Children to Blame for Climate Change

Children to Blame for Climate Change

earth_from_space“The worst thing that you or I can do for the planet is to have children.” So begins Alex Renton’s attack on children published last week in The Observer.

It appears the newest villain in the climate change battle is children, particularly in rich countries. According to Renton each new child born in a rich country similar to Britain will emit 11 tonnes of CO2 every year. Therefore, in order to meet emission goals set for 2050, the world population will need to be cut by half a billion people.

How are we going to cut half a billion people in the next 40 years? Simple. Follow China’s example:

“So the richer a country gets, the more pressing the need for it to curb its population. The only nation to have taken steps to do this is China – and the way it went about enforcing the notorious one child policy is one of the reasons the rest of us are so horrified by the notion of state intervention. Yet China now has 300-400 million fewer people. It was certainly the most successful governmental attempt to preserve the world’s resources so far.”

In order to stop climate change, the world should follow China’s one child policy. It may have left China confronting a demographic nightmare that threatens to reverse decades of economic growth, but at least it conserved natural resources.

And how do we follow China’s stellar example? With more contraception, more abortion, and more condoms for under developed countries, for “Are condoms not the greenest technology of all?” And for countries where such services are already available, governments could begin assigning carbon allowances for children, or perhaps they could simply offer rewards, say one child for a trip to Florida.

Read the article by Alex Renton. It shows the radical agenda of those who value nature above human life to be what it truly is: frightening.

  • Cesar Fernandez-Stoll
    Posted at 16:25h, 02 November

    Frankly this type of arguments are highly offensive not just against God, which should be morevthan enough, but against human nature. This poor idiot should be disallowed of any public or any office.

  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 17:46h, 02 November

    How telling is Mr. Renton’s use of the word, “Yet.” He might as well say, “The End Justifies the Means.” It’s ok to force abortions and sterilizations on helpless men and women, as long as we achieve our ends. The only word strong enough to define such breathtaking tyranny and horror, is “Abomination.” The population control he advocates for, is an abomination.

  • John Roesch
    Posted at 14:33h, 03 November

    Climate change is a left wing scam that is more about power and control over people than it is about the environment. Mr. Renton repeats the same b.s. on over-population. World wide the fertility rate has dropped below 2.1 children per woman needed to sustain any given country. We are headed to a demographic winter with declining populations and economies. As for climate change and man made emissions of CO2, the latest emprical evidence indicates a cooling trend and that amount of heat escaping into space is the same now as it was several years ago. This evidence clearly indicates that man-made CO2 emissions are not a factor.

    The Copenhagen Treaty seeks to impose a non-democratic world government on nations under the rubic of climate change. This is the greatest threat to human freedom and liberty, greater than islamic terrorism.

  • phyllis haskewich
    Posted at 14:52h, 23 November

    This has to be the most ridculous statement that I have heard in a long time. Does Alex Renton realize that Canada and the US have had to depend on immigration to complete our work forces? If people would just have normal families( at least two children to replace ourselves) things would be better.
    Also the Islam do not have to take over that Western World by terrorism. It is just happening by the fact that they are more prolific than Western families. A society cannot sustain itself by not having children. Just check back in history. This man is very misguided and needs to do more research before publishing articles.
    His comment on China needs to go further. They are currently looking for females so that the males will have someone to marry and have children with. Mankind has interfered with Mother Nature enough.

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