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Media outlets are buzzing with the news.  A school district in the tiny town on the tip of Cape Cod will be dispensing condoms to first graders.  The school district that includes Provincetown, often referred to as P-Town, will begin in September to allow children as young as first graders to come to the counselor’s office, receive a talk on “abstinence” and then request condoms.

The State of Massachusetts allows school districts to each individually determine their policies regarding sex education.  The school board of P-Town has decided that it is their job to provide children information on sexual matters.   According to school Superintendent Beth Singer, “They are children. They often act without information – on assumption, things they’ve heard, rumor, myth.  I think information is always important for kids.”

Evidently she doesn’t believe that parents need to be brought into the “information” loop, however.  Parents will not be notified when condoms are being dispensed; nor will parents be allowed to “opt out” their children from the condom dispensing program.   Schools have to have parental permission for dispensing aspirin and basic medical care, but not for condoms.

School board Chairman, Peter Grosso, insists that sexual activity is starting younger and younger so condoms need to available to all children.  But Grosso admits “…I really don’t believe we’re going to get first-graders asking for a condom, as a practical matter.”

Really?  Then why force young children into early sexualization patterns and strip them of their innocence?  Why ride rough-shodden over parental rights?  What is to be gained except new customers for Planned Parenthood Clinics.

I guess that kiddie condom manufacturer in Switzerland that we told you about a few months ago has just found a new market.

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