Pornography: The Filthy Culprit

Pornography: The Filthy Culprit

ufilogoPornography is one of the filthy culprits that has led to the execution of the traditional family. It is a repulsive and disturbing addiction that is breaking the hearts of the wives and children of confused men who indulge in its cheapness. This, the most vile form of entertainment, paints women as objects used only for selfish motives. Sex is made out to be nothing but a search for pleasure, an unbridled giving-in to pure lust and a complete disregard of the divine emotions of love. Porn is a root for the downfall of human civilization and will continue to ruin lives and families until the negative effects are embraced and this poison is done away with.


Mary Anne Layden, co-director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Cognitive Therapy, called porn the “most concerning thing to psychological health that I know of existing today.” Pornography addicts have a more difficult time recovering from their addiction than cocaine addicts, since coke users can get the drug out of their system, but pornographic images stay in the brain forever, Layden said.

“Pornographic or erotic stories and pictures are worse than filthy or polluted food. The body has defenses to rid itself of unwholesome food. With a few fatal exceptions, bad food will only make you sick but do no permanent harm. In contrast, a person who feasts upon filthy stories or pornographic or erotic pictures and literature records them in this marvelous retrieval system we call a brain. The brain won’t vomit back filth. Once recorded, it will always remain subject to recall, flashing its perverted images across your mind and drawing you away from the wholesome things in life.” -Dallin H. Oaks

Pornography also inflicts mortal wounds on our most precious personal relationships. It impairs one’s ability to enjoy a normal emotional, romantic, and spiritual relationship with a person of the opposite sex. It erodes the moral barriers that stand against inappropriate, abnormal, or illegal behavior. As conscience is desensitized, patrons of pornography are led to act out what they have witnessed, regardless of its effects on their life and the lives of others.” -Dallin H. Oaks

According to Charles Keating of Citizens for Decency Through Law, research reveals that 77 percent of child molesters of boys and 87 percent of child molesters of girls admitted imitating the sexual behavior they had seen modeled in pornography.

Michigan state police detective Darrell Pope found that of the 38,000 sexual assault cases in Michigan (1956-1979), in 41 percent of the cases pornographic material was viewed just prior to or during the crime. This agrees with research done by psychotherapist David Scott who found that “half the rapists studied used pornography to arouse themselves immediately prior to seeking out a victim.”

This is truly a sad topic. It makes me cringe as I read about what goes on to those who are addicted to porn. All you need to do is google “addicted to porn” and read the truly tragic stories of how this sleazy media ruins lives and destroys futures. Those who make a profit off XXX material are murderers who display zero love for human kind and are unrivaled in their selfishness.

For those who have become addicted and wish to re-gain control of their lives, help is available. This is beatable and as it is overcome, lives will be re-built and health restored. This filth must be dismantled and virtue must reign for mankind to progress. The battle against porn will almost certainly never end, but in my opinion, it is a cause worth fighting for.

  • Carmen Debono
    Posted at 18:51h, 02 December

    I also believe that anyone who views pornography gets familiar with their current images and needs to obtain new, more graphic and more erotic images to get aroused and satisfy their mind’s/body’s need for sexual relief orgasm).

  • beetlebabee
    Posted at 20:06h, 06 January

    In my exploits in learning over the last few months of prop 8 aftermath, I’ve seen a lot of similarities in the way that those with same-gender attraction in the homosexual community behave and those with sexual addictions behave. It’s ironic to me that the APA turns a blind eye to these obvious similarities in order to rubber stamp public approval.

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