ACLU: Same-Sex Marriage Is Top Priority

ACLU: Same-Sex Marriage Is Top Priority

ufilogoGary Bauer reports:

Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU, thinks so. In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Romero says, “Clearly, the momentum is on our side,” and he calls the nationwide legalization of same-sex “marriage” a “sure thing.” According to Romero, the issue is the ACLU’s top priority, “behind only national-security issues.” That’s very telling. The ACLU has been leading the charge to expose our national security secrets in the war against Islamofascism, shutting down GITMO and pursuing the absurd notion that terrorists captured on a foreign battlefield deserve the same constitutional protections as American citizens. Undermining our national security is the ACLU’s first priority; undermining our cultural security, its second.

While it is undeniable that the drive for same-sex “marriage” has picked up steam in recent months, it is also undeniable that the upsurge is a direct consequence of recent elections. The militant homosexual rights movement had a very clear strategy to fundamentally alter the political environment in key states by defeating pro-family, pro-traditional marriage legislators. If just one or two of them could be defeated, it would send the message that supporters of traditional marriage had a bull’s eye on their backs, creating a chilling effect on sympathetic politicians. If enough could be defeated, it could potentially change the makeup of the state legislature, putting pro-homosexual rights candidates in control – politicians who would use their power to prevent marriage protection amendments from getting on the ballot. That is exactly what happened as a result of the 2006 elections in Iowa and in other states where “gay marriage” has advanced in recent months.

Is same-sex “marriage” inevitable? Romero is right when he says that the momentum is on his side. But, I’m not willing to concede that the coast-to-coast redefinition of marriage in America is “inevitable.” As we saw in California, the courts do not get the final say. The United States Supreme Court once declared slavery to be legal. But the people, through the democratic process, amended the Constitution to guarantee no man could be held as property. The Supreme Court declared in 1973 that our unborn children had no rights we were bound to respect. But men and women of faith have fought the good fight for more than three decades, and, as recent polls indicate, we are changing hearts and minds.

If pastors speak up and if men and women of faith and of all races and backgrounds unite to defend the institution of marriage as it has existed from the dawn of civilization, I believe we will prevail. The culture war is real and the public policies that we must all live under are determined by the men and women we elect to public office. This is why it is so important for men and women of faith to remain engaged in the public policy battles and to speak up and defend their values.

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