Cops….Why do You Do It?

Cops….Why do You Do It?

policemanby Rebecca Mallory

Been paying attention to the news this week? Ever wonder why people want to become police officers? I assume that they have a desire to protect their communities from harm and bad guys. Perhaps they have a desire to serve their communities. Do they do it for the money? Maybe. Statistics from 2011 show that the average policeman in America makes between $56-70K per year. Not bad with benefits, etc. That’s actually higher than I thought it would be. But is it worth what they have to put up with?

This week in Baltimore it has been shocking to see how the police have been vilified and their power to stabilize an out of control situation, neutered. Reaction over the Freddie Gray death has been horrifying. This senseless destruction by thugs and low-life criminals is not new. I remember the Watts riots in LA during the ’60’s, the Kent State riots in the ’70’s, the New Mexico penitentiary riots of the ’80’s, and the Rodney King-sparked riots in the ’90’s. Those were scary times but back in those days, most law enforcement and government officials fought immediately to stop the violence and prevent looters and further destruction. The recent deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Eric Garner in New York and Freddie Gray in Baltimore have revealed the upside down and crazy world we’re turning into, where right is wrong, and wrong is right. The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, actually ordered the police to “stand down” and refrain from stopping these thugs from looting and burning down the very city in which they live to give them “a space to destroy” as part of their freedom of speech. Are you kidding me?? In typical politician style, she later denied saying it…Oops! That pesky truth was shown all over national television. Cops were actually paralyzed and ordered to retreat to let these people burn the place down. And as predicted, these same cops were later condemned for not being around to save businesses and other property from destruction. “Where is law enforcement? Save us!” It’s insane. Are their bad cops? Of course – just like there are corrupt politicians and bad examples in every walk of life.

Perhaps the most gratifying reaction was the single mother, Toya Graham, who recognized her son in this destructive mob. She marched into the middle of these young thugs and grabbed her son, slapping him up the side of the head and asking him what the heck he was doing. Her son knew he was in big trouble with mom and knew better than to try to run away from her. She quite possibly saved his life. Graham was lauded by many and called “Mother of the Year” while people on the left condemned her for adding to the violence. Don’t make me laugh. This is a mother concerned about her child enough to discipline him before he moved on to more criminal acts and likely became another “Freddie Gray”.  Parental discipline… a novel concept, huh? But why is it that cops are immediately targeted as the bad guy in every situation now? Just this week ij Review, an independent political and cultural website, recounted a frustrated Wisconsin policeman who posted this on Facebook.

“I stopped caring today because parents refuse to teach their kids right from wrong and blame us when they are caught breaking the law. I stopped caring today because parents tell their little kids to be good or “the policeman will come and take you away” embedding a fear of us from year one. Moms hate us in their schools because it reminds them of the evil lurking in the world. They would rather we stay unseen, but close by if needed, but readily available to “fix their kid.”

... to armchair detectives:
     If a crime isn’t solved within the allocated 60 minutes it takes CSI on television, we are inept, incompetent, or covering something up. If we do get “lucky” it was just that- and everyone with a Facebook account can post wonderful comments of how “they” would solve the case and how “we” are not nearly as clever.
…to selfish youth:
   I stopped caring today because the culture of today’s instantly connected youth is only there to take and never give back. To never accept responsibility for ones actions, but to blame everyone else instead of themselves. To ask “what is in it for me” versus “what can I do for you?”
   But in the end, he says, “tomorrow. I will put my uniform back on and I will care again.”

Cops… why do you do it? Pretty sure I wouldn’t have the stomach. We are supposed to feel sorry for the poor and underprivileged criminals because life is so unfair. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Why? Go back and read almost any blog post under the United Families archives and you’ll see why. I contend that a large majority of people who live in inner cities run by those touting social justice and progressive policies over the past 50 years have failed miserably. Do a quick Google search on Chicago, LA, Washington DC, Philidelphia, Detroit, etc. All run by failed policies. I’d love to be proven wrong on this. Social justice and the “give me free stuff” mentality is crippling and destroying individuals as well as families. Guess what kids? Values and principles are what will save you. Rugged individualism and depending on yourself. Let’s try that for a change! Pouring more and more dollars into failed government programs will never take the place of a stable and loving home life with a father and a mother to care and nurture their children. That, my fellow citizens, is priceless.I empathize with you, Officer “Frustrated Wisconsin cop”. I don’t blame you for not caring, but I applaud you for getting over it and having the courage to don your uniform once again, walking out the door to face the same thing day after day; hoping, like Toya Graham, that you’ll be able to walk back through that door and kiss your family once again. Ever hear the term, “You get what you pray for”? A world without law enforcement might be just what we get. Imagine what that would look like America. Anarchy anyone?

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