Sex-Ed in England to be Mandatory at 15

Sex-Ed in England to be Mandatory at 15

teenThe British government just released plans to alter the public school sexual education requirements. The new law will mandate all 15 year-olds attend a yearlong sex-ed course before the age of 16. Parents have the option to have their students opt-out of sex-ed courses until age 15, at which point they lose their rights to determine what and how their children learn about sex.

Also under the new law, all schools will be required to teach personal, social, health and economic education beginning at age 5. In a country with a large percentage of religious schools, this means that faith schools will be required to teach homosexuality, civil partnerships, divorce and abortion. However, the law allows religious schools to teach such concepts within the schools own “context, values and ethos.”

School secretary Ed Balls explains: “You can teach the promotion of marriage, you can teach that you shouldn’t have sex outside of marriage, what you can’t do is deny young people information about contraception outside of marriage.”

The new law will take effect September 2011.

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