Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Roughly 100 years ago, the first Fathers’ Day celebration in the United States began. This weekend individuals have the opportunity to commemorate fathers and together celebrate the important role they play in the family unit, society and in our personal lives.

Looking back into American history, fatherhood’s role established the strength of this country from the beginning. During a time when the father specifically was responsible for the discipline, education, and moral upbringing of his children, great leaders like Samuel Chase, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and many other founding fathers were shaped by the patriarchs of their homes. As a result of their worthy efforts, one of the greatest democracies in the world was born out of unbelievable odds.

This weekend reflect on a broader topic, the rights of a father. The Washington Times writer Armstorng Williams wrote a powerful article: A critical role for fathers. Williams  writes, “A father’s rights have remained a largely hidden issue, tucked away beneath America’s fiery and passionate opinions on abortion. In many ways, the parental rights of expectant fathers are blatantly ignored, and fathers are, in a court of law, unable to voice their opinion in regard to childbirth.”

In this heartbreaking story of a father whose child is aborted because his girlfriend does not want to have the child. The father pleads with the mother and the courts, willing to raise the child alone and in the end fail to convince the courts that he has any rights to save his dear child. The courts look upon him as no more then a DNA donor.

Williams challenges the courts decision, “Doesn’t this symbiotic act give the father some say in the matter of whether his girlfriend may have an abortion? After all, if the baby had been carried to term, Mr. Stachokus, irrespective of his own preferences, would have been legally obligated to pay child support. Society would have demanded that he take responsibility. And yet when it comes to the decision of whether to abort that same child, he is denied any say whatsoever. That is an appalling contradiction. “

It is time to rally together and fight for the rights of the fathers. There are many more cases like these stories shared. As a community of those who believe in the family, we thank each and every father who daily chooses to be a part of the lives of his children. Not only are you blessing their lives today, but you are also blessing the lives of future communities of which they will be a better part. Like those great men who shaped the founding fathers of the United States, you too are nation-building in a way that no one else can.

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