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For three days this week, pro-abortion organizations and UN agencies dedicated to promoting abortion around the world gathered in Washington D.C.  for the 2nd “Women Deliver conference.   With a clever play on words,  the “Women Deliver” event  was marketed as an opportunity to join together to promote reduction of maternal mortality.  One would think that this would be a conference on helping pregnant mothers deliver their children safely.  Right?    Wrong.

This was just another event to put a pretty face on the worldwide abortion industry and to come up with a way to wrangle money from the UN and from national treasuries.  UFI has reported several times on the pro-abort’s efforts to use the tragic deaths of women (due to lack of competent medical care pre- and post-natal) as a vehicle to secure funding for contraception and abortions services.  Pro-abortion groups argue that the most cost-effective way to reduce maternal mortality is to reduce maternity.

Now it appears that they aren’t willing to have “motherhood” even mentioned in connection with reducing maternal mortality.  Our friends at Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute show us a new level of hypocrisy on the part of abortion advocates.  Referring to the last day of the Women Deliver conference, Samantha Singson reports:

On the last day, the National Right to Life Federation (NRTLF) stood outside the convention center handing out bags emblazoned with the slogan “Celebrate Motherhood” to conference-goers. The bags contained fetal models and information on proven maternal mortality reduction strategies. Desperate to shut out any pro-life messages, security guards and conference staffers barred the front entrance, demanded to look inside conference-goers parcels and confiscated the offending bags right out of the hands of individuals, despite objections. Stunned by the actions of the conference staff, one NRTLF volunteer rhetorically asked “Isn’t this supposed to be a conference to help mothers?”

In the conference organizers’ twisted world view, I guess the words “Celebrate Motherhood” must constitute “hate speech.”    Go figure.

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