2008 Election

2008 Election

As the 2008 election has played out it has been somewhat different than I expected. I thought we would hear a lot about the war–the war in Iraq that is. Instead I have witnessed first hand the tremendous need to protect, promote and strengthen the family. The war that has come to the forefront has been a cultural war–a war on our culture and our families–a war on which the outcome of our civilization rests. I have thought often of Joseph Daniel Unwin, a well known anthropologist of the early 1900’s, who set out to prove like many today that marriage was irrelevant. His research chronicled the decline of 86 different cultures and he was forced to conclude that only marriage with complete fidelity could produce cultural prosperity.

I have wondered many times if our civilization would learn from the past. Will our society choose to fall or fly? Will we recognize that families are essential to personal and national liberty and must be given the highest possible protection under the law or will we allow the tyranny of tolerance towards the politically correct to redefine and redesign our social structure completely out of existence?

  • Kaydence Smith
    Posted at 17:22h, 05 November

    It is so sad that we cannot seem to learn from the past… none of the “change” that America chose last night to head towards is anything new – socialism and communism are not new ideas yet here the world is once again wanting to head in that direction under the false name of “change”

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:23h, 12 November


  • Tunesmith
    Posted at 07:04h, 14 November

    What law ever guaranteed that you would get everything you wanted out of an election? I voted for McCain/Palin, so imagine MY disappointment! The people have spoken in favor of keeping marriage defined as between a man and a woman, and so we won there. Everyone just needs to grow up, take their lumps, lick their wounds and move on! (Peacefully…)

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