CSOPE… Coming to a School Near You?

CSOPE… Coming to a School Near You?


Rebecca Mallory

What do George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry and Ronald Regan have in common? Well, if you ask a child who has been educated with CSCOPE instructional material, those names might not ring a bell. Neither would “American exceptionalism”, rugged individualism or Christopher Columbus’s devotion to his Christian God. Ask that child what the “Boston Tea Party” was about and he/she just might tell you that it was one of the first acts of terrorism. Shocked? Well get used to it because CSCOPE is presently being taught in over 800 schools in conservative Texas… yes, I said Texas, and its proponents are pushing its expansion in schools K-12 across the United States.  You’re likely chuckling and thinking, “Certainly not my child’s school!” Please read on.

If CSCOPE does not ring a bell, “Common Core” may. Though they are touted as different, they are both frighteningly filled with indoctrination of our youngest and most vulnerable. CSCOPE was adopted in 2006 and was not referred to as curriculum but rather instructional material and could thereby hopefully circumvent State Board of Education scrutiny. Teachers were allegedly forced to sign documents promising not to share lesson plans with parents.

“Complaints came mostly from teachers over criminal penalties they could receive for the release of lesson plans, the rigid timetables for delivering the lessons, the requirement to read from the curriculum verbatim, and the effectiveness of what is being taught in the classroom.”

How are these courses different from what you and I learned?

Content outlines can easily be reviewed at the following website http://www.cscope.us/faq.html, but here are a couple of examples of what Texas children are learning via CSCOPE which seems to not be bothered with truth in dusty “old” textbooks.   Rather the “… goal of curriculum should not be the coverage of content, but rather the discovery of content. … If done well, Common Core will elevate our teaching to new heights, and emphasize the construction of meaning, while deepening our understanding of our students.”

How’s that for scary?

Some of the lesson plans include, asking students to “design a flag for a new socialist nation.” One Texas school had some girls dress in burqas so that they could appreciate the value of Sharia law. These same girls will not learn of the Liberty Bell, why Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, or exceptional American military history. What they will study is social justice, political correctness, imperialism, instruction on American propaganda, “fairness” and the virtues of other governments like Communism and Socialism, and the evils of Capitalism.

Uncovering this controversial system of education, thanks to Texas state Senator Dan Patrick and others, has forced CSCOPE enthusiasts to remove some questionable material and make lesson plans public. During the hearings one “veteran Algebra teacher almost broke down in tears as he told of having to quit his teaching job recently because he was required to teach CSCOPE.  He said he could not look his students in the eyes, knowing that he was “aiding and abetting ignorance…and giving them an allusion of an education.” (from Conservative Teachers of America).

That may be the most damning aspect of all; that the goal is indoctrination, not honest education. When will we, as parents and educators, have the courage to return to demanding that our children are taught the truth; the good and bad of America and other countries and their histories? No sugar-coating… just the truth. What have been the consequences of human behavior to various societies? How does human behavior affect governments and legislation? Critical thinking about true history will restore and educate our children. Who’s teaching that?

Meanwhile, if your kid asks you to make a burqa for a class project tomorrow, you may want to be a “teacher’s helper.”


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