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ufilogoA new year has begun and in a short time the United States will have a new president.  As all new years bring changes, this New Year may bring devastating changes that will affect our families.

One of those devastating changes may be a new abortion law.  The Freedom of Choice Act has been introduced in Congress over and over again since 1989.  Obama has stated, “The first thing I’d do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That’s the first thing I’d do.”

The purpose of this law is to revoke every other anti-abortion law which has been passed by state and local governments.  It seeks to make abortion a “fundamental right”.  Does this language sound familiar?  It should.  If you have been reading these emails you will recognize that this is the same agenda that is being promoted at the United Nations.  The attempts at the UN to reinterpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights go hand-in-hand with the Freedom of Choice Act.

The agenda of the abortion activists is to make abortion a fundamental right of all women regardless of age.  It includes removing restrictions such as parental consent, and age of the woman.  It requires all doctors to perform abortions whether or not it violates their religious beliefs.  It removes barriers such as partial-birth abortion laws and requires that all hospitals, religious or not, allow abortions to be performed.

This law violates most of the tenets that United Families International stands for.  It takes away parental rights, revokes laws protecting the sanctity of life, denies individuals the right to religious liberty, and seeks to destroy families by permitting women to make choices that affect all families.

The words, Freedom and Choice are very powerful words.  Freedom is a word that evokes powerful feelings in people throughout the world.  It is a word that can bring people to the defense of country, homes and families while also bringing tears at the thought of the sacrifices made in defense of freedom.  Choice is also a powerful word.  It brings to mind the agency we have all been given by our Creator to make decisions in this life that will benefit ourselves, our families and our country.

The Freedom of Choice Act, however, is disingenuous in the use of those two words.  This Act does not bring freedom to a doctor who chooses not to perform abortions.  It does not give choice to fathers of unborn children.  It does not promote freedom for the millions of unborn children who will be sacrificed on its altar.  It destroys freedom and choice for millions of people around the world who do not support its destructive agenda.

United Families International is determined to defend the true meaning of Freedom and Choice.  We will fight this legislation by educating people around the world about its destructive consequences. We will be there in Washington to find Senators and Congressmen who will stand up for families, religious liberty, and the sanctity of life.

Those at the United Nations will be watching closely to see if they have been successful in achieving their agenda in the United States.  We do not want them to find success.  Please join us in this battle.  Help us defend Freedom and Choice.

Beverly Rice, UFI President

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