The Feminist Movement Hurts Families!

The Feminist Movement Hurts Families!

ufilogoThe feminist movement has done more damage to the family than any other cultural movement in recent memory. Because of the feminist movement, we have legalized and subsidized abortions all over the world. Because of the feminist movement, mothers have been encouraged to leave their children to be raised by “a village”. Because of the feminist movement, men have lost their sense of identity and masculinity. Because of the feminist movement, fathers have left their homes and families. Because of the feminist movement, men have sought companionship with other men; and women have sought it with other women. Because of the feminist movement, religious beliefs have been questioned as “outdated” and “unlawful”.

Each year United Families International joins with their pro-family partners at the United Nations for two weeks for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). This event is where the radical feminist leaders seek to create a document which will help them further their cause.

This year the focus of the Commission will be on HIV/AIDS and its impact on women. Don’t be fooled though. They will attempt to suggest that abortions need to be available on demand in order to fight HIV/AIDS. They will attempt to say that prostitution should be legalized so that proper medical care and safeguard can be given to women who choose this career. They will attempt to say that the idea of “Gender” is not biological but sociological and that women should not be forced into one gender or another. They will attempt to say that children should not be forced upon women but that children should be raised by others so that women can pursue their dreams.

Their message will be that a “genderless society” is what people all over the world deserve. Their message will be that gender is what is holding everyone back. Their message will be that choosing your gender should be a human right.

In the Phillipines this week they are arguing this very topic. The Phillipines Senate is voting on a bill that includes language such as, “Gender refers to the physiologico-social differentiated roles, characteristics, and expectations attributed by nature and culture to women and men.” and “No one shall invoke religious beliefs or customary norms as a means of evading compliance with this Act.”

Defenders of the family criticize the bill because they say it has been drafted by members of the radical feminist organization CEDAW Watch Philippines, several of whose members have been affiliated with the CEDAW committee and the UN Development Fund for Women, also known as UNIFEM.

These are the people we find at the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women. These are the women who seek to change the world as we now know it. These are the women who have already taken away many of the safeguards which were used to protect the family.

This is a very important time for us. Obama’s new UN Ambassador will be there to provide support to these women.

However, if you could walk the halls of the United Nations during those two weeks, you will see a handful of women who have a different mission. Their mission is to protect and defend families, parental rights, sanctity of life and religious liberty. You would see a group of men and women who believe in the family and are willing to do all they can to prevent the others from achieving their goals.

We have been successful in the past. We hope to be successful this year as well. Watch for our reports. Read our blogs and get our updates on Twitter. And if you can, donate now to support our efforts to protect your family.

Beverly Rice, UFI President

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  • blogger970
    Posted at 10:00h, 11 February

    Comment received via e-mail:

    “I enjoy your email alerts – very timely and informative.

    I believe that the extreme radical women’s movement may have had it’s start in the 50’s – started when magazines such as Life, Look, women’s home journal types and others repeatedly had articles directed towards housewives and women in general. The tone of many of these articles towards women was that they were second class, didn’t have any brains, and should obey their husbands (in anything) without so much as a peep. They were not to question anything, be informed on anything in the world, shun advanced education, all for the ego of men. I remember reading some of these articles a few years ago, and I thought, wow, no wonder women rebelled during the 60’s. They were sick of the “dumbing down” treatment. There were those who believed every word they read and in the agenda of the movies of the day – men and women alike.

    Think about the movies promoted during the 50’s – I love Audrey Hepburn as an actress, but the roles given to her were appalling. She was in roles that frequently portrayed women as weak, brainless, helpless and used heroines. There were many movies and TV shows like that. Lack of respect towards women has ever been through the ages, but during the late 40’s and 50’s (promoted by the Communistic agenda crowd in Hollywood at the time, I’m sure) entertainment was a prime example of that lack of respect.

    We must be ever careful of what entertainment we watch, and material that we read. Discernment through divine guidance is essential to discern between news, non news, agenda-promoted news, smears in those elections years, and out-and-out dangerous agenda, movies that uplift vs drag everyone down. Even movies with little or no offensive wording can be scary – I went to a holiday showing of “The Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship”, and literally felt the Spirit leave the room.”

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