Reader Poll: “How closely do you monitor the content of your children’s textbooks?”

Reader Poll: “How closely do you monitor the content of your children’s textbooks?”

We asked our readers this question:

How closely do you monitor the content of your children’s textbooks?

This is how our readers responded:

8 Percent                             Never look at them

8 Percent                             Only if a child points something out

84 Percent                           Monitor very closely

As this school year begins, the results of this poll should give all of us hope.  If parents are, indeed, monitoring their children’s textbooks, we have reason to believe that much of the nonsense, false information, and downright dangerous dogma can be caught early enough to prevent the indoctrination of our children.

The fact that this poll question did not receive the usual number of responses, does leave us wondering why.   Was it just not an interesting question, or was there a bit of reluctance to answer because parents felt some guilt about not monitoring their children’s textbooks?    We hope that the mere asking of the question will spur parents on to either continue the monitoring or spur those that aren’t monitoring, to begin.

This is one of those things we absolutely have to give attention to. 

  • Diane
    Posted at 16:56h, 03 September

    I asked my kids about things in their text books, and they all said that it really depended on the teacher. One child said, “I had a Mormon teacher teaching Utah History. Anything bad, she just didn’t teach.” Another child said, “My teacher said, ‘Let’s just get through this, but I did not come from an ape.'” This of course was during an evolution lesson. We have had other teachers teach things that we object to very seriously. We have also had a first grader who talked to her class over and over about her divorce and her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. I have to agree with my kids that the teachers count more than the text books.

  • United Families International
    Posted at 21:03h, 03 September

    It’s great that you’re asking your children about their classes and their textbooks, but children aren’t always knowledgeable on the appropriateness of what’s in their actual textbooks. It is very important that parents READ the textbooks. You will then have the context and the complete overview of what your child might be being taught. We agree that the teacher is hugely important, but what’s in the text also drives what the teacher might say.

    If reading all your children’s textbooks seems overwhelming, join with other like-minded parents and divide up the “workload.” Somebody needs to be taking a look at those books.

  • Diane
    Posted at 16:07h, 06 September

    I should have said that all of our 8 children are now home schooling or online schooling and one of the reasons for that is how impossible it is to keep track of textbooks and teachers for so many children.

    And when I have read the recent textbooks from the online school, I have been shocked. They are very politically correct and do not teach much on the subject past that. I just wanted to make that point that depending on the teacher, bad things do get breezed over.

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