Is The Marriage Battle Lost?: Miss California Stands For Marriage!

Is The Marriage Battle Lost?: Miss California Stands For Marriage!

ufilogoHow are you feeling about the battle over same sex marriage these days? Do you feel like the battle is over? Do you feel like we should just give up? Are you sensing that the other side has won?

If these feelings describe how you have felt since the Iowa Supreme Court decision and the Vermont legislature vote – then the other side has won. Their efforts to win this war will only be successful if we allow them to influence us through psychological efforts. This war can only be won by the other side if we allow that to happen.

In any battle, whether it be one of weapons, words, or philosophies, the greatest weapon that can be used is the psychological one. If one opponent can get the other to begin seeing the battle in terms that are defined by that opponent then the battle is won. Military experts will tell you that their biggest job is keeping their forces optimistic. They will tell you that as soon as their soldiers begin thinking they have lost – the battle becomes much, much more difficult.

We were all given an excellent example of courage and optimism this week. When the California contestant for the Miss USA pageant bravely stated that her opinion was “… I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman.” We should all look at the courage she demonstrated, in a competition that could be won or lost by such an answer, and ask ourselves if we would be willing to do the same. We need to look at her example and realize that it will only be through millions of similar acts that we will continue to win this battle.

The battle over same sex marriage is only in its infancy. Of 50 states, only 4 have legalized same sex marriage. Over half of the states have marriage amendments. In recent polls, a majority of Americans still oppose same sex marriage. This is a war that will have many ups and downs. Remember the jubilation felt when the voters of California, Arizona and Florida voted in favor of marriage between one man and one woman? Remember how demoralized the opposition felt?

In our efforts to protect traditional marriage, religious liberties and parental rights, the most important thing we can do is continue to feel optimistic. It is critical that we are all willing to continue fighting. It is essential that we not become weary of the battle. This is the war that will define our culture and society for generations to come. It is the battle that will determine the rights that our children and grandchildren will have.

At United Families International we have fought this battle for many years. We will continue fighting it for many more. We have established chapters in several states. We would love to establish more state chapters. If you feel that you have the desire and the willingness to become actively involved in this battle we would love to hear from you. Please consider making a donation today to continue the work each state chapter is performing.

  • She's right, he's a temperamental joke.
    Posted at 05:24h, 23 April Reply

    Carrie Prejean is RIGHT!
    Perez Hilton is A JOKE!

    #1 – Carrie is FULLY allowed by law to have personal views and she did NOT force her views on anyone or say anything derogatory about gays or gay marriage, she just said it’s not the way she sees marriage and thats 100% FINE.

    #2 – Perez Hilton on the other hand DESCRIMINATED againt Carrie because he didn’t like her beliefs. He FORCED his beliefs on her, and now everyone else via his tirades, and that is NOT acceptable regardless of what the beliefs are.

    #3 – Perez Hilton HAS BROKEN THE LAW by admittedly discriminating against Carrie and denying her the crown because he’s gay and she didn’t say what he wanted her to in support of that.

    #4 – Why on EARTH would the pageant have had Perez Hilton, a man INCAPABLE of NOT causing BS, be a host in the first place?? He makes a living by talking trash and making fun of people!!

    Perez not only broke the law, he’s turned the pageant into a farce at the same time.

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