4-0. A lot has happened in my almost forty years. I remember how in the fourth grade I was asked to draw a picture... Read more →

Sanctity of the marriage bed

Nathalie Bowman The sexual revolution has promoted the sexual relationship to be purely physical, and the more freedom to have more partners, the better. Why wait until marriage? In fact, it’s being preached that it’s impossible for young men and women to wait until marriage... Read more →

Supreme Court Dismisses Marriage

Diane Robertson A week ago I wrote about how gay marriage was back at the Supreme Court. I did not expect that just a week later, the Supreme Court Justices would have dismissed all marriage cases. In a move like Pontius Pilate, the Supreme Court... Read more →

Born to “Stand for the Family”

Nathalie Bowman Yesterday was a normal day. OK, it was not normal, it was my birthday! But I did the routine thing and took two of my teenagers and three other teens to school 25 minutes away. On the way home, I did something out... Read more →

Gay Marriage Back at the Supreme Court

Diane Robertson Behind closed doors, the justices on the Supreme Court are considering taking gay marriage cases from five states: Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The Justices put these cases at the top of their schedule. All five states had either their marriage amendment... Read more →

Freedom for Women?

Nathalie Bowman It seems silly to bring this up. After all, women are more free in this day and age than in any other time in history. But has the “freedom” of women really made them more free? The Women’s Liberation movement freed women’s bodies... Read more →


Maddi Gillel Have you ever been trying to get somewhere, such as in a different city, state, or country? Did you have a map? Did you speak the language so that you could ask? We’ve all been in this situation. Some of us are born... Read more →

A Rational Basis for Marriage

Diane Robertson We live in a time that many refer to as an “age of entitlement”. There are books and papers written about parents hassling teachers to give their children higher grades, or bosses talking about parents calling them up to tell them they have... Read more →

The Perils of Online Infidelity

Many argue that an emotional affair isn’t the same as a traditional sexual affair since there is no physical intimacy going on, but marriage counselors and psychologists tells us it can be equally as devastating.  By Hailey Terry and Brittony Schmitt When a couple gets... Read more →


        Diane Robertson Experiencing the birth of my own ten children has taught me something about pain and endurance. When I had my first baby, I was not prepared for the pain. The earlier pains of labor crippled me and brought tears... Read more →

5 Myths of Marriage All Millennials Need to Know

I’ll bet you’ve heard that half of all marriages end in divorce and that most marriages are unhappy. In fact we are so used to hearing this that, of course, we all believe it. Most of us probably believe that, while this is not the... Read more →

Consequences of a Sexually Desensitized Society

  Tashica Jacobsen In a review of many scholarly journals studying negative effects on youth, sexual promiscuity and early sexual activity, are listed as a risk factor along with drug use, delinquent behavior, and violence. However, society is now changing its standards, and is actually... Read more →

Male, Female, Etc.

Kristen Jan Heimuli  The popular phrases, “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” are now outdated, old-fashioned themes for baby showers everywhere. Gender has moved from two types to over 50. In fact, as of February of this year, Facebook has provided a list of... Read more →

Debating Marriage

by Diane Robertson As the many marriage cases move through the court system supporters of marriage often find themselves in conversations in which they must defend their stance on marriage and family. This can be a very stressful conversation. Even the best and smartest debaters... Read more →

Grandmother’s Wisdom

by Nathalie Bowman Last week my grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep. She was almost 92 years old. Grandmothers have wonderful life lessons to share. The wisdom of Grandma Nielsen: Gambling is NOT allowed. One year, when I was 16 or 17, one of... Read more →

The Truth About Porn

By: Kristen Jan Heimuli              It’s a $57 billion a year industry worldwide; $12 billion right here in the U.S. Its revenue is larger than all combined revenues of professional basketball, football, and baseball franchises. It transcends the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC... Read more →

Federal Courts on Same Sex Marriage

Tuesday, Utah became the first of many states to make an appeal to the Supreme Court to review its marriage laws. by Diane Robertson The 10th Circuit court overturned marriage laws in Utah and Oklahoma in the past two months. The 4th Circuit overturned Virginia’s... Read more →

Same-Sex Marriage: Harmless or Harmful?

Which parent – mom or dad – would you like to do without?  Is same-sex marriage as harmless as its proponents claim? April Poulter and Jessica Widenhouse Have you ever sat on a high balcony of an auditorium while attending a play, or stood in... Read more →

Joining the 21st Century

Are your beliefs regarding marriage as being one man and one woman really so prehistoric? Diane Robertson If you believe that marriage should not be redefined or perhaps that children need both their mother and their father, then it is possible you have been told... Read more →

No Religious Exemptions

“ Diane Robertson       “President Obama’s overreaching executive order is the latest example illustrating that the very government that the Constitution charges with protecting religious freedom is now the primary threat to religious freedom. The administration has brazenly bypassed Congress and declared that... Read more →

More than two Parents: Not so New and Not so Enlightened

Diane Robertson In 2013 California made it legally possible for children to have more than two parents. More states will surely follow suit. The diversity-in-family-structure-loving-liberals think this is enlightened. They’re working hard to bring society out of the dark ages of Married mother and father... Read more →

Simple Steps

by Joseph Moore One night after arriving home from a school dance, I found my parents watching old movies together on the couch. As soon as they heard me come through the door, they moved to the kitchen to listen to my stories and adventures... Read more →

Religious Freedom and Knowledge

Diane Robertson In a speech at Independence Hall on the Fourth of July, Vice President, Joe Biden, declared that gay marriage is “the civil rights issue of our day”, stating that it is, ”clear that you should be able to marry whoever you love —... Read more →

Marriage and the “Living Love” Potential

Nathalie Bowman   (Note: this is the second in a three part series. Click Here for the introduction of Living Love, and here for Part 1: It starts with you)   Have you ever driven on the freeway through pelting rain? Where I live, it... Read more →

Common Core: Ushering in Sodom

Roseann Salanitri on June 25, 2014 in Faith & Family,   Last year I wrote an article entitled “Resurrecting Sodom”[i]. In it I chronicled seven events in our nation’s history that I believed were leading us down a path that would end at Sodom’s front door. The advent of... Read more →

Cohabitation: Marriage Suicide?

Jennifer and her boyfriend had lived together for more than four years before they were married. She and her husband had a lavish wine-country wedding. The wedding was attended by the couple’s friends, families, and two dogs. Less than a year later, she was looking... Read more →

Fathers are Necessary and Honorable

Diane Robertson Fatherhood is noble. Despite the fact that popular movies tend to make fathers out to be stupid or incapable, mothers, children, and society need fathers. Mothers need fathers present. When I had my first baby it did not take me long to realize... Read more →

Poll: What Is Morally Acceptable?

For the past 12 years Gallup has been conducting a poll on moral acceptability in America. Gallup published the 2014 results on May 30th. This year’s findings are a disturbing indication of the break down in the general morality of the American public. Contraceptives are... Read more →

Marriage Chaos and Judicial Fiat

Diane Robertson Last June the Supreme Court made two rulings on same sex marriage : United States  v. Windsor (DOMA) , and  Hollingsworth v. Perry (Proposition 8). In the case of DOMA, the Supreme Court ruled that the US government could not withhold federal benefits... Read more →


Maddi Gillel There are two stories I would like to tell you about: one is about my 7 year old grandson, and the other is about me when I was in the 3rd grade. My grandson, James, likes to walk off moping and saying “Everybody... Read more →

A Waste of Talent

Maryn Holladay My husband subscribes to Bloomberg Businessweek.  This magazine and I have a good thing going on.  Like weekly clockwork: the magazine arrives, I thumb through, I focus on a fascinating article or two (or six), and a few minutes (or… longer) later, I... Read more →

Parenting: A Couple Effort

Diane Robertson As a stay at home mom of 9 children, I get many people asking me the question, “How do you do it?” My answer is simple. I do not do it alone. I am a stay at home mom of many children only... Read more →

Marriage: A Reflection After Fifteen Years

Elise Ellsworth Next week my husband and I will celebrate fifteen years of marriage together.  Our marriage has weathered the births of seven children, four college degrees, eleven moves (four of them cross-country), job losses, being hit by a tornado, too many emergency room trips... Read more →

The Price of Citizenship!?

The role of the Supreme Court in checks and balances is to stop acts of the President, laws of Congress or of states that break a rule in the Constitution. One rule of the constitution is found in the first amendment of the Bill of... Read more →

Feminist No More

Tashica Jacobson I used to consider myself a feminist. I have always thought that I could and should be able to do pretty much whatever a boy could. Even when it comes to dating I always offer to pay for myself and I have even... Read more →

What Can I Do?

Diane Robertson There are many people out there that want to help with the fight against radical feminism, the sexualizing of children, and the destruction of religious freedom but do not know what to do. They do not even know where to begin.  If you... Read more →

Healthy Choices Include Marriage

Stephanie Hubbard Over the past four years I have lived the typical college lifestyle. I thrived on ramen and macaroni, pulled several all-nighters and amazingly functioned on little sleep. Not only did I endure the physical deprivations to my health, but also withstood the psychological... Read more →

Because I’m Happy!

Rebecca Mallory      Yes, despite the yucky stuff bombarding us each day, I AM happy! And since March 20, 2014 is the “International Day of Happiness”, what better subject to write about? You need to watch a great youTube video by Pharell Williams that is... Read more →

My Latest Shower Debate

-Holly Gardner The internet and I have a love/hate thing going on.  It got me through junior high, high school, college, job hunting, Sunday lesson planning, worry-wart mothering, hobbies, genealogy, my Pinterest phase… I mean, I am an internet fan!  Good, wonderful, informative, uplifting, uniting,... Read more →

Divorce Isn’t Declining; Marriages Are.

Matt Carter In our society we often follow what is going on in the lives of celebrities. From the fight that Justin Bieber had with a DJ to Miley Cyrus breaking up with Liam Hemsworth. There is something always happening with celebrities, and far too... Read more →

Religious Liberty Laws and Gay Rights

Diane Robertson Today gay rights and religious liberty are at odds. To promote their legal agenda, the gay rights movement has often and frequently equated itself to the civil rights movement. But are homosexual people really facing the same issues that the African-Americans faced previous... Read more →

Why Should a Woman be More Like a Man?

Elise Ellsworth “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”  This is the famous lament of Professor Henry Higgins in the movie, My Fair Lady.  Thoroughly discouraged by his inability to understand women, Professor Higgins sings this tongue-in-cheek melody about how the world might... Read more →

The “Trust” Issue

Kristi Kane Have you ever seen a house or building being demolished? It takes very little time to do. But to build a home or a building requires so much: a lot of money, labor, materials, building permits, inspections and time. The finished product can... Read more →

Stable Marriages Make Stable Children

Diane Robertson This happens to be National Marriage Week. February 7th to 14th each year has become a “collaborative campaign to strengthen individual marriages, reduce the divorce rate, and build a stronger marriage culture, which in turn helps curtail poverty and benefits children.” While many... Read more →

The Marriage Debate…More than just Gay Marriage

There is much discussion as to whether or not the gay community should be able to marry.  It’s one of the hottest debates of the day, and has given all involved in the deliberation opportunity to take a good look at marriage; what it represents,... Read more →

There is a Time and a Season…

Rachel Allison In wars past, I visualize men and more recently women in battle armor, fighting to defend our country and the freedoms of those they love and hold dear.   There are many different kinds of battles and many different kinds of wars; all of... Read more →

Eating an Elephant

 Rebecca Mallory We moved this past week. From a house we had lived in for over 15 years. It had a ton of storage, which probably sounds great to most of you. But guess what you do with a lot of storage? You store.  It... Read more →

Growing through Misunderstandings

Sarah Alldredge Our little family had quite the experience last night while gathered around the dinner table. My husband and I were in the throes of a marital spat, and our daughter’s expression of frustration with us created the perfect segue from dinnertime to a... Read more →

I wonder what their children think?

Aubrey Walton Imagine with me for a minute; you’re back in 4th grade. You’ve just gotten off the bus after a long day at school. Perhaps you were ignored by your best friend today; or yelled at by your teacher. Perhaps you were picked on... Read more →

Stand Strong for the Traditional Family

Linda Ash It took years for our American Forefathers to recognize that the King of England wasn’t the all knowing, all caring solution to their health and well being…quite the contrary.  He was too far removed from what they stood for and what their values... Read more →

What is Freedom of Religion?

Diane Robertson As gay marriage and non-discrimination ordinances which include sexual orientation and gender identity become legalized throughout the world, an atomic bomb of sorts is spreading its way through the legal system. Where ever gay marriage is legal, the common religious belief that marriage... Read more →

Why I’m Not a Feminist

Lisa Hymas Imagine for a moment about the life I, among many others, cherished while growing up. Dinner that my mother worked so hard on is set on the table, and a warm, cinnamon aroma filling the house.  My parents give each other a kiss... Read more →

So This is What “Hate” Looks Like?

Ann Bailey We’ve all done it; started on one website, started clicking, and ended up, topically, miles away.  Well, this was one of those times and I ended up on the website “Queerty.”  Ever heard of it?  “Queerty” has the tagline:  “Free of an Agenda... Read more →

May I Teach My Children to Be Wise

Tara Holladay It was just another day.  My daughter was at preschool, my mother was watching my toddler son, and I was sitting in a clean, generic waiting room, hoping that when it was my turn in the dentist chair I wouldn’t be hearing any... Read more →

The TV is Teaching My Children What!?

Alicia Johnson and Hailey Welch Over the past 85 years, millions of individuals and families have had the opportunity to watch shows on television and have experienced the rapid growth of many forms of media. Many individuals have experienced the excitement of watching a favorite... Read more →

The Cultural War: Alive and Strong

Diane Robertson Around the holidays I usually don’t want to think about politics, laws, or policies. But lawsuits, bad laws, and general bad ideas meant to damage the family, do not take a Christmas vacation. This Christmas the family is being attacked on many fronts.... Read more →

Putin Promulgating Procreation

Rachel Allison What do I have in common with Vladimir Putin?  Apparently more than I formerly realized. In September, 2014 the World Congress of Families Conference is being held in Moscow, Russia. The Conference focus:  “Every Child a Gift:  Large Families—The Future of Humanity.”  Take... Read more →

Kindness: Never let it die.

Kristi Kane One of my favorite poems is this: I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight that to somebody’s need I was blind. But I never have yet felt a twinge of regret for being a little too kind. ~anon. There... Read more →

Just Any Four Hands will Not Do

David Jenks Same gender parenting is a controversial subject. Many people believe that a same gender couple could raise a child just as well as a heterosexual couple. This is an attack on the structure of the family and could have detrimental effects in the... Read more →

An Easy way to Mess up your Life: Become a Single Parent

Monica Nicholas & Taylor Evans “Living apart from natural fathers can be associated with poverty and negative outcomes for children.”  Lisa Calderwood, London University, Institute of Education Scotty was a happy little four year old boy when his parents were divorced.  He stayed with his... Read more →

Parenting: The Effect on Society

Alexandria Christensen and Kendra Mayo Parenting is an important part of how society functions. Parents rear the rising generation that will become the political leaders, the work force, and the consumers of tomorrow. Parents raise children to become successful adults. Laurence Steinberg (2005) states, “Good... Read more →

Iceland: Home of Happiness?

Ann Bailey Searching for happiness for yourself and for your children?  Evidently, it’s as simple as relocating to Iceland. “What We Can Learn from Iceland,” an online article that made the rounds recently, offers a provocative premise and a collage of lovely photos that make... Read more →

Rattlesnakes and Thin Ice

Maddie Gillel When we were teenagers, and even younger, my brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends would go outside our small town in the winter and ice skate on ponds and small rivers.  We did this often enough that we knew how to tell by looking... Read more →

Parents: Get it together!

Kristi Kane Last week, one of my daughters told me for the tenth (it could be more), time that she never plans on getting married. When I ask her why, she tells me that her generation does not understand how to love or trust or... Read more →

A Modern-Age Addiction

Sarah Owen So much of our culture has been revolutionized by the spread of cell phone and on-line technology.  Most of us can’t imagine our lives without it.  Despite the benefits that can come through technology, it also facilitates a major problem: pornography. Pornography is... Read more →

Fatherlessness, Poverty and Crime

  An analysis of 50 separate studies of juvenile crime revealed that the prevalence of delinquency in broken homes was 10-15 percent higher than in intact homes. In addition, there were no appreciable differences in the impact of broken homes between girls and boys or... Read more →

Uncontrolled Anger: A Path to Destruction

Kristi Kane Nearly 40 years ago, my Dad (now a retired physician), was called by the attending physician in the city’s local emergency room to help with a patient. A woman in her mid-late 40’s had been struck in the back of her head by... Read more →

Cohabitation: How not to start a marriage

Denise Hanson At 27, my good friend “Suzy “had been living with her boyfriend for about five years.  They had a son together, unplanned, but now welcomed into their home.  They loved each other and finally decided to get married.  Yet, less than three years... Read more →

Why 30 is NOT the new 20

Are you in your 20s?  Know someone who is?  This TED talk by psychologist Meg Jay is one that you want to take a few minutes to watch. [youtube=] Read more →

Breaking News: Supreme Court to Rule on Marriage Tomorrow

Diane Robertson For all of the people in the U.S. who have anxiously been awaiting SCOTUS’s ruling on marriage, tomorrow is the day. The Supreme Court will issue opinions on the three remaining cases of the spring session.  After announcing today’s rulings, Chief Justice John... Read more →

Marriage at the Supreme Court

Diane Robertson It’s June! In June many minds turn toward flowers, sunshine, swimming pools, and summer vacation. Others think of marriage. June is the most popular month for couples to tie the knot. This June is an especially important month for marriage. Before the end... Read more →

The Termites in Western Civilization

Maddie Gillel It would probably be a good exercise for our minds to re-visit what, when, how, and why western civilization is in such a state of dis-repair and near death.  Nothing will be new to us in this exercise, but we should be stunned... Read more →

Fighting for “Happily Ever After”

Annalise Harker Once upon a time, in a land not far away, a young girl worked on washing a sink full of dirty dishes while singing “Someday My Prince Will Come” from the movie Snow White that she had just finished watching. As she scrubbed... Read more →

Is there Entropy in Your Life?

Maggie Gillel Entropy : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system’s disorder;  a process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder;  chaos, disorganization, randomness.  When I... Read more →

Proselytizing compared to rape? Really?

Rachel Allison There are bombs going off on more fronts than I can name.  The attacks are relentless and escalating. Abortion—Now the truth is coming out about the “safety” and “compassion” of abortion clinics.  And we thought the supposed “back-alley abortions” were bad? Euthanasia—being legalized... Read more →

So This is What Happened to the Country I Love?

Rachel Allison The nation I love and honor seems to be disintegrating into a place I hardly recognize: The dress standards, the language, the disrespect, the lack of motivation and self-reliance, the “what’s in it for me” mentality, the blatant political partisanship on any and... Read more →

What all Girls Should Know before Having Sex

Rachel Allison Dr. Miriam Grossman, M.D. worked at a campus counseling center for more than 10 years.  The young women who came to her were in crisis. They were “working hard to fulfill their dreams:  a college education, maybe grad school, a great career, and—at... Read more →


Maddi Gillel “Mothers are patient souls.  You Mother, in particular, must have been a blue ribbons patience winner when you were young.  How else could she have raised such a one as you?  Patience alone couldn’t have done it; it took many cubic miles of... Read more →

“Lioness at the Gate”

Rachel Allison As major conferences are held at the United Nations, men and women from all over the world come to New York City to support a particular cause or share their grievances with those who will listen.  Many plan what are called “side events”... Read more →

Five Reasons to be a Single Parent? Give me a Break!

Rachel Allison My children are pretty savvy…at least their mother thinks so.  However, periodically one or another will surprise me with a statement that proves that he’s not as “in the know” as he should be.  By sighting a few statistics or studies, my child... Read more →

Stand Up and March

Now is the time to stand up and march. It could be that Americans are losing the chance to speak on the importance of traditional marriage. Arrogant laws are tampering with the inalienable  right of children to have both a mother and a father.  Religious... Read more →

‘Till Death do us Part

Rachel Allison Because of current circumstances in my life, I have had opportunity to witness seven or eight weddings over the past two weeks. I was actually surprised at how many young couples are getting married.  I thought that marriage was a thing of the... Read more →

Remembering CSW

Rachel Allison This week is the final week of the “Commission on the Status of Women,” a conference being held at the United Nations in New York City.  United Families International has several volunteers at the UN working to influence pro-life and pro-family language into... Read more →

Children must be Taught…and Taught…and Taught…

Rachel Allison How many times did I teach my children the same principle? And how many times did I remind them of what was required, and what was expected?  Probably just as often as I was reminded when I was a child and adolescent. Teaching... Read more →

Need a Cause? Protect the Family

Rachel Allison I’m going to admit to something that very few people know.  During those crazy busy years when my children were at home, I never read the newspaper.  I just didn’t have time. Every waking minute I was occupied with feeding, clothing, cleaning, teaching,... Read more →

Parental Rights: Who Cares the Most?

  Fedeline Morrow and Olivia Burton In communist Russia the average parent was not respected or considered important.  Rather, children were considered “property of the state” since children were the state’s future.  In the system of government in Russia, parents were considered the genetic source... Read more →

Just So You Know

Diane Robertson Over 30 organizations have filed amicus briefs to the Supreme Court in support of Proposition 8 and DOMA, with more briefs being filed. Amicus brief literally means “friends to the court.”  Filing a brief is a way for organizations to be heard by... Read more →

Marriage and Those Unavoidable Up-Hill Battles

Rachel Allison It’s Valentine’s Week….the week for love and romance. For those of us who are married, it’s also a time that gives special occasion to reflect on the love, appreciation and commitment to our spouse and companion. This week I am especially grateful that... Read more →

Still Courting After All These Years…

Kristi Kane Courting.   It’s an old word, one my Dad used to use. But its definition is one we romantics all love: special or devoted attention in order to win favor, affection, etc. Who doesn’t want to be courted? When my husband and I began... Read more →


Maddi Gillel “If couples have sex, do you think this will strengthen the engagement, or will it maybe tend to tear it apart?  Findings show that two times as many rings are returned when the couples have had intercourse, and the more frequent the intercourse,... Read more →

The Contagion Called Pornography

Kristi Kane Several years ago, my family was on vacation when my husband received a frantic call from his sister. She was crying so hard that my husband could not understand what she was trying to say. After several minutes, she was able to calm... Read more →

Education: Third Cycle, Is there Hope?

Maddi Gillel Editor’s note:  This is the third in a series on education.  To see “The High Water Mark,” go here, the second article, “The Nose Dive,” is here. The value of the second cycle is that many have learned the hard way what works... Read more →

For Better or for Worse, be Committed to your Marriage

Kristi Kane Growing up, my parents gave me good advice. I didn’t realize how good until I got married. From my Dad, I learned the importance of making wise financial decisions like “putting money aside for a rainy day,” (or saving), and “living within your... Read more →


Maddi Gillel An 80 year old woman was asked to speak to a group of women about marriage.  She had been married to one man all of her married life, and they had raised a large family.  At the end, she opened up a question... Read more →

The Cost of Taking Religion Out of Law

Diane Robertson Over the past 50 years, we have witnessed the loss of religion and religious values in the public square, in the laws, and in public schools.  These legal changes are most obvious in sex education laws, marriage and divorce laws, and abortion. Yet,... Read more →


Maddi Gillel Someone once said, “When the government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Tyranny is also a catch -all phrase for the ‘isms – communism, Nazism, Marxism, fascism, etc.  So with liberty and tyranny loosely... Read more →

Valued Choices

Rachel Allison Today I am thankful for a mother who chose a husband who would love his family and be devoted to his responsibilities to us…a selfless hard-working man who was loyal and faithful to her, his children and his faith in God. I am... Read more →


Maddi Gillel The National Fatherhood Institute (NFI), with the Alabama Family Alliance, offers a number of suggestions for how fathers can improve their skills: 1-    Respect your children’s mother.  If you are married, commit to keeping your marriage strong and vital.  If you are not... Read more →

The Support that Destroys

Rachel Allison Yesterday I attended a wedding of a dear friend’s son. I introduced myself to the young man sitting next to me who happened to be the oldest brother of the bride.  We had several minutes to engage in conversation before the wedding began,... Read more →


by Maddi Gillel My husband and I lived in Africa from 2006-2008.  Within a month of arriving there, the thoughts were coming to me: “how can a continent have so many complex problems?  (aids – 30%, fractured families, rampant diseases, immorality, polygamy, competing tribes, dishonesty,... Read more →

Increased Contraception = Increased Abortion: Who knew?

Ann Bailey Increased use of contraceptives results in increased abortion…who knew!  Seems counter-intuitive, but it is true.  Recently, the media and the Obama spin masters have been all over a study that  supposedly shows that if you hand out free birth control (under Obamacare) you’ll... Read more →

You Decide the Fate of Marriage!

U.S.  Marriage Score today:  0-32 To say it is a pivotal time for marriage would be quite an understatement!  Supporters of same-sex marriage are energized by recent developments such as the extreme support of so-called “gay rights” by a sitting U.S. President, including his reversal... Read more →

Life’s Regrets or Life’s Satisfactions: We Choose

Rachel Allison I recently heard a speaker tell of a nurse of the terminally ill who often asked her patients, “Do you have any regrets?” This nurse’s question has given me pause to reflect, and I’m not even sick.  Her patients’ most frequent responses? 1. ... Read more →

A Father’s Failings–A Father’s Love

Rachel Allison Last night my sister shared this true experience with me as told by Jeffrey Holland, one of the current leaders in the Mormon Faith.  It touched my heart as I thought back on the mistakes I made as a mother. Like Mr. Holland,... Read more →

Forgiveness: The Best Hope for a Happy Family

Rachel Allison My husband and I just returned from a five-day road trip to see family and friends.  We were in the car 24 hours of the trip. The first hour or so going and the first hour or so returning is always full of... Read more →

Do Your Ancestors Matter?

Greg Barlow  “Epigenetics” is the name given to a theory that presumes that the life experiences of our ancestors are actually implanted into our DNA.  Early psychoanalytical theory sought to find ways to deprogram this ‘genetic heritage’ assuming that an abundance of emotional and psychological... Read more →

Parenting: Disciplinarian or Loving Listener?

Rachel Allison My husband and I have totally different parenting styles. I have often wondered how I ended up being the strict disciplinarian.  He on the other hand had an open-door policy with our children.  Any time a discussion or heart to heart conversation was... Read more →

Of Spiders and Smelt

Greg Barlow Recently a Texas road construction project was postponed because of the discovery of a rare species of spider.  The project will not resume until scientists have fully evaluated the risks to the spider’s habitat posed by a continuation of the project. Thousands of... Read more →

Young Couples…It’s So Worth the Wait

Grace Sailor As I was surfing the Internet for national and world news I happened to see a blog/testimonial that I have to share with our UFI readers.  It reminded me a lot of my own wedding experience.  What a great memory! Read more →

Bravo KSL: Saying “No” to Propaganda

Diane Robertson The Salt Lake City TV station, KSL has decided not to air NBC’s new homosexual themed sitcom, “The New Normal”. With the intense public debate over gay marriage, KSL’s controversial decision has made national headlines. NBC gives this description of the show on... Read more →

The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

Ann Bailey I love “infographics.”   It’s just a great way to learn information.   With the current economic challenges that the world faces, it’s important that we all  be conversant in and understand how family breakdown contributes to our economic problems.  Marriage and family  matter! For... Read more →

Match Maker, Match maker….

Ann Bailey Ever wondered what it would be like to have your marriage arranged by a “matchmaker.”  Sounds like something from centuries past or a song from a well-known Broadway play.  But, I’m informed, the practice of using a traditional matchmaker is alive and well... Read more →

To Kiss or Not to Kiss…

Ann Bailey What a day it is!  The great “Kiss-In” at Chick-fil-A.  You’d think that after the astounding groundswell of support for free speech and traditional marriage that took place on Wednesday, that the gay lobby would at least lay low for a while.  Alas,... Read more →

My Thoughts on our Sexual State of Affairs

Allison Malnar I read an article yesterday that cited Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Address from January 1994.  He stated,  ”In ten years, one-half of all children born in America will be illegitimate.” I was shocked!   I have been on the computer for over... Read more →

Marriage: The Anti-Poverty Weapon

It was all over the news last week: “U.S. poverty heads toward highest level in 50 years.” Other countries around the world, notably Greece and Spain, continue to struggle with insolvency and surging rates of poverty. Economists and other experts point to all sorts of... Read more →

Two Women – Two Paths

Ann Bailey Two women, same ethnicity, same approximate age, similar background growing up, similar education, both with children, both work hard.  One lives at the poverty level and survives with the aid of food stamps – the other lives comfortably in a middle class life-style.  ... Read more →

A Divorce Solution Worth Examining

Rachel Allison How many times have I heard about families being separated because of a temporary mid-life crisis, a priority brain-freeze, or some other misplaced family distraction by a husband or wife? Too often pride gets involved during the process, and before we know it... Read more →

The Wonder of Family

Rachel Allison This past weekend my three sisters and I assembled for some much needed emotional strengthening. Our conversations focused on the battles that our children and grandchildren are facing, and how we as women of faith could fortify and support them against the onslaught... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Which of these factors has contributed the most to the meteoric rise of unmarried child bearing?”

We asked UFI readers this question: “Which of these factors has contributed the most to the meteoric rise of unmarried child bearing?” Here’s how they responded: 48 Percent                           Sexual Revolution 16 Percent                           Anti-Marriage Feminism  8 Percent                            Growth of Individualism 28 Percent                           Gov’t welfare/subsidies  The... Read more →

Is There an Elephant in the Room?

Rachel Allison One of the many advantages that come with being “grandma age” is that I have figured out my strengths and weaknesses.  I’m grateful for my strengths, and I’m patiently working on my weaknesses.  One of my strengths:  I don’t ignore the elephant in... Read more →

Women: Career or Home and Family…

Rachel Allison What has our society done to us? Has Hollywood and advertising caused us to focus on looks rather than depth, and instant gratification rather than virtue and self-control?  Have we become caught up with priorities that may bring status and recognition while true... Read more →


Rachel Allison Last night my husband and I chose to watch a movie that had been highly recommended to us by several of our friends.  The movie was “Courageous.” We borrowed it from a friend who had enjoyed the movie so much, he chose to... Read more →

Reflections of a Son

Daniel Allison A German proverb which has also become part of our English lexicon says, “blood is thicker than water,” suggesting that the bonds of family are stronger that the bonds of unrelated persons.  And for most people this is probably true. When I was... Read more →

Broken Laws…Broken Hearts

Rachel Allison What a pounding the time-honored institution of marriage is getting these days.  We could blame the gay movement, and have justification for doing so.  But there have been some high-profile reminders these last few days of just how far the disregard for marriage... Read more →

“Cohabitation”…A Marriage Death Sentence?

Rachel Allison If the liberal New York Times is publishing articles about the risks of cohabitation, then things are far worse than we realize. With divorce being so prevalent too often young love sees the solution as creating a trial run…a mock marriage situation where... Read more →

School Nixes Mural Showing Traditional Family

Ann Bailey Who’d have thought that a student artist portraying the traditional family in a school mural would be controversial?  But that was what 17-year-old Liz Bierendy was confronted with as she painted a wall mural showing the life progression of a boy to a... Read more →

Cause and Effect: Family Disintegration and Society Chaos

Rachel Allison How many times does history have to repeat itself before we learn that values matter? Families matter. Moral courage matters. Honor and integrity matter. Not only for individual happiness and prosperity, but for the good and strengthening of society.  Which fails us first…The... Read more →

What Feminists Aren’t Telling You

For about 50 years radical feminists have been telling women that they don’t need men – let alone marry one – and the motherhood thing?  “Well, you’ll be healthier and happier with a high-powered career.”  Every dedicated feminist would probably tell you: “If in the... Read more →

Taking Gender Out of Baby Making

Diane Robertson Cory Silverberg an AASECT certified sexuality educator and the Sexuality Guide for, a writer and teacher about sexuality, access, and inclusion is writing a children’s book titled, What Makes a Baby. From the author: “What Makes a Baby is my response to... Read more →

All in the Name of Love

Rachel Allison Last Wednesday night my husband and I had the opportunity to attend the Presidential debate.  What an exciting evening!  And we had great seats….right behind CNN’s technical crew.  We not only had a great view of the stage, but we could see a... Read more →

Motherhood means more than being a “breeder”

Melissa Anderson I am an active duty military officer.  Right now my husband and children are on the west coast and I am on the east.  My heart stayed with my children.  Every morning I wake up wondering how I’ll make it another moment without... Read more →

There is No Substitute for Traditional Marriage

Rachel Allison Five years ago one of my closest friends chose a lesbian life-style.  Prior to her decision she was devoted to her church and her faith.  I know she doesn’t attend church services any more, but I hope she continues to stay close to... Read more →

Are You Ready for Marriage?

Rachel Allison On this Valentine’s Day my thoughts are not only focused on my Sweetheart Husband, but I’m thinking about my two single marriage-age sons. I found this little quiz on line and I’m sending it not only to them, but to you, our readers….... Read more →

Myth Buster: Are children a net drain on society?

People who marry and have children intuitively know that children are a blessing and a benefit, not only to them, but to society as a whole.  They know this in spite of the endless chattering of population control advocates and environmentalists that insist that human... Read more →

162 Reasons to Marry

Just in time to celebrate National Marriage Week, Patrick Fagan of Family Research Council offers “162 Reasons to Marry.”  National Marriage week began on Feb. 7 and ends, predictably, on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).  Fagan’s report gives a run-down of some of the more commonly... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Based on your experience, what do you think is the ideal time spacing before bringing the next child into your family?”

We asked UFI Readers this question: “Based on your experience, what do you think is the ideal time spacing before bringing the next child into your family?” This is how they responded: 14 Percent           9-18 months       58 Percent           2 years 10 Percent           2 ½ years... Read more →

Are You Making Your Child Not Want To Get Married?

I have become increasingly alarmed by frequent comments I hear from young male adults and teenagers as they express fear about the thought of taking on the responsibilities of marriage and children. What has been most surprising is that most of these young men come... Read more →

The Summer Soldier and the Sunshine Patriot

Rachel Allison Do you remember the term “sunshine soldier and summer patriot?” The term was found in Thomas Paine’s series of pamphlets published  during the American Revolution.  He wrote them because the colonists needed hope…they needed inspiration.  For any of you who have read the... Read more →

Reader Poll: “Is the societal shift toward women as the primary wage earner and men as “house husbands” a good thing or a bad thing?”

We asked UFI readers the following question: “Is the societal shift toward women as the primary wage earner and men as “house husbands” a good thing or a bad thing?” Here is their response: 3 Percent                     “Good Thing” 89 Percent                   “Bad Thing” 8 Percent                     “Doesn’t... Read more →

“What do you want for Christmas?”

Rose Marie Murray Every year my children predictably ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” My predictable answer? “World peace!” With heavy sighs, they prod again. But that’s what I really want, world peace. Doesn’t everybody? Now that my children are young adults I have... Read more →

Reader Poll: Do you know someone whose divorce was unnecessary?

Here’s the question we asked our readers: Do you know someone whose divorce was unnecessary? Here’s how readers responded:   88 Percent               Yes 12 Percent               No We asked this question because of a new policy initiative called “Second Chances:  A Proposal to Reduce Unnecessary... Read more →

Ten Characteristics of Successful Marriages

  Let’s be honest – marriage can be a wonderful experience, but anyone who has made their way out of the honeymoon phase has had a taste of reality,  can attest that marriage takes patience and work! Then of course there are times when we... Read more →

Our Most Important Relationship

by Rachel Allison What married couple has not considered marriage counseling, marriage seminars, workshops, retreats or classes to help improve their marriage?  I would venture to guess that we’ve all thought about one or more of these marriage helps at some time or another, but... Read more →

Who is being Sacrificed for What?

by Rachel Allison A recent study issued by the UN arm UNICEF paints Swedish parents as pillars of commendable restraint because they undermine materialism by not purchasing toys and gifts for their children.  UNICEF throws out accolades as if the limiting of commercialism is the... Read more →

Marriage vs “Shacking up”: How do kids take it?

By Danny Quinney First,  I think it is important to tell you, I consider myself an expert on marriage.  Not that I’m educated in, received any awards, accolades, or even an “atta boy” on the subject.  Next month (October 2011) my wife and I will... Read more →

How to Raise the IQ of your Community and Nation

Want to raise the IQ of the children of your community and your nation?   Encourage fathers to live with their children and be actively engaged in their lives.  The Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science recently released a study that joins with a multitude of other... Read more →

UFI Reader Poll: Which of the social issues is of greatest concern to you?

Here is this week’s question:   “Of the social issues impacting families, which is of greatest concern to you?”   Here is how UFI readers responded: 34 percent               Religious Freedom 14 percent               Parental Rights 10 percent               Stopping abortion 31 percent               The “gay agenda” 0 percent                ... Read more →

Father’s Day: A Time to Recommit

It’s June and in my corner of the world, that means warmer weather, summer vacations, kids out of school and Father’s Day!  In just over a week we will be celebrating the influence of dads in our lives.  United Families International has researched the critical... Read more →

Tragic Sidewalk Tale

By Ann Bailey Today I overheard the saddest conversation.  A young mother stood outside a local retail outlet with what looked to be a recently-born baby strapped tightly to her in a chest carrier.  Her young toddler stood closely by intently working on pushing their... Read more →

Startling Statistics about On-line Dating

If as an organization UFI is going to promote marriage, it makes sense to pay attention to dating.  And you can’t talk about dating now without the discussion including on-line or internet dating.  So here’s an interesting infographic  from online schools that will both encourage... Read more →

UFI Reader Poll Results: “If your spouse committed adultery…

Here’s the question we asked our UFI readers: “If your spouse committed adultery, would you be willing to consider keeping the marriage intact?” Here is the response: 73 Percent                   Yes, if my spouse was truly willing to change 16 Percent                   No, that’s it for me... Read more →

You might be a religious fundamentalist…

By Carol Soelberg Over the last few years our UFI teams have noticed that anti-religious bias has become very overt and quite accepted at the UN.  But recently we’ve begun monitoring a particularly interesting and insidious brand of anti-religious fervor.  The new strategy seems to... Read more →

Grover Discusses Marriage

By Grace Sailor When I watch this Sesame Street clip between Grover and a child, it reminds me of how simple the topic of marriage used to be. From the comments posted, it is clear that even a simple conversation about a child’s thought on... Read more →

Divorced? Stay close. Be involved.

By Rachel Allison Today it’s rare to find someone that has not been personally affected by divorce.   Media is full of information on the “how to” of divorce – how to get one and how to survive one.  Recently, one article in particular caught my... Read more →

The Language of the Happily Married

By Rachel Allison According to Drs. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, their thirty years of marriage research has shown that the best marriages worldwide use specific words and phrases as they talk about their relationship with each other. Here are the words and phrases commonly used... Read more →

If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again…

If I had my child to raise all over again, I’d build self-esteem first, and the house later. I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less. I would do less correcting and more connecting. I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my... Read more →

Romance vs. Commitment – or both?

By Grace Sailor “Choose Your Love, Love Your Choice” a simple but profound statement regarding marriage.  It also brings to mind a guest speaker in my diversity social work class while I was earning a master’s degree. The guest speaker was born and raised in... Read more →