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In a classic case of “talking out of both sides of one’s mouth,” Pres. Obama delivered his Father’s Day Proclamation.  He went out of his way to appease his homosexual base by acknowledging and honoring the various “nurturing” family forms including “two fathers.”

He correctly identifies the crucial role of fathers in society:

Fathers are our first teachers and coaches, mentors and role models.  They push us to succeed, encourage us when we are struggling, and offer unconditional care and support. An active, committed father makes a lasting difference in the life of a child.  When fathers are not present, their children and families cope with an absence government cannot fill.”

But wait….just last month Pres. Obama proclaimed basically the same beautiful and reverential things about mothers.  In his Mother’s Day Proclamation, he extolled the virtues of motherhood:

“From our first moments in this world and throughout our lives, our mothers protect us from harm, nurture our spirits, and encourage us to reach for our highest aspirations.  Through their unwavering commitment, they have driven and inspired countless acts of leadership, compassion, and service across our country.”

In addition, he also made sure to pay homage to those relationships that are comprised of “two mothers.”

So which is it?

Pres. Obama addressed and honored two different “parenting” relationships (gay men “two fathers” and lesbian women “two mothers”).    Each relationship type, by definition, excludes either a father or a mother, both roles that Pres. Obama claims in his proclamations to be crucial to children.

Hmmm….   Am I the only one that is confused?

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