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breastSusan G. Komen for the Cure is synonymous with the battle to fight breast cancer. It is currently the largest and most widely known organization fundraising and educating to protect women against this medical threat. Race for the Cure, the organizations fundraising 5k, is also one of the largest and most successful fundraising events in the U.S.

Yet what most people do not recognize is that all of the funds donated to Komen for the Cure do not go to fight breast cancer. In fact, over the years the organization has donated a significant amount of money to abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of surgical abortions in the US and a very vocal proponents of pro-abortion and anti-family legislation. According to LifeNews.com, Komen donated nearly $1.5 million dollars to Planned Parenthood in the 2005 and 2006 fiscal years.

Komen acknowledges the connection and asserts that the money is used to support breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood centers for women who could not access the services otherwise. However, this money is fungible and frees up more money to support abortion procedures at these facilities. There is no way to distinguish between funds for abortions and funds for breast cancer screenings.

Additionally, there is scientific evidence that suggests abortion increases a woman’s vulnerability to breast cancer. Accurate or not, it seems counterproductive to provide funds to an organization that is even possibly increasing the threat of breast cancer to women.

So next time you are called upon to donate to Race for the Cure, be aware that your funds will not be used simply to save lives.

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